10 Vita Games Which Showcased the Handheld's Technical Abilities

VGChartz's Adam Cartwright: "In spite of Switch now dominating this niche and mobile/tablet games inching ever closer to console quality, Sony's Vita has a number of titles which were not only impressive relative to the time they released but still remain gorgeous to look at even to this day. So I'll be looking at what was impressive about them (and what could have been improved) alongside a conclusion on how well the Vita did as a high-end handheld during its lifespan."

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armchairDev1426d ago (Edited 1426d ago )

I once heard someone brag how the vita is as powerful as the ps3. That really made me laugh. A lot of games couldn't even run at the native 540p OR maintain 30 fps... It was basically a portable ps2.

conanlifts1426d ago (Edited 1426d ago )

Vita was 28gflops, ps2 6.2gflops. I think the comparison was that it could almost run ps3 games if the resolution was reduced. In reality probably not as it had 8x less gpu power. It was good for a handheld at the time though in terms of power.

armchairDev1425d ago

A nintendo 64 could almost run ps3 games if the resolution was reduced. To 160x90 pixels.

TWB1426d ago

To most people, PS Vita was probably to PS3 what PSP was to PS2.

On the smaller screen, you could say "ehh, kinda in the same ballpark"

SilentZeroX1425d ago (Edited 1425d ago )

On the vita's smaller screen, first party titles like Killzone: Mercenary and Uncharted: Golden Abyss can really fool
you into thinking that it is a ps3 game, it was more like a portable PS3, if only more dev use its power. A portable ps2 is more like the 3ds.

GameBoyColor1426d ago

only thing good about it was jrpg support and the og vita's oled screen. Other than that I felt I wasted my money on it.

Indigon1426d ago

If only Sony supported it with software and didn't put a ridiculous pricing tag on memory cards.

Kallisti1426d ago

Killzone: Mercenary looks awesome on the Vita. Too bad it didn't get a big exclusive game like a new GTA to reel buyers in, plus those propriety memory card prices are ridiculous even now.

FullmetalRoyale1426d ago

Right now I'm playing Trails, and while it's no technical showcase, being able to suspend the game at any time makes grinding much more manageable.
Some of my favorite vita games aren't impressive graphically. Persona, Danganronpa, Lone Survivor, Spelunky, Rogue Legacy(!!).
Still working thorough my backlog.

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