Game Informer's Review of Resistance: Fall of Man

From Game Informer: "There's a good reason why Master Chief has been looking pale these days. Sony just dropped a bomb down his pants. No matter how you cut it, Resistance is PlayStation's answer to Halo. It bombards you with relentless action, opens your mind to new gaming possibilities with its inventive selection of weapons, and offers a multiplayer experience so deep and dangerously addictive that your hands may permanently form to the contour of the controller. Insane 40-man online battles, weapons that can shoot through walls and around corners, having to violently shake the controller to free yourself from an alien that has latched onto your neck – there are few experiences in gaming that are this exciting, and thanks to the development muscle of Insomniac, this finely polished and balanced. The only blemish that this game has is the uneventful finale to the single-player campaign. Outside of this, Resistance pounds you into submission with its remarkable gameplay. Without question, it's worth getting a PS3 just for this game."

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power of Green 4451d ago

What ever you say bub. lol RFOM's is PS3's anwser to halo with weak AI and not as good vehicels. WTF?.

andy capps4451d ago

I just posted the article, if you don't like their review, contact Game Informer. It's worth noting that they gave Gears of War a 9.5 as well, so it's not like they hate MS or anything. I don't see why you're so mad that Insomniac has apparently made a great game.

power of Green 4451d ago

Never said Insomniac made a bad game "in this thread". RFOM has UnReal Tournament style chaos and wacky weapons poor AI with no AI's that fight with you and the vehicels are weak compared to the ones in Halo.

Donkey Slayer4451d ago (Edited 4451d ago )

I don't think 40 player gamers are going to have the same feel. I'm guessing more like battlefront. But I haven't played it yet.

Also, the A.I. in several reviews have indicated it to be pretty good. Attacking when having the corret numbers, running when not. Flanking, etc.. Reverting to pop and shoot when stuck.

Watapata4451d ago

Most of the reviews I've read indicate a fairly good AI, so I'm not sure where you are getting this. I though the poor AI rumor was fairly thoroughly debunked a while ago...

Retard4450d ago (Edited 4450d ago )

Wait till you play the game... Or till they actually compare the Legendary mode to RFOMs' Legendary...

Anyone see in IGN's review the aliens head popping in and out... funny as he11 looking..

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power of Green 4451d ago

If anything it's the answer to HALO 1 on the 1st Xbox. Prey is more an reasonable comparisn in terms of shooting baddies in the open with out fear of being killed buy baddies with to much AI.

gearhead4451d ago

halo killer my a$$, wait till halo 3 comes out, rumor has it they perfected multiplayer. So it will be even better than Halo or Halo 2. Beside I think Gears multiplayer is more fun than halo and halo 2's multiplayer. i like the take cover and shoot mechanic better than run, shoot, jump, shoot, run, shoot, heads shot, jump, run, dive, summersault, hammer of dawn, run, jump, shoot.

likeaboss3024451d ago

Resistance might very well be a good game. However making a statement that it's why you should by the system is crazy. Unless you have money to burn dropping $500 for a $60 game is just crazy. There has to be more content worth your purchase. I wouldn't have bought my 360 had GOW been the only game I was interested in. It's going to be a little while until my PS2 gets it's upgrade.

Dlacy13g4451d ago

But nothing more. Many reviewers (save this one) are giving it high praise but calling it more of a COD2 type launch game. Good but not a system seller. Certainly if you are getting a PS3 its a title you should have...but its not a reason to get a PS3.

InMyOpinion4451d ago

Hahaha! I wonder what they got paid for typing that article.

Watapata4451d ago

Is it really that hard to believe that this reviewer may have liked Resistance more? I know plenty of people that aren't too fond of Halo, and it all comes down to personal preference. Should anyone who prefers PS3 go around claiming every positive spin on a 360 game was bought and paid for by Microsoft?