Our 10 Favorite Nintendo 3DS Games You Should Play On Your New 3DS

In celebration of the release of Nintendo's New 3DS, the Short Pause staff weighs in on their ten favorite 3DS games. Did your favorite game(s) make the list? If not, let them know which games they should play next in anticipation of their next list!

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TheDude792206d ago

I'm sure we'll catch some flak from the Pokemon community for not having any of those games listed. I'm about to start Pokemon Y though, and judging by all the love and praise it's received, it could very well find its way into our Top 10 next time we revisit it! Any other 3DS suggestions?

djpatje2206d ago

senran kagura burst BEST 3d game on the 3ds why else would u want to play 3d games other then that title

higgins782206d ago (Edited 2206d ago )

I'm a long time Nintendo fan, but for whatever reason - age, work, family, friends, hobbies, etc, etc, I never got round to picking up a 3DS - in any of its variations. Anyway, that all changed yesterday. The 'regular' New 3DS (black) is what I went for, though I had my choice of all other models, even the Majora's Mask version. I decided on this model for a few reasons. Faceplates, SNES themed buttons and (for me) the XL just felt that bit too big, cumbersome. I bought A Link Between Worlds in anticipation a couple weeks back. So, down to it. I've only had roughly 30 mins/1 hour playtime, but from that time...WOW. The 3D is incredible, really, really is. Just looks and feels a classic Nintendo product, a real nod to the past while embracing the new. Next up on my to do list...Luigi's Mansion 2 and Pokemon Y...I cant wait!

TheDude792206d ago

I'm anxious as hell to start Pokemon Y as well, but the more I play Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, the more I wonder if I'll have time for anything else! The game is crazy addicting!

higgins782206d ago

Agreed. I cant even risk starting up on a game such as Monster Hunter 4 - no matter how much I want. My time for gaming these days is few and far between. Regarding Luigi's Mansion however. I hope that it is at least as good as its predecessor...that game blew me away on initial release, all the little details and innovations. Saying that, my very early impressions of A Link Between Worlds have surpassed expectations.

WizzroSupreme2206d ago

Kid Icarus would look pretty sweet in the new 3D.

jholden32492205d ago

1) Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
2) Zelda Link Between Worlds
3) Fire Emblem Awakening
4) Zelda Majora's Mask
5) Kid Icarus Uprising
6) Super Smash Bros
7) Donkey Kong Country Returns
8) Mario Kart 7
9) Bravely Default
10) Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon

And a definite must play notation for the upcoming

1) Xenoblade Chronicles
2) Code Name STEAM
3) Fire Emblem IF