Halo 5 boss condemns industry "insiders" - embargo breaking could "get someone fired"

Halo franchise development director Frank O'Connor has a bone to pick with the internet's healthy population of self-styled "insiders", including the infamous/venerated CBOAT

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XiSasukeUchiha3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

Damn, shots just got fired( Pistol reloading) Bang, bang!!!

Edit: I mean these Insiders and how they know so much about the games, and how Insiders are just not scum in that way but a total nuisance in the gaming for people who want to get hyped over E3, or Gamescon, or any game based shows! John O'Connor basically dissed and hated these insiders, but still the response was un called for so I'm sorry for that!

raWfodog3659d ago

Whoever is leaking the information to the 'insiders' is the one who is really at fault. It's been proven that the only way to keep a secret is to not tell ANYONE.

4Sh0w3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

raWfodog, Yes that's true but the problem is there is no way in hell one man can make a title as big as Halo 5. So in this business there is no such thing as NOT TELLING ANYONE= NO SECRETS only NON DISCLOSURE AGREEMENTS. I mean most AAA games require a massive team of individuals to put together, then those individuals must interact with outside industry professionals for things as simple licensing game engines like Unreal 4, or advertising deals on Amazon or just making reservations for future planned events, etc, etc, etc I mean the list is endless who might end up inadvertently revealing "secret" info, plus obviously those both inhouse and outside partners that have non disclosure agreements who intentionally leak info. Personally I think anybody who signs a NDA and leaks the info anyway lacks character.

I think O'Connor is correct MOST OF THE TIME these leaks actually do more harm than good in regards to the game itself. Think about if you were a dev and you already have massive pressure to make worthy sequel for a popular IP and someone outside of the core team in the advertising department leaks info you gave them only so that they could use it as a placeholder for an commercial negotiation? Now you're scrambling to put out a fire because the early pre-Alpha footage is online and everybody is screaming the graphics aren't good enough? Instead of people like O'Connor staying focused on his dev team he has to tell every media outlet that is not even close to final gameplay. Yeah as much as I enjoy the innocent leak of a obvious game in dev in the background of a interview, the big leaks, the ones where its just to be "FIRST" don't help developers or the game.

alexkoepp3658d ago



Volkama3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

Imagine how well these leaks go down with the publisher that maticulously plans the marketing campaign.

We all know a successful marketing campaign hugely influences the commercial success of a game. The controlled release of information can be a big part of that.

And as Frank says, there really isn't any benefit to us. People crave and seek out new information, but properly delivered information generates more enthusiasm imo, and enthusiasm is part of the fun tht goes with the hobby.

randomass1713658d ago

@Volkama This. Imagine if an unfinished build of a game gets leaked (say an early Alpha of Halo 5 for example) and it looks lousy. That could hurt sales of the game.

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christocolus3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

Huh? Shots fired? Bang bang?.Lmao..sasuke what does that even have to do with the article?I bet you didn't even read it. Lol

OT: I do agree with frank. it kills the excitement and people could actually get fired as a result of leaks. These insiders do not care about the devs or how much effort they put into these games. all they care about is the praise and attention they get from leaking info.

dantesparda3658d ago

Oh please, so you're saying that you prefer the silence from the industry to the excitement of industry insiders (whether they be right or wrong). The only reason why, you have 23 agrees is because of all the other MS fanboys, who all walk in lockstep are agreeing with you. But had this been a Sony developer you'd all be singing a different tune. I say let the leaks continue. Im tired of the industrys secrecy. Afterall, this is just video games we are talking about here, not National Security Secrets. You people are ridiculous.

Johnny Jiron3658d ago


I do miss the surprise factor that comes from a well prepared announcement. A lot of that is lost nowadays with the "we need to know it all and now" mindset. Some of the fun has been zapped out of the gaming industry in place of petty squabbles and demands for information, info that will be used as ammunition.

I don't really mind leaks and such, but it did come with a bit of a downside.

christocolus3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )


“he only reason why, you have 23 agrees is because of all the other MS fanboys, who all walk in lockstep are agreeing with you. ”

Wth? So I agree with the dev and you come up with that BS? What is wrong with you guys and your way of thinking? calling names?why is your type so naïve? Its not all about fanboy wars ok? Grow up.leaks hurt the developers and in some cases they loose they jobs.did you even read the article? ...Damn you guys are weird

Volkama3658d ago

And it isn't like getting the dry information early gets the game in your hands any sooner. Seeking info is almost a sub-hobby for the gaming enthusiast though.

I know leaks can be innaccurate, I know they come without the song and dance of a planned announcement, and I know they don't equate to any gaming fun at all. But I read them because I have this perverse need to absorb information on gaming. As does everyone here.

ger23963658d ago

Its the information age, nothing can be kept secret. Unfortunately its the new reality, there will always be leaks.

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Buff10443659d ago

It does take much of fun out of announcements these days.

randomass1713658d ago

It's a heck of a lot more fun to engage in reveals when they're supposed to be unveiled. Look at all the Smash Bros. reaction videos on YouTube, particularly the Mega Man related parts.

DJustinUNCHAIND3659d ago

Would someone get this man a job...somewhere?

MegaRay3659d ago

There's blenty of jobs in konoha, he just refuse to get back dammit.

(konoha is naruto's homeland if I recall correctly :D)

saladthieves3658d ago

Wait what?? No Naruto references? Damn it, I shouldn't have said it. Now we're going to get them!

ITPython3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

Just imagine if somebody leaked Microsoft's E3 2013 conference of the XB1 reveal several weeks to a month early. The internet could have exploded with rage about always on DRM forced Kinect before the reveal, and MS could have changed their tune and got rid of those requirements before it bit them in the ass. If that happened, the XB1 would have a heck of a lot more support than it does now, rather than being the laughingstock of the next-gen consoles and MS coming off as spineless, undecided and unfocused.

Also imagine if the Sony's E3 was leaked, MS could have gotten the specs of the PS4 then made some quick changes to the XB1 so that the consoles weren't so distant in terms of hardware power.

Leaks = Good. Because the earlier information is known, the earlier things can get fixed if something is wrong.

N4Flamers3658d ago

I sort of agree with you. The information was leaked but ms thought everyone would just follow along blindly. Hell people started accusing sony of having the same drm because they thought that was where the industry was headed.

While I do like some leaks if sony's e3 conference finale would have been leaked the impact would have been lessened. I mean it was that anticipation of not knowing if they were going to do drm that gave that reveal all that power.

randomass1713658d ago

The thing is the information about the DRM was never presented at last year's E3 and I honestly don't believe it was ever planned to be. That information seeped out little by little, a lot of which came from Mattrick and people who worked on Xbox at the time.

Christopher3658d ago

Double edged sword.

If publishers and developers weren't so greedy with their news, then people would look to find and share the info they could.

Try getting any useful information from a developer and they'll just throw softball answers that don't answer anything at all and are as vague as can be.

We live in a time where game journalists just recant whatever they're told and the publishers have complete control over the news. That's not journalism, that's having more than one press release source.

Journalism requires investigation into various topics and involves having protected sources. This is what we should be allowed to do.

On the other hand, yeah, most "insiders" are just people who want to make a name for themselves rather than actual provide worthwhile and relevant news that most of us couldn't have guessed would happen.

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NYC_Gamer3659d ago

The people inside of the company are the ones to blame for leaked info being released

Charybdis3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

Agree, that's why those companies let employees sign confidentiality agreements.

AKissFromDaddy3658d ago

That's just a piece of paper.

Charybdis3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

Every contract and law is just a piece of paper until it's signed.

AKissFromDaddy3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

This piece of paper is a promise of silence, which can't be proven that the person will or won't be.

Other contracts are safety nets or guarantees of specific things at a specific time or circumstance.

Confidentiality agreements only hope that a law suit from being caught after signing it will be a deterrent. It's obviously not.

Without stalking everyone, it's impossible to prove anyone is leaking.

Confidentiality agreements are equivalent to a wink & a hand shake.

Its only promise is a lawsuit if caught.

A good contract agreement, for leaks, would be appealing bonuses if everyone doesn't leak, together. That's my opinion.