343 Industries' Next Halo Project Could Take a Page From Call of Duty's Playbook

The future of the Halo franchise is a little unclear right now, but it may be a smart move to borrow one idea from Call of Duty's past.

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SullysCigar408d ago

Can't they just take a page from Bungie's book and take this floundering franchise back to it's roots?

It was awesome back in the day. Now it struggles to keep up, because 343i keep 'changing direction' or doing something 'fresh'. I don't want fresh, I want classic and a return to form. FFS just give it something else and save us all the pain of repeatedly dashed hopes.

kingnick407d ago

343i isn't the studio to make Halo relevant again.

While Halo will never be as popular as it once was another more competent developer might be able to do something with then franchise.

The title is ironic as Halo's downfall in part started when it started copying COD and ignoring longtime fans of the series.

just_looken407d ago

i remeber in my days there were a shelf of fresh fps games

unreal tournament
mag anyone?
planetside 1/2
old rainbow six games

Top of my head

Now its like ok 2023 military AAA shooters

cod and

SO yeah cod is the best fps now sense there is no longer anything else :(.

Hofstaderman407d ago (Edited 407d ago )

It would be more prudent to give Halo to Activision in its entirety.

just_looken407d ago

Lets all remember former bungie employees wanted to join 343i in the beginning but were denied then they all moved on.

I was shocked to see how quick they through out the human covenant peace pack.

I was expecting mass effect style upgrades how the Normandy had each races tech inside as a show of peace.

So future unsc gear would have covenant tech overtime would get better introduce unsc laser guns and weapons for spartans that can be used through there on board power system. Even spartan upgrades like arm shields or swords like elites had but for spartans. Heck those mech we rarely see could have had shield tech

The multiplayer could have been a advanced vr simulator style like sword art online.

so with that tech it could have been a advanced training sim which would have used more alien tech and over time have many new modes outside ground combat,

Na f all that they were like just introduce robots then make crap up as we go

Atleast we got halo wars 2 that campaign and red team were great.

BandarHub407d ago

There is nothing wrong with Halo, it has it own dedicated community that supports it. A forge, multiplayer and story community.
Halo in the 2000s was great because it was an unrivaled console shooter but over time many shooter came with new ideas and took it thunder.
COD releasing every year outstripped Halos market share of multiplayer. Only fans and the community came back for Halo.
Making Halo go back to its popularity of the early 2000 would mean adding many things that strips away it's Halo identity.
-Battle Royale mode
-ADS aiming
-Kill Streaks/powers

They experimented with that idea with Halo 4 and the backlash as heard far and wide. Halo 5 struck a good balance and was really fun to play. Adding any other gameplay features from other multiplayer games is a strick no no.

Halo is all about balance fights, map knowledge and spawn knowledge.And that's the beauty of Halo, they have nothing to learn from Bungie. 343i is perfect for Halo as they have understood the franchise well and have listen to fan feedback with the need to call them toxic.

Halo infinite multiplayer is the perfect balance between Halo tradition gameplay and modern controls.
All 343i needs to do is implement a deep career system and reward players with credit so that they stop complaining about the store.
343i can easily just do what ever they want and ignore fans and bulldoze their way towards creation but they know that they will betray their community.

PhillyDonJawn407d ago

Well said, people have no clue what they're talking about they probably never even were halo fans lol

Hofstaderman407d ago (Edited 407d ago )

Remember Halo Reach? I love that game. That was the last great Halo. 343 felt derivative from Halo 4.

PhillyDonJawn407d ago

Disagree, I disliked reach with a passion. The art style wasn't good, the armor abilities werent balanced and wasn't Traditional to Halo.

-Foxtrot407d ago

No because 343 has done everything it can to try and get away from Bungie which is why their games have sucked

Halo 4 - Changed up the online Bungie had perfected rather than expand on it

Halo 5 - Switched it up and tried to change up the single player with plans of focusing on Agent Locke as they wanted to get away from Chief.

Halo Infinite - God knows. Open world like stuff it is.

BandarHub406d ago

What are you talking about?
Its Bungie that ruined Halo multiplayer with Reach
Bloom was problematic and cause a lot of issues in one on one fights.
Armour Abilities changed the game for Halo. The meta for halo reach multiplayer was people spamming the Amour lock when they knew they lost a fight then waiting for someone else to pick them off. My taste for Halo multiplayer has changed since.

Halo 4 multiplayer gets a lot of slack but the only issue was the powerful weapon that you could get after getting kills. It was an issue if those weapons came into the hands of a skilled player any regular player would need the skills to dominate. The criticism for the load outs over-exaggerated, they were acting like players we created load-outs like CO, in fact, it was everyone the same weapon but with a different set.

Halo 5 struck a good balance and this after consulting many esports Halo teams who worked together with the developers. But people can
Halo 5 story was underdeveloped and could have used a couple more chapters to expand the story they were trying to tell. People are acting as if Agent Locke was supposed to replace Master Chief and that can't be further from the truth. Master Chief is Halo and the lore surrounding his character is integral to the story.
343i biggest mistake with Halo 5 was telling a story that needs people to understand the expanded lore...for a Halo fan it was good but for the regular person, things got confusing pretty fast.

Halo Infinite is the perfect Halo game both Multiplayer and Single-player.
Calling the Halo Infinite campaign just open world is misleading as the game is more open with areas opening up as you play. You need to remember that they took the Halo Enemy AI and they put that in a more open area.
Walking around and discovering logs and story behind ring was intriguing and is the way Halo lore should be delivered. The ending with the mere mention of offensive bias is something to look forward too.

Halo inifte multiplayer is pure perfection and strikes the best balance between Old and new Halo.

It easy to bash a game but 343i have done exactly what the fans wanted. They could have just bulldozed their way towards a vision of their own but they have to take into consideration the community. 343i gets too much slack from on-the-fence fans when they do something good like Forge, adding community maps to the rotation and giving players more customisable option like no other halo game. Peopl ignore te good stuff that 343i have created.

-Foxtrot406d ago

Halo Reach was amazing and the single player story hasn't been matched in any Halo game after since

BandarHub406d ago

I just made a breakdown of Halo Reach's multiplayer and you say that it's amazing by not mentioning why.
Speaking of Halo Reaches its single-player, it told a simple story. Halo Reach had untapped potential because it was the main stronghold for the UNSC. Instead, they skipped all of the best parts of the story of Reach and focused on a side story as you watched everything from the sidelines. It was decent but if you know about Reach you will know that Halo Reach story was but a mere speck in the overall story.

Rude-ro407d ago

The masses do not want a high resolution throw back game..
They want new, innovative and fresh off of the roots of the game.
Infinite is THE prime example of that because it is back to the throwback being as basic as can be.
They also want a campaign full of mystery, lore and wonderment.

Obscure_Observer407d ago (Edited 407d ago )


Not happening. And you no longer have to pretend you care about Halo since 343i is here to stay. MS just showed you 343i haters the middle finger by allowing them to remain Halo´s main studio.

Just move on with your life and forget about that franchise.

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CrimsonWing69407d ago

Can’t Halo just be Halo? Y’know, it’s true 343 has turned this series into a mess. The truly last great Halo game, in my opinion, was Reach.

Hofstaderman407d ago

Absolutely agree, Reach was epic

Flawlessmic407d ago (Edited 407d ago )

Halo needs a god of war style reboot if it wants to go back to being the giant it once was.

Halo has become a good series now which compared to the master piece status of before just isn't enough.

How 343 do it I don't know, but if keeps going like this it'll just be cool another Halo is out, not bad but not amazing either.

I don't hink Halo belongs in middle ground territory.

BandarHub406d ago

You guys shouldn't talk about Halo.
You simply don't know that you can't reboot a franchise that has built-in lore like Halo.
Making Halo go back to its popularity of the early 2000 would mean adding many things that strips away it's Halo identity.
-Battle Royale mode
-ADS aiming
-Kill Streaks/Hero powers
If you're are fan you do not want this for Halo. Maybe a spin-off game but not Halo core multiplayer.
Kids that played Halo back in the day are now in their mid-20s and 30s. The majority of the gamers about there are kids and they don't want to play Halo because it's not the next big thing.
The only place where Halo can be big is in its campaign and expanded universe.

I don't know how the god of War fans even allow the developer to take the franchise in the direction that they did both gameplay and character-wise. The first God of War was great and set something up with the story but GOW R had a bad story and no one wants to admit it. There is a reason why it lost to elden ring.
Making Kratos cry......nah...are there even god of war fans out there. If that happened to Master Chief the fans would stand it.
On the topic of gameplay, if GOW had dedicated fans they would complain about the direction that God of War went with its gameplay. There is no reason why Kratos is in the position on the screen that...that's shooter camera angle.

SinkingSage407d ago

They should take a page from DOOM's book.

BandarHub406d ago

No, Doom was a dead franchise with no community do cater for. so a reboot made sense.
Halo has a big community you cant just flip the switch on a franchise.

Concertoine406d ago

Is it really that big at this point?

I agree with your earlier post that Infinite’s gameplay is great and feels well thought out. But the lack of content, mediocre campaign, and slow drip of content has killed it. Thats on 343.

PhillyDonJawn407d ago

Absolutely not. They did that with halo 4 and ppl were not happy. Halo infinite was rated 11 points higher than CoD yet ppl acting like it was the opposite? Make it make sense. I will say if the buy out goes thru it would be interesting to see Activision make a ODST 2 and 343i make a CoD advance warfare dlc.

just_looken406d ago

Problem with that $10 says 90% of current cod devs have no clue what a odst is and never played halo 3 or its side dlc for mombasa.

You probably get a battle royal with strippers or some crap.

PhillyDonJawn406d ago

Lol they probably don't know but with the a director that knows the lore leading charge a codified halo dlc and a halofied CoD dlc could be interesting for those audiences. You could end up getting halo fans to dive in CoD and CoD fans to dive into halo

just_looken406d ago


sounds like some rule38 dlc then?

Ok i am in LOL