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Read Ken McCulloch latest blog update about Too Human .-- "I have been working on Too Human since the very beginning. Since its first official announcement, the public's conception of the game has developed over the years to such a degree that I'm pretty sure that a lot of people are actually visualizing their own version of Too Human…"

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BLow6197d ago (Edited 6197d ago )

It is kind of funny how everyone trashes PS3 games that are 30% done on unfinished hardware and no way can improve but a game like this one still has hope. Even though this game looked crappy at E3, 360 owners have every excuse in the world. I have notice that not as many people talk about as they used to. Why is that games on the 360 have time to improve but the PS3 games don't. I forgot the Unreal Engine only works on the 360. I guess all the developers for the PS3 must have went to community college. Just a guess....

TheMART6197d ago

It's because the 360 is right here, right now and it's powerfull.

The PS3 will not be here soon, the hardware devkits aren't even done properly and Sony is all putting things up as it could be possible. That's worth nothing. That's why.

Go watch Gears of War in game footage and you'll know where the real power is.

USMChardcharger6197d ago

just like when the Ps3 finally launches it will be good for the 360; the launch of the 360 was good for the playstation.
why? because when the ps3 launches there will be games that have been on hold for release for all platforms that will finally be released.
why? because developers that are doing games for 360 and ps3 will have a year of experience on a next gen system (360) and thus games on the PS3 will benefit.

Wotbot6197d ago

Who stated the PS3 games were only 30% done. Heavenly sword has been in development for over 2 years. And lets not forget some of these games were meant to come out in April for the PS3’s original release date.

And look at MGS4; you can use no excuses for not having final development kits.

WarHawk looks like a 360 launch title.

BLow6197d ago

You got me there. I forgot unreal engine only works for 360.And I've watched the trailer for GoW many times on marketplace. That game couldn't possibly run on a PS3. Of course you believe everything PS3 related no matter who says it. I just remembered that they're using a different engine for UT2k7. That game looks horrible. Nice top 10 spot though.

FamoAmo6197d ago

Check out Forza.. That game blows sh!t up!!

Cyclonus6197d ago

Ill wait to judge this game when its finished. But even if it does end up sucking, there's still LOTS of other AAA 360 games to choose from, can't say the same 'bout PS3.

FamoAmo6197d ago

This game is gonna be awsome. Definatley not suckey.. Too much hype surrounding this game.. The Developers and MS won't let us down. PREY is due out next month look for it!!

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