Neonridr3674d ago

can't wait to find out what us people in North America get as our freebies. Hopefully nothing like this list.

jackanderson19853674d ago (Edited 3674d ago )

wasn't the NA list yesterday?

isn't this it :

Goro3674d ago

No, that's Limbo which is from May's update.

djplonker3674d ago (Edited 3674d ago )


What wrong with this list?

Cant wait to play dragons crown dunno why eu gets nba since its not that popular over here!

nirwanda3674d ago

I couldn't care less about the NBA but NBA 2K14 is one of the only games I own for the ps4.
I bought it mainly for the graphics to show off my new machine and because I wanted something different I've never played since NBA jam, and my god what a game so glad a took the plunge.

Trust me with this going free on psplus sales will grow massively on 2K15.

gatormatt803674d ago

Except nirwanda they're not giving away NBA 2K14 for the PS4 it's just for the PS3.

Neonridr3674d ago

I only have a Vita and PS4. I already played Lone Survivor on my Vita anyways, as it was the free PS+ game a couple of months ago. The Vita game offered here doesn't interest me, and the PS4 indie game might get a play or two from me.

Free is free, so beggars can't be choosers. But just seems like the last couple of months on the PS4 haven't really been that great for PS+. Just my opinion of course, I am sure there are tons of people who love Mercenary Kings and Stick it to the Man. I thought they were ok.

Even if I did own a PS3, I don't play NBA games, haven't since NBA Jam days, and that's not really an NBA game, lol.

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Gamer19823674d ago (Edited 3674d ago )

PS4 owners like myself are getting annoyed that we are only getting indie titles.. PS3 get NBA2K14 a new(ish) game yet there no ps4 version for ps4 owners?? We get a 1st party indie game instead? They said we would be getting big games from the word go and promised Drive Club at PS announcement.. Which was then downgraded to a cut version then it was put back and since we have got nothing but indies.. I get theres not many titles right now so its hard for them to release a full title but it's frustrating as there releasing a ps3 title that came out AFTER ps4 launch and is also available on PS4.. I don't use PS3 no more so them games are useless to me as my PS3 is nothing more than a netflix machine to me..

Neonridr3674d ago

rumour is we are getting a AAA PS4 game added to PS+ in June. We will probably hear about it at E3. Knack or Killzone seems to be the consensus. I am leaning towards Knack since that game won't really sell much anymore.

nunley333674d ago

DriveClub for PSplus was never gonna be the full version,they want you to try it out through plus and then buy it. Lone survivor has already hit NA plus so expect a different title. This is certainly not all the games as they'll be revealed later anc at E3. I would rather have Dragon's Crown for ps3 but i'll put it in my list.

SniperControl3674d ago

"PS4 owners like myself are getting annoyed that we are only getting indie titles"

Speak for yourself, i love the games that Sony are chucking my way, Outlast, Stick it to the Man, Mercenary Kings.

It's only 7 months old, give it a chance dude.

If you play it, the games will come......

DVAcme3674d ago (Edited 3674d ago )

It's kind of naive to expect AAA titles free on Plus on a brand-new system. It'll take at least a year after release before we start seeing that, since you gotta give titles the chance to sell.

And the indie library on PS4 is pretty damn good. I sure as hell am not complaining.

Angeljuice3673d ago (Edited 3673d ago )

Speak for yourself, I only game on PS4 now (occasionally PC), and I've really enjoyed the Indies we get free. Not too fussed about big titles as they mostly disappoint.
I'm an old-school c64/Amiga man so games like Mercenary Kings are a dream come true to me.

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Mikey322303674d ago

ohhhh shit. i would love to try dragons crown on the vita

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TheSaint3674d ago

Wow, a bad month from Sony, that's a rarity.

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Goro3674d ago

That's a respectable update, i'll take Dragon's Crown.

admiralvic3674d ago

You have to wonder if they made some sort of deal with Vanillaware. Last month they got Muramasa and now Dragon's Crown? Just seems odd that both months the big Vita game would be from them.

maximus19853674d ago

i want muramasa. thats a game im curious about but really dont want to throw 40 bucks to try it

3674d ago
admiralvic3674d ago

@ Tiqila

I think Max is in NA and simply looked at the EU post to see what is going on over there like a lot of users (like myself) do.

Venoxn4g3674d ago

Dragons Crown and Lone Survivor amazing games

Transporter473674d ago

I want Dragons Crown so bad!!!!

XiSasukeUchiha3674d ago

I can't wait this "Shinobi Alliance no Jutsu"(Naruto Reference).

youndamie3674d ago

And it's a shame because it could've been really good.

WeAreLegion3674d ago (Edited 3674d ago )

It's getting hard to convince people Plus is worth a purchase on PS4, if they don't have other Sony consoles. Get a big game out there, please!

psyxon3674d ago

exactly what "big game"d o you suggest they put on ps4? i would really love for someone to give a list of some "big game" titles that aren't still trying to sell units. it would be completely stupid for them to put major games on ps+ for ps4 when those games are still selling.

GameDev13674d ago

I know people are paying for this service and everything

But gamers this gen seem very particularly self entitled, I guess its because Sony gave great offerings to the PS3 so they expect the same immediately