Best Puzzle Game of 2014

gamrReview's Xavier Girffiths: "Puzzle games come in many different forms but what they share in common is an ability to captivate gamers by challenging their brains. In 2014 the best puzzle games had us step out of Mario’s shadow to play as Captain Toad, experience an unlikely mash-up between our favorite video game detective and lawyer, free children stuck in a park, and embark on a globe-trotting adventure to investigate a living mummy.

After solving hundreds of puzzles our minds feel that little bit sharper and our thumbs slightly more agile and reflexive. Here are the games we have to thank for that."

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bouzebbal2476d ago

actually planning on getting Captain Toad today. Looks so sweet!

higgins782476d ago

Great nominees, deserving winner. Shame such great games of the genre are getting overlooked by all the chav fodder saturating the market.

WeAreLegion2476d ago

As good as these games are, did you completely skip The Talos Principle? Easily the best puzzle game in years.