Halo made $6 billion from games and multimedia, 343 Industries says

343 Industries confirms the Halo franchise is a multi-billion dollar video game series, with over $6 billion generated from games and transmedia content.

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BandarHub405d ago (Edited 405d ago )

Halo can do more than that.
343i is sitting on a goldmine of stories within the Halo lore.
They have been doing great with the book and comics but those need to be adapted into a animated series.
They need to start off by adapting the Forerunner saga books into an animated series. This background info is very important to understand Halo lore and its really good. I am surprised by the fact the people do not know about the Forerunner and precursors.

They need to make more games and expand into different genres. Halo War was great but with the flood, they could easily create a horror game.
343i needs to expand into a multiple-team studio with 2 big teams and one small experimental team.

gleepot404d ago

Halo is good, but it's not THAT good.

XiNatsuDragnel405d ago

Halo has potential but the publisher and developer just screw it up tbh.

Christopher405d ago

Halo is more valuable than any Sony IP. I think it's realized its potential, it just needs to be kept up.

neutralgamer1992405d ago


Destiny says hello and Sony has the developer who made halo. Destiny has generated billions

Brazz405d ago (Edited 405d ago )

"Hypothetical Halo" is indeed a juggernault, but the "current Halo", managed by 343I, is overshadowed by many Playstation IP's, like GoW, Destiny, i even dare say Last of Us and Horizon.

Maybe Halo can be saved and become something gigantic, but ATM, It's in a Very bad place and getting worse.

Stanjara404d ago

Halo needs a reboot, like GOW.
343 had a chance and they messed it up.

Old folks (including me) jumped in for two weekends and called old friends to play halo again, but for current times this game is obsolete.

And the show... Oh boy...what they did to my little MasterChef boy...?


Crows90404d ago

As an intellectual property in the broadest sense possibly. But as an intellectual property in the gaming world not even close.

Halo was hugely popular back in the day. All Microsoft managed to do was make it unpopular.

Lightning77404d ago

More than ANY Sony IP? I dunno about that. Spider Man alone has way more worth than Halo. If we're taking name brand.

I see people saying Destiny. Destiny while a very popular game isn't a house hold name quite like Halo is. With out Halo there would be no Destiny period.

Chevalier404d ago

$6 billion over 18 years is pretty low. Fate Stay on mobile made Sony about as much. Feel like TLOU moving to television will push TLOU passed that mark too.

Christopher404d ago (Edited 404d ago )

***Destiny says hello and Sony has the developer who made halo. Destiny has generated billions***


Even if you take the max annual revenue of Bungie, which is ~500m, it would still be over $1b behind Halo (realistically, it's ~4b behind as it had a very slow start with Destiny and kicked off with Destiny 2), which before Infinite had made almost $7b in just games/media, more in merchandising.

Regardless of your opinion of the franchise and the last game, those are the facts. And, guess what? Bugie's next game isn't Destiny.

IamTylerDurden1404d ago (Edited 404d ago )

I mean...it's not technically their IP but Spiderman...

Also, Halo is one of gaming's biggest IP, it just a television show as well. It has a f2p version that generates revenue. It has toys in common stores. Halo will make money regardless of the shabby state the game is in.

Sony has many significant IP they are stretching into other areas in order to generate revenue and with exception of Destiny and Spidey they are all homegrown. TLOU, GoW, Uncharted, Horizon, and even newer IP like Tsushima. And while Spidey isn't theirs technically, between game and film it must generate.

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Destiny1080405d ago

this is based on 18 years of halo, + comics + toys + Tv

fortnite generated $5.8 billion in Revenue in 2021 alone

Ra3030405d ago

I don't get the propose of the article. Some dude stands up and says "6 billion!!".... Why would anyone care about that for a 20yr old franchise especially when the last release in that franchised sucked when it released and it still sticks today. Halo has\had a huge following but most of that following bailed on the last release of the franchise because its just not good enough while being free to play. This article seems more damage control than of useful information.

BandarHub405d ago

All of that is based on some make-believe scenario you created
Halo has a dedicated community that supports it.

Ra3030404d ago

Nowhere in my comment do I say Halo doesn't have a passionate community that supports it. What I sad and I'll say it again..... the latest Halo game, Halo Infinite "sucks"! Now as far a that Halo community that supports it the overwhelming majority of them gave up on Halo Infinite and moved on why....because Halo Infinite is not worth their time. I'm not trying to be negative or bash Halo Infinite I'm just calling it like it is and if Halo Infinite was a better game more gamers would be in it playing and that's just not the case.

roadkillers405d ago

Halo was at its peak on 360. It's becoming irrelivant like Sonic, Gears compared to what they once were.

Demetrius405d ago

Also a lot of us get fed up of getting mediocre games with known likeable characters smh idk

VenomUK404d ago

@Roadkillers said: “ It's becoming irrelevant like Sonic”. Bungie-era Halo was massive, each game was a cultural event that made the news. I have wondered why there had been a drop in popularity. Part of it may be attributed to a perceived lack of quality. But perhaps in this age of Fortnite and Call of Duty dominance an FPS/TPS requires a multiplatform release for widespread popularity.

FinalFantasyFanatic404d ago

Idk, even if it stays on Xbox, I still feel like Halo could have raked it in, especially the multiplayer, but Infinite's multiplayer was mis-handled spectacularly, I really liked Halo 2/3 and Reach personally.

Unfortunately, no one really talks about or gets excited over Halo anymore.

ChasterMies404d ago

Halo 3 has the best campaign of any game ever made. It sold about 14M copies on Xbox 360 and that seems impressive until you look at the numbers for Nintendo and Sony exclusives. In terms of game sales Animal Crossing is a bigger IP than Halo ever was.

BehindTheRows404d ago

"Halo 3 has the best campaign of any game ever made"


Sgt_Slaughter404d ago

Makes it sounds like that's all 343's doing, when it's mostly Bungie