DIRT: Colin McRae Off-Road Interview + New Screens

IGN gets an interview with Codemasters to talk a bit about their next-gen rally game. Most of the discussion is about the Neon Engine, a brand new tool developped by Codemasters and Sony.

Funny detail : when codemasters asked about using this tool for multiplatform games, sony said "it's ok, go on guys"

The screenshots are really impressive and Motorstorm may look a bit owned. That said, those 2 games should have completely different gameplays and philosophies, so there may be way enough room for both.

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andy capps4449d ago

Good interview. Looks like a little different kind of rally game than Motorstorm, IMO. This looks like more of a rally Sim, versus Motorstorm is pure arcade. Both will be fun, but this will probably be a little more realistic. Those draw distances are insane and the detail in them is amazing. The textures are looking pretty good too, nice engine.

Smellslikepie4449d ago

I agree with you.

Motorstorm is arcade, this is rally sim. Thank god this is multiplatform, it looks amazing.

power of Green 4449d ago

Grand Raid Offroad will own or be as good as these games.

Apocalypse Shadow4449d ago

power of green?how about playing them for colin,it and toca are some of the reasons i hold on to my xbox besides nfl2k5.they know racing and do things other racers don't which is car damage that effects handling.

power of Green 4449d ago (Edited 4449d ago )

You talk about damage and handling as if i was foolishly boasting about a game that didn't offer the same capablites. You should check out the links i provided on the other posting on this story in pending stories before there gone

Silver Bull3t4449d ago

The Collectors Edition comes with a free packet of actual rally dirt!!!!

Grown Folks Talk4449d ago

there won't be any rocks in it. that's like putting nuts in brownies and chocolate chip cookies. YUCK!!!

JPomper4449d ago

Man... I can't wait for this game. I hope the 360 version looks like those screenshots.

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