Freedom Wars will only cost $30

Freedom Wars will cost a bit lesser than expected at launch.

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sinncross3715d ago

That is incredibly awesome if true!

Definitely a good price on what looks like a potentially fun game to play.

Hopefully we see more pricing like this from Sony for the PSV.

Mikey322303715d ago

Sounds like good news.. i hope its not foreshadowing anything negative.

ChozenWoan3715d ago

More like... I hope it's the start of something great for Vita games.

MeLoveRamen3714d ago

This is pretty crazy if i say so myself, since this is my most anticipated vita game for the year, it looks insanely good.

admiralvic3715d ago

THANK GOD this was released before I imported it. I am always bummed out when I import something to get it early and it gets a reduced* price in NA.

With this being said, I think this is a bold, but smart move on Sony's part. Traditionally Monster Hunter like games don't do amazingly well in the West, so this move might help move more products and increase day 1 purchases (as it looks better). In either case, I just did my part by putting in a preorder.

* Dokuro, Max Anarchy, 3D Dot Game Heroes, Battle Princess of Aracadias all spring to mind.

randomass1713715d ago

Excellent luck on your part! Hope you enjoy the game. I'd like to try it as well. I like the art style. :)

Reviews2Go3715d ago

Awesome news :) It's great to see more titles going for prices below the standard.

randomass1713715d ago

Agreed. That will definitely help encourage people to try out the niche stuff. :)

shivvy243715d ago

let me go cut myself to be sure /s

randomass1713715d ago

Nah do a pinch instead. That's safer. :P