Goat Simulator is Getting a Free Patch on June 3

Ryan from Twinfinite writes: "Coffee Stain Studios has announced that the release date for the 1.1 update for Goat Simulator is coming on June 3. The new free update will include a new map, local split-screen multiplayer (up to four players), wall-running, bicycle riding, and new optimization options. The new update will also feature new playable goats including the Tornado Goat, Shopping Goat, Classy goat, and Repulsive Goat."

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Christopher1610d ago

A free patch? Wait... We going to start paying for them?

MrLeitungswasser1610d ago

The patch includes a lot of free content. I wanted to make sure there was no confusion.

mydyingparadiselost1610d ago

Honestly I think using "free patch" is confusing since it implies that there are paid patches as well. Patches are seen as free (and hopefully it stays that way) while dlc is what is seen as being either paid or free. I wouldn't say anything but I had the exact same reaction as cgoodno :/

dumahim1610d ago

I think it had the opposite effect and created the confusion you wanted to avoid. "Update" is probably a better term.

GundalfDeGrej1610d ago

"Content update" would be even better.

MrLeitungswasser1610d ago

I didn't anticipate the confusion caused by my wording. I'll remember to keep this in mind for future articles.

ZeroX98761610d ago

had fun showing this to some friends. can't wait to see what's next in this goat life.

Tiqila1610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )

I thought a patch would be free per definition... or does the patch make the game free 2 play?

I see this has already been mentioned above! Nevermind.