How Watch Dogs Balances Hacking Difficulty To Encourage Fun, “All About Variety” Says Designers

T1 - The latest Watch Dogs podcast from Ubisoft , episode #5, features a chat with the games designers, where they discuss how the team balanced the difficulty of various hacking options to encourage player variety.

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PotatoAsylum1640d ago

The next-gen consoles really need an open-world game like this which you can really sink your teeth into. inFamous: SS and AC4 were superb, but when you finish up with the campaigns, you're pretty much done with them. It sort of fills the GTA-esque void these new consoles have yet to fill, but seems unique and fully fleshed out at the same time (it's not just a copycat - Rockstar didn't copyright this genre, even if they genuinely excel in it).

Does the on-the-go hacking kind of remind anyone of reading people's minds in the Destroy all Humans games?

1640d ago
Skate-AK1640d ago

Hope the game does well. I know some people are still pretty mad about the downgrade.