The making of Kinect: Designing the Xbox One's most controversial feature

Craig Chapple writes :

"Designer Carl Ledbetter tells Develop how Microsoft considered building the motion sensor into the console itself, and why he’s not sad to see it unbundled

The Kinect has long been a part controversial, yet also innovative and defining inclusion to the Xbox One.

Microsoft was once committed to the motion sensing peripheral, even willing to charge £80 more than Sony’s PS4, such was its faith in the tech.

As the man who designed the hardware, Carl Ledbetter, tells Develop, early on Microsoft even toyed with the idea of building the Kinect into the Xbox One itself. A permanent, non-removable feature. And one of the key reasons it decided against it were based on looks."

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mrpsychoticstalker1610d ago

So you want he premium version of the Xbox One?

Get the kinect. It works great for me.

borgome1610d ago

I haven't hooked my kinect as of yet, not sure if I want the man peering into my living room, haha!

headblackman1610d ago

well get rid of you cellphone,computers,tablets,an d anything that has a camera or internet to features. if someone wants to spy in on you, they can and an xbox one or ps4 camera will be the least of your worries, so just have fun and stop the conspiracy nonsense.