Should I Go Back To - Skyrim?

It's the E3 games drought and we're looking at a month or so without many large released. n3rdabl3 takes a look at whether it's a good time to go back to Skyrim in our gaming time of need.

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Mankey2101d ago

Nah head over to and try a game called Torment Planescape. Now is a great time to catch up on games you never got to check out and significant older games.

F4sterTh4nFTL2100d ago

It is called Planescape Torment.

Mankey2100d ago (Edited 2100d ago )

I know, typo, but thanks for the heads up. :)

levian2100d ago

Doesn't really compare to Skyrim... They're two completely different games. From what I saw, Planescape is a top down view game like Baldur's Gate.

BattleN2100d ago

Try Dragons Dogma Dark Arisen it's actually really fun!

Mankey2100d ago

There's another good one!

Not to many people have played this.

2100d ago
MasterCornholio2100d ago

Planescape Torment, Baldurs Gate, Ice Wind Dale and Never Winter Nights are RPGS (based off the [email protected] system) that everyone should try.

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Clown_Syndr0me2100d ago

I still play Skyrim.
Since release I play for a couple of weeks a time every 4-6 month's.
At this rate it will last me years! Currently halfway through the first DOC. An amazing game whenever I have nothung else to play!

thepluggy2100d ago

yeah i do exactly the same,and those few weeks go by like a flash,never played a game that just makes time speed up,lol.

levian2100d ago

Same, I keep up to date on all the mods every month or so, download the ones I think look awesome, then every 3-4 months or so I do a playthrough, trying to play in a way I haven't before. It's really awesome.

Another great game someone pointed out is Dragon's Dogma. Not that great story, the side missions kinda suck but my god that gameplay is amazing!

TM3332100d ago

Same here. I still enjoy messing with mods, and plus there's some of the DLC I haven't totally completed. My Skyrim chick character is so hot, she keeps me coming back.

LightDiego2100d ago

This game is old, i just play games when they are new.

Smitty20202100d ago

I have restarted skyrim with all the dlc pack so am happy

andreasx2100d ago

Just recently went back to Skyrim myself, amazing game!

Smitty20202100d ago

Do you crave a ported version to next gen consoles like me lol

andreasx2100d ago

Hell yea would buy it in a heartbeat

levian2100d ago

I would be so happy if they made a Steam Workshop type thing where you could make and download mods for a PS4 verion. I see no reason they can't!

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