GamePro: MGS4 is without a doubt, one of the greatest games of all time

Every once in a long while, a game will come along and change all the rules. Final Fantasy VII transformed the RPG genre, Resident Evil helped create a new sub-category of gaming--survival horror--and Grand Theft Auto III single-handedly reshaped the gaming landscape.

And now comes Metal Gear Solid 4, a game whose potential influence on the current state of gaming is nothing short of tectonic.

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name5871d ago

As I was submitting this it said it was currently being submitted by you >:0

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BulletToothtony5871d ago

And it was very well written.. I'm very glad that people are being able to see this game for what it is.. it gives us gamers a great experience.. bringing a lot of new things to the table, braking the same experience that we have been getting for a while now.

Hideo tried something new.. adding even more to the mgs series and he succeeded... the game will definitely inspire some gameplay for the next few years to come i'll assure you of that..

I love fps but when you find a great game that just really pulls you in and you become one with the character.. well that's even better.. i felt it with Uncharted but mgs just does it lots better...

Very excited about this game.. it took a bit to come out, but like so many people said when haters were talking trash about ps3 not having games.. "Good things come to those who wait".. and we're getting the best

MikeGdaGod5871d ago

i just bought MG Essentials today to get me ready for it.

Mr_President_5871d ago

Anybody who doesn't play this loses their right to be called a gamer.

Lifendz5871d ago

remember all the talk about it being multi-platform by so many people (and gaming media people) even after Hideo and Sony said it's a PS3 exclusive? Well I guess we now know why. Get your money up fellas. You're going to want to play this game.

Tomdc5870d ago

lol i love the forum post's after it:

"wow! One of the greatest games of all time!"

because if 1 mag says it in a review it must be true....

Obviously it is true btw I mean it is MGS4!!! Jus funny how their opinions are so easily influenced

theKiller5870d ago

after MGS4, u will rarely see many 10/10 thats for sure, because before they give a game 10/10 they will think "ahh wait is this the same level as MGS4??" of course the answer is no so they will pull back a bit to 9/10 at best!

i said it before and i will say it now, this game will be in top 5 games of all time

Monchichi0255870d ago

Anyone surprised??? LMAO We all know they are and have always been in bed with Sony. But I'll wait till IGN reviews it before deciding if I'll pick this up...

Heavy-h5870d ago

And ive got the comsole to play it on,

It looks, sounds and feels amazing that it made grown men Cry, what kind of mad genius could do this? one word, Kojima!

deepio5870d ago (Edited 5870d ago )

"only the PS3 has the power to run the game"

Wasn't it Kojima who said it's technically possible for Metal Gear Solid 4 to run on Xbox 360 hardware?

Fallen_Angel5870d ago

wow cant believe that such a blind ingorant fanboy remark like Hydrolex's got 31 agrees in the "gaming zone" no less it tells you how lame this site has become.

Its hard to take gamepro to serious for me I remember when (maybe they still do) they had those stupid lil red faces for a 5.0. and they score 5 games a month perfect. Not to say mgs isnt a good game I just prefer to get my reviews from ign and gameinformer or egm

BattleAxe5870d ago

MGS 2+3 were 2 of the best games ever made, so theres no doubt that MGS4 will be one of the best of all time.

MGS4 and SOCOM are going to sell alot of consoles.

Black Maverick5870d ago

People seem to always misquote Kojima. What he actually said was that the 2006 trailer he released could technically be reproduced on the Xbox 360. He never said anything about the actual game.

I'm personally not discounting the XBox 360's power to run MGS4 but I'm just saying that Kojima never actually said it.

lessthanmarcus5870d ago

..if MGS4 can beat out Halo 3 sales in terms of exclusives. This is definitely a system seller as was Halo 3 for me.


BUT BTUT BUT i thouthg teh pstriple waz d0000m3d?

its gonna be a hot summer........and you know xboxes cant stand the heat.

Yipee Bog5868d ago

I love the only con they could find in the game, stress indicator. If this is the only gripe they could find then this is really great news.
Also the PSM review for MGS4 is ultimately identical, I haven't seen such similar reviews for a single game yet, until now.

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sonarus5871d ago (Edited 5871d ago )

Evil is powerful...but courage is SOLID
:D Believe it people, MGS4 is one of the greatest games of ALL TIME

The scan doesn't show the score though, this should be a rumor but i knew gamepro would dish out a 10

AlterEgo5871d ago

until at least some scans were available, but after seeing some of the things that get approved here....

i just went for it lol