New Video: Watch Dogs - Phreaked Out - Episode One

Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs presents Episode One of the new series Phreaked Out, a Motherboard production.

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Gamings_Last_Legend1611d ago

Give it a rest with all the watch dogs stuff already!! No one cares about Watch Downgrade. When e3 hits and people get a taste of what REAL next gen graphics are, they will probably end up trading in 80% of all the games they own in favor for the future.

Gamers deserve the best.. super hyped up, big production, mega graphical showcases. Not games that show off jacked up PC trailers and then pull the rug from under people when it comes time for release. Battlefield 4 and Watch Downgrade, im looking at you.

objdadon1611d ago

You play graphics while I play games! Can't wait until Tuesday!

ftwrthtx1611d ago

Couldn't agree more, objdadon.

GamerzElite1611d ago

I play games with better Graphics and FPS.

OT: Good vid

knifefight1611d ago

Game is just calling out for my mid-summer attention.

RAWSTA1611d ago

Does any know if it will be on the market place for xbox one on release date?