Watch Dogs vs Google Map Chicago City Comparison Screen, Looks Almost Identical, Amazing Graphics

Ubisoft's upcoming hacking open world title, Watch Dogs is set in Chicago City. The development team did a great job of replicating real-life Chicago City in Watch Dogs and proof of this is a comparison screen showcasing Chicago City in Watch Dogs vs Chicago City Snapshot via Google Map.

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theXtReMe13198d ago

If you look without knowing which is which, you can't tell which is real and which isn't. That's how you know a game has great visuals. I actually think the in game visuals look better than real life. More shiny things. Ha ha ha. :)

NexGen3198d ago

I am going to own people in multiplayer. That's my hometown right there.

Jughead34163198d ago

I live in Chicago, and I'm super excited to play an open world game in my home town. I do wonder how accurate the map will be. If it's accurate at all, I know where I'm going already, and my opponent probably doesn't. A nice early advantage. I seen a screenshot that showed some familiar street names and even a parking garage in its proper location.

Gr1mmyshadows3198d ago

Im sorry but just like in the division, there won't be any advantage to anyone after 2-3 days of the games being released

NexGen3198d ago

Maybe long term there will not be an advantage....but at launch, I already know the getaway routes!

I'm just very excited to see my home turn virtual, and cannot wait for this game.

randomass1713198d ago

For your win/loss ratio's sake, I hope you can put your money where your keyboard is. :P

Akuma2K3198d ago

@ jughead and nextgen

Same here, gonna be cool to play in my hometown in the virtual world.

Sci0n3198d ago

Well im from Boston and I will learn your cities streets and own you! =)

Highlife3198d ago

just not in hockey

mattdillahunty3198d ago

not gonna lie, i saw the top left picture and i was like, "what? that's easy to tell, it's clearly the google maps Chicago." then i realized that row was the Watch Dogs pictures. impressive to say the least.

Shield3198d ago

I'm from Chicago too, I didn't realize just how many Chicagoans were here on N4G. Awesome!

medman3198d ago

My advantage will be an extremely itchy trigger finger. See you all online!!!

CJDUNCAN3197d ago

@NexGen, another hometown kid. I don't know if the knowledge of the city will be that important though.

iplay1up23197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )

Mine too, I know it like the back of my hand. I moved to LA 7 years ago, but lived in Chicago burbs for 35 years. I wonder how Wrigleyville, BoysTown, and LSD are going to look.

Too Bad Cabrini-Green isn't around anymore, it Would have been like a Black OPS play ground...LOL. Not to mention the Candy Man lived there.

HugoDrax3197d ago

Seems as though there are a lot of people that are from CHI-raq on N4G. I'm from St.Louis, and I'm always in Chicago. When I'm running low on health in game, I'll swing by Garrett's popcorn for re-energizing lol.

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frostypants3198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

My problem is something I was afraid would be the case: yes, they got the landmark buildings right. But look at the other buildings...they're only barely based on reality. I also got the impression from the videos we've seen that while they got the general layout of the Loop (the central area of downtown Chicago) correct, that everything else was made up.

The game still looks fun, but this doesn't look like the same level of fidelity that, say, The Division claims to have.

SilentNegotiator3197d ago

Probably partially for legal reasons, partially because no one has time to recreate an ENTIRE city to the letter.

Furthermore, they need to design for GAMEPLAY, not a Chicago simulator.

Gamer19823198d ago

I think its easy to make them look identical when there so damn small.. Each image is 200x150px.. Not exactly 1080p is it...

turgore3198d ago

I could tell. Watch dogs is more colorful, while real life had better lighting, but less color.

assdan3198d ago

If you're just looking at the architecture, it basically looks real. People you can tell are fake though. But wow, they're really going for an accurate Chicago. I think that's incredibly awesome how accurate it is though.

Summons753198d ago

Or life got a graphics downgrade!!!!

just kidding game looks great despite what the whiny self entitled selfish brats say.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory3198d ago

Yeah lets compare one city in our world to a game entire world.

Summons753198d ago

That was partly my point. You can't compare real life and a game. It was also a crack at the whiners who care only about graphics and nothing about the game, how they would find a reason to bring the mythical downgrade into this.

I said the game looks great lol

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory3198d ago

visuals aside. No game will be able to create a world as big as our world with 60fps locked with over billions of AI.

AndrewLB3198d ago

If you think they look the same then i think you've lost your mind. 52 agrees? wtf? So many people blinded by their love for Sony...

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF3197d ago

It doesn't look the same. Looks like they added other stuff or something. It looks good, but doesn't look the same. Imo.

bixxel3197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )

This shows that games graphics have been 'over-qualified'. The in-game pictures have unusually high DOF and reflections.If the developers try to make it look natural by toning down the reflections and lighting,the idiotic ones of the gaming community screams:GRAPHICS DOWNGRADE!!!!HATE ON THE GAME!!!!!!

ado9083197d ago

From chicago as well :)

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cfc783198d ago

Pretty amazing shots nice to see ubi bringing it with the realism for both watchdogs and the division.

randomass1713198d ago

Goes to show that gaming's coming a very long way. We went from two blocks hitting another block back and forth to full rendering of entire cities. Pretty badass.

ironfist923198d ago

The fanboys havent come very far though unfortunately. Just a month ago people were saying this game was doomed to failure.

lionelglitchy3198d ago

To be fair, I don't think Pong had too many fanboys lol

GutZ313198d ago

After playing I:SS, it is pretty easy for myself to tell the difference, but its still a really good render of the city.

I:SS had better detail in my opinion, and made for a hyper real looking city.

Twilightx73198d ago

Never fails - Watch Dogs article, Infamous fan linking screenshots of how much better I:SS looks.

theXtReMe13198d ago

While the overall visuals may be a little sharper, the city is dead. There's a few people walking around, but there's not the life that watchdogs city has. I think that's going to be the biggest benefactor to the whole graphics comparison. The fact that watchdogs Chicago feels alive, there's 1 million things to do. NPCs arent just zombies walking around not to be interacted with. The trees blow, the grass blows, trash and leaves blowing in the wind, there is a full day and night cycle, a full weather simulation, full city simulation, hell even the way the water moves is fully simulated. The two games just can't be compared. The city in infamous is a dead city, whereas the city in watchdogs is fully simulated and alive.

The fact that the watchdog guys could get the game looking almost as good as infamous with everything that is going on in the city, is pretty damn amazing. It's like comparing a photograph to a live-action movie. Everything looks clearer and sharper still, but in motion everything comes alive. The same thing goes for comparing these two games.

GutZ313198d ago

There has been a lot of controversy around Watch_Dogs, so I wont act like I have high expectations of it, but I do hope it turns out to be a great game.

As for lifeless, I:SS has plenty, but nether the Watch Dogs, or Infamous SS screen shots were showing people, they were showing building detail in my opinion.

I understand each person has a story behind them in Watch Dogs. I still haven't seen how this translates into gameplay(yet) in a meaningful way.

I guess I am just a hater until the game comes out? :/

Salooh3198d ago

People are sooo sensitive lol. Each game focus on something , if you compare each game release with another you will always see differences. There is no better because they weren't competing in the first place.

Both of them looks awesome .Why compare when i can play both xP

randomass1713198d ago


Is there any confirmation as to how much bigger and more active Watch Dogs' city may be? That could explain the lack of crispness. GTAV's graphics lack the fidelity that, for example, Killzone 2 had. So it goes without saying that a bigger map with more activity would have less fidelity.

TheTowelBoy3198d ago

I don't think people are ready for that much logic, sir. Be warned, you may be deemed a witch.

randomass1713198d ago


lol Just tellin' it like it is. If logic is not allowed then burn me at the stake like the dirty witch I am. :P

Give_me_head_strong3198d ago

Infamous: SS's city feels lifeless, and you can't even drive vehicles or swim in the damn game, lol. Plus, the water in SS is so flat, and non-tessellated. Watchdog's Chicago looks to be much more alive.

AndrewLB3198d ago

So you're telling me that I:SS looks this good?

Time to make an appoint with the ophthalmologist.

GutZ313198d ago

If you are referring to me, I never said that.
as for eye issues, you might be on to something, I only have one.

ado9083197d ago

The photo you posted is real life you can tell by the google map arrow

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ILLINOIS3198d ago

If any of you get a chance to come to Chicago please do. It is a beautiful city. This game should be good.

modesign3198d ago

its safer to visit it in the game,lol

frostypants3198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

You can't sit in the bleachers at a Cubs game, drink a bunch of beers at Murphy's, and catch an awesome DJ at Sound Bar in the game.

BigPappaPump3198d ago

No offense, word is that Chiraq is literally a war zone.

KonsoruMasuta3198d ago

Reports are greatly exaggerated, It is very easy to avoid the bad parts of the city. Chicago actually has many historic, safe, and wealthy neighborhoods.

cee7733198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

Downtown Chicago is not that bad at all, but the south side from the wild 100's,Englewood,Low End etc. you don't wanna go there lmao. Me personally I love chiraq the smell of gunpowder in the morning is Priceless.

I wish it was the whole chicago, not just downtown but the hoods I wanna ride around A couple blocks and catch some opp's lacking lmao.

frostypants3198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

Two things:
1) That's not what "literally" means. It's not "literally" a war zone.
2) That "word" is media sensationalism and people who hate Chicago either because Obama came from there or because they see it as a political pawn for the gun control debate. The violent crime rate in Chicago is actually much lower than it used to be. While it has some of the county's most dangerous neighborhoods, the parts you'd spend time in are as safe as any city.

Chicago has amazing architecture, museums (though not quite what DC has), and is in general a ton of fun. Chicago's north side has the best bar scenes in the country.

OhReginald3198d ago

another brainwashed sheep.

if you think chicago is a warzone, your a big pussy.

MikeGdaGod3198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

dude f*ck that Chiraq bull...we don't embrace that

Chicago is a great city. the rough neighborhoods are rough...just like any big city around the globe. i'm from the 100's, but now live in Wicker Park.

i travel all over the world but would never move permanently from Chicago. only thing you have to fear in Chicago is our winters.

BigPappaPump3198d ago

@ OhReginald... I get a lot of pussy while internet dicks like you get thousand cocks in your wide gaping anus. Those that corrected me didn't go out their way to hurl insults unlike your bitch ass. If you have nothing constructive to contribute, then go back and suck your uncle's dick.

frostypants3198d ago

@OhReginald: Uh made BigPappaPump cry.

DoubleM703198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

Media and Propaganda. I stay on the south-side of Chicago. It's good areas and bad areas just like any other city. You don't here nobody saying Little town colorado is a war zone. Remember the Columbine Massacre.

Well anyway as far as I can see looks like they got the downtown area pretty acurate. I'm assuming the North side and near southside is probably going to look pretty good also.

AndrewLB3198d ago

Funny how people mention these "safe wealthy neighborhoods" when only a few months ago a mob of 300+ Obama's son's robbed, pillaged, and beat up people on Miracle Mile.

Toughest gun laws in the nation and the highest murder rate. When the criminals know you're not armed, makes for easy pickings.

When are people going to open their eyes and realize that bad people don't follow the law, and disarming the law abiding citizens only makes things worse. I'll stick with visiting cities where I can conceal carry legally.

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