Why 2018 is the Year You Should Finally Buy a PS Vita

"The PlayStation Vita has been getting a ton of third-party support lately, which is impressive considering the handheld released over five years ago. With the slew of upcoming notable releases, and a few great features the handheld has to offer, I believe 2018 is the year anyone who hasn't purchased a Vita yet should finally sail over to Vita island." -- PlayStation Enthusiast

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Araragifeels 1259d ago

There not much great games since JP developers are jumping ship to Switch. PSVITA should have a successor. A successor that can allow people to play digital PS1/PS2/PS4 games on the go, play games 1080HD 60 FPS, allow third party memory card, eliminate back touchscreen, add R3/L3 and R2/L3, have both First and Third Party support from the Western/Japanese developers, keep Remote play but improve for the next PS Gen console.

pixlz1258d ago

Your so close to what I want. I want a Portable PS4 in the style of the Vita. Add in a L2/R2 and L3/R3's. The touch screen would imitate the Touchpad. The end. Most of these 3rd party Vita games are Cross-Buy titles anyways now.

It'd be great. But... it'd be all digital too. A great way to start transitioning people to buying more digital titles.

1258d ago
Fist4achin1258d ago

Maybe we should all listen to zepami...

mikeslemonade1258d ago

Vita has been dead for years. Buy a dreamcast while your at it.

pixlz1258d ago

Picking on my spelling? You can't even spell Critical Strike dude.

phallusitator1257d ago

Grammar. He’s correcting your grammar. Your spelling was ok.

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septemberindecember1258d ago

I think what your saying would be nice, but is unrealistic at this point in time.

Foraoise1258d ago

Not really. The PS4 isn't really powerful at all., and given the proper optimizations, a portable with similar specs wouldn't be out of the question.

pixlz1258d ago

There are chips out there that are at least as powerful as an Xbox One as of a couple years ago. This is literally super easy and a no brainer.

Add in an already built library for my PS4 and its a win. Vita library would be lost... but get a Vita for that.

Foraoise1258d ago

@pixlz. Right? Look at the disagrees I'm getting. People here are just stupid. They don't understand. Ignorance is bliss, huh?

septemberindecember1258d ago


Even if you account for power, you aren’t accounting for optimization. If you make a console that plays PS4 games you either have to make it with PS4 hardware, or port the games over to the new hardware. I suppose you could also emulate the games, but then the system would have to be significantly more powerful than a stock PS4.

Not to mention the cost for hardware and space issues. AAA PS4 games are an average of 50GB, that’s a whole lot of SD cards.

Like I said, it’s a great idea on paper, but not practical at this time.

ProjectVulcan1258d ago (Edited 1258d ago )

The latest mobile chipsets like the newer Tegra or Snapdragon 845 parts with an Adreno 630 are closing in on Xbox One level performance, but not quite there yet. The Snapdragon chips would be fairly expensive and supply will be restricted for a while.

Nvidia are nearest to home console performance with Tegra Xavier. It's not designed for gaming, the power draw is a tad too high for a handheld at 20 watts (really 10w on average is the max viable) but the fundamental GPU technology behind it is impressive. 512 Volta CUDA cores, comparable to Xbox One's GPU.

We're another generation from being able to put say Xbox One performance in a handheld. 18 months maybe.

Not that far away I guess, but I just think Sony aren't that interested in handheld consoles any more.

UltraNova1258d ago

Power draw people don't forget that power management is issue no 1 when it comes to handhelds. The ps4 APU even at a 7nm die would still need a lot of power. The chip has to be designed for mobile applications from the get go, like Tegra.

yomfweeee1258d ago

Foraoise it is unrealistic. All games in 1080p/60fps means it has to be as powerful as a PS4 Pro. Plus add a 1080p screen. Compact into portable.

Not cheap at all.

InTheZoneAC1258d ago

sony could easily sell the next handheld for $200 to make it more appealing, seeing how a switch costs $300. It must have similarly sized analog sticks like a dualshock. The little psp slider and nubs on the vita are way too small and too sensitive for precise controls, especially when you have deadzone to overcome with the vita.

-remove rear touch
-add L2/R2
-add L3/R3
-have the UI match the ps4 or whatever layout they plan to go with for ps5, although I'd wish they just brought back the XMB.from ps3/psp

Eidolon1258d ago (Edited 1258d ago )

720p screen. half the resolution of most PS4 games. In 2018, definitely possible. Battery life would be a concern, though, as well as the size and memory requirements. I'd definitely get a Vita 2, even if it has no exclusives. Vita struggles with the ports now, and showing clear age.

Vegamyster1257d ago


Pot calling the kettle black, you need to manufacture something that's ergonomic with a big enough battery to even run the system, heat sink/fan and make sure it's fairly light. None of this is a issue with a home console since it's a lot larger and stationary, with today's technology it would be too expensive to make a straight up portable PS4, all you have to do is compare gaming laptop to desktop builds with similar specs for comparison.

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LOGICWINS1258d ago

That's all well and good, but biggest obstacle would be Sony regaining the trust of Vita owners who were promised Western AAA console quality titles but mostly got indies and Japanese games.

If Sony releases a Vita 2, the first step would be to make ALL PS4 games payable on the Vita 2. I'm not talking about remote play. Every PS4 game needs to come with an extra version (free of charge) that can be played on the Vita 2.

That would ensure that there will ALWAYS be games to play on the device, regardless of how well devs support it.

pixlz1258d ago

No no.... see, I already have a MASSIVE PS4 library. What convincing does someone like me need, to be able to take *all* of it, on the go?

PS+ for the win. I have well over a hundred games that would just be able to download onto a card.

There is literally... no downside. Want $300 for it? Take my money.

mastiffchild1258d ago

Pixlz, sadly that is not what platform holders want. Sony have already MADE their cash from you buying PS4 games, make virtually nothing from hardware sales and need you buying new games to keep any new platform going.

They would NEVER do as you want, sadly. Battery life would be crap as well. I just don't see Sony doing a pure handheld again. A future PlayStation 5 that does similar to Switch while adding streaming options? Possible

_-EDMIX-_1258d ago (Edited 1258d ago )

I see it as being unlikely that they're going to be able to make all PlayStation 4 games playable on the Vita 2.

Don't get me wrong I see it as a huge possibility of many PlayStation 4 games being playable either through ports or something like that but I don't see it as all.

The PSP got many PlayStation 2 ports, technically speaking in the same timeline the PlayStation Vita 2 would be releasing at a much later date than what the original PSP released at during the PlayStation 2 generation.

Which means they would actually have more time to make it more powerful than the allotted time they had for the original PSP compared to the PS2, which actually means there is a possibility that they clearly could make the PlayStation Vita to be exact literal strength as a base PlayStation 4.

pixlz1258d ago (Edited 1258d ago )

I don't think Sony would even consider doing something like a portable PS4, until the PS5 releases anyways. And yeah, by then, they could probably shrink down a compatible architecture and make a killing. History has shone with the PSONE, PS2 Slim etc.... that they're willing to make one last extension of a console cycle.

With common architecture going forward, and a most likely digital PS4 library being compatible with a PS5... again its a no brainer. But specifically around the time they wanna start retiring the PS4 console... aka replace it with the PS5.

Oh but to add... theirs no hope or possible future for a Vita 2. Portable PS4... maybe. If it doesn't happen, portable sony consoles are dead my friends.

pixlz1258d ago (Edited 1258d ago )


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ILostMyMind1258d ago (Edited 1258d ago )

1080p/60fps? Why so weak? You should dream higher. 😒

Cobra9511257d ago

Why? It's exactly what I want. I'd rather see all extra power go to better rendering and AI.

_-EDMIX-_1258d ago

Not necessarily because of the PlayStation Vita's continued support in Japan there actually is a possibility of the games being made with the Vita in mind simply to port to the switch to take advantage of both install bases.

Secret of Mana remake is on the Vita.
There's also a series of Persona games coming out on the Vita.

Mr_Writer851257d ago

People said they wanted a powerful handheld.

Sony built it.

Those people then used every excuse not to buy it..

"memory cards cost too much"

"No games I want"

"not enough buttons"

"Sony aren't supporting it enough"

Sony would be stupid to listen to gamers again. They expect everything for nothing.

The 10th Rider1257d ago

Sony built it and made some dumb mistakes. The prices on the memory cards was insane. You're saying it's people's fault for not buying it? It didn't help that they countered the poor sales by dropping first party support, unlike with the 3DS, which saw an aggressive price cut and rapid fire support after initial sales were poor. Sony has no one to blame but themselves for the lack of success with the Vita. If they put out another handheld that was a solid console it'd be welcome. (Though I'd be skeptical of it's chances of success after loosing so much of the handheld market share.)

Mr_Writer851257d ago

You do know that Sony need to make money? They were already making a loss on the Vita itself.

As for the memory cards that was one of only a few ways to make up for that loss, had gamers put their money where their mouths were then the price of memory cards would of come down in price.

As for the 3Ds that was being sold at a huge profit, with the price cut, it still made a profit, so hardly comparable.

Sony tried, big AAA IP exclusives, trophy support, BC (with most digital PSP games) PSone classics support, cross play and cross buy.

Gamers didn't want the Vita, and gamers killed the Vita.

If a product isn't supported by consumers then why would a company keep throwing money at it?

Cobra9511257d ago

The memory cards are part of the needed equipment, Mr_Writer. They're not the lure. Games are the lure. Games are where cost deficits must be made up, because they're the only things gamers will chase with their wallets after buying a console. If the equipment is too costly, and the games aren't there, the system fails right out of the starting gate. Consumers are not to blame for such poor planning or execution.

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FallenAngel19841258d ago

Those memory card prices are a huge detriment

Yohshida1258d ago

at launch the 64 gig one was the price of the console I think

1-pwnsause-11258d ago

half the price of the console...which was ridiculous, cause an sd micro was around 8x less expensive....

Nintentional1257d ago

But the same Sony fans that defend the Vita’s memory cards are the same bashing the Switch and its SD cards

crazyCoconuts1258d ago

Funny the exact opposite is true for me. I've been a big supporter, but this is the year I transition off. Finishing up my last few games from the backlog. If you're into JRPGs / visual novels, different story for sure...

kreate1258d ago

I'm the same. In 2018, vita is pretty much dead. Sony doesn't even look like they care.

Tigerblud1258d ago

I loved my Vita, but it was replaced by my Switch.

Gr8saiyaman881258d ago

Get downvoted by salty Sonyponies xD

1-pwnsause-11258d ago (Edited 1258d ago )

Not really..... Sony Did this to themselves...Most of us Agree on that.....

the Vita is a great Handheld....Sony Just Failed it with their own greed.....
If I remembered correctly they were able to Play a MGS4 cutscene on the system although downgraded (Obviously)...its pretty powerful for what it is and what it could of been....

But of course its pretty much too late since Nintendo brought the switch over, which is a great machine that lacks a few things which i hope get resolved sooner or later

Araragifeels 1258d ago

I bought the Switch and I already passed Zelda and Mario Odyssey so the PSVITA is getting my attention.

SurgicalMenace1258d ago

Exactly, how many of the games on Switch are already available on the Vita?!?! For cheaper.

crazyCoconuts1257d ago

This is off the beaten path, but I put in for a GPD Win 2, which is a handheld Windows gaming device. That'll give me what I really wanted from the Vita, just aligned with my PC library as opposed to PSN. It's way more powerful than the switch too