Kinectless? Who Cares?

In another Unscripted, Dan has a torrent of consciousness before deciding that it doesn’t matter if the Xbox One has Kinect bundled in or not!

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TomShoe1709d ago

Of course it matters. Good for consumers and Microsoft because of the decreased price, they can expect an uptick in sales. It's bad for early adopters and studios that were making Kinect games like Harmonix, because this move essentially doomed the Kinect to irrelevancy. Devs and early adopters were promised universal Kinect support, now we're all left with a $100 TV remote.

XiSasukeUchiha1709d ago

It's good for the console wars sigh!

DJMarty1708d ago (Edited 1708d ago )

No body, judging by lack of sales/interest

On the North american branch of Amazon the new camera-less console is currently ranked 103rd, actually beaten by the option with Kinect (89th) and the Titanfall bundle (33rd).

Things are going a bit better in Canada (where the new bundle is actually cheaper than a PS4). The kinect-less box is currently in 48th place, but it’s still way behind the Titanfall bundle in 13th position.

The situation gets dire in the UK, where the Xbox One without Kinect is ranked 2,489th, abundantly beaten by the Titanfall bundle (58th) and the standard edition with Kinect (128th).

In Germany things aren’t much better, with the One without the camera ranked 615th, left in the dust by the Titanfall bundle (93rd), the FIFA 14 bundle (195th) and even the standard edition (565th).