10 Vita Games Which Showcased the Handheld's Technical Abilities

VGChartz's Adam Cartwright: "In spite of Switch now dominating this niche and mobile/tablet games inching ever closer to console quality, Sony's Vita has a number of titles which were not only impressive relative to the time they released but still remain gorgeous to look at even to this day. So I'll be looking at what was impressive about them (and what could have been improved) alongside a conclusion on how well the Vita did as a high-end handheld during its lifespan."

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armchairDev2526d ago (Edited 2526d ago )

I once heard someone brag how the vita is as powerful as the ps3. That really made me laugh. A lot of games couldn't even run at the native 540p OR maintain 30 fps... It was basically a portable ps2.

conanlifts2526d ago (Edited 2526d ago )

Vita was 28gflops, ps2 6.2gflops. I think the comparison was that it could almost run ps3 games if the resolution was reduced. In reality probably not as it had 8x less gpu power. It was good for a handheld at the time though in terms of power.

armchairDev2525d ago

A nintendo 64 could almost run ps3 games if the resolution was reduced. To 160x90 pixels.

TWB2526d ago

To most people, PS Vita was probably to PS3 what PSP was to PS2.

On the smaller screen, you could say "ehh, kinda in the same ballpark"

SilentZeroX2525d ago (Edited 2525d ago )

On the vita's smaller screen, first party titles like Killzone: Mercenary and Uncharted: Golden Abyss can really fool
you into thinking that it is a ps3 game, it was more like a portable PS3, if only more dev use its power. A portable ps2 is more like the 3ds.

GameBoyColor2526d ago

only thing good about it was jrpg support and the og vita's oled screen. Other than that I felt I wasted my money on it.

Indigon2526d ago

If only Sony supported it with software and didn't put a ridiculous pricing tag on memory cards.

Kallisti2526d ago

Killzone: Mercenary looks awesome on the Vita. Too bad it didn't get a big exclusive game like a new GTA to reel buyers in, plus those propriety memory card prices are ridiculous even now.

FullmetalRoyale2526d ago

Right now I'm playing Trails, and while it's no technical showcase, being able to suspend the game at any time makes grinding much more manageable.
Some of my favorite vita games aren't impressive graphically. Persona, Danganronpa, Lone Survivor, Spelunky, Rogue Legacy(!!).
Still working thorough my backlog.

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Guerrilla Announces Shutdown of Servers for Killzone: Shadow Fall and More

In August, online servers for several PlayStation games will shut down, leaving their multiplayer functions unplayable.

purple101695d ago

whrere on earth is the next killzone, im soooOOO thirsty for some proper weighted, (but still fast when running/sprinting) fps gamplay, it felt sooso so good on ps3, with that, lets be honest, very small, quite uncomfortable sixaxis dualshock controller, that was just too small for western sized hands, ok for japanese kids i suppose was the point>??

now with PS5 controller, it would be totally masterfull.

ClayRules2012695d ago

I hear you. I want some NEW Killzone, especially on PS5, with the PS5 DualSense controller with that ever so impressive DualSense of an experience Haptic feedback!

Knowing how far Guerrilla has come since Horizon: Zero Dawn, Killzone can only benefit greatly from their ever growing talent!!

Bobertt694d ago

I think Sony has given up on their exclusive shooters. They haven't released a remaster for the Resistance series or a new SOCOM game either. I don't think Guerilla is in a rush to make Killzone since they have Horizon now too :(.

695d ago
Outside_ofthe_Box695d ago

All I want is for them to build Killzone 2 with multiplayer included from the ground up, keep the gameplay the same, and I'll be happy.

GG with KZ3 and Shafowfall haven't been able to match KZ2 so I don't really have faith in another sequel.

Unfortunate that KZ2 came out during COD era where every game that didn't pay like Modern Warfare was deemed garbage. KZ2's multiplayer is definitely an all time great.

Michiel1989694d ago

since when was kz2 deemed garbage?

MizHDTV694d ago

Right on dude
KZ2 was just a special game to me

sinspirit694d ago

I'd love KZ2 multiplayer again. I also think they could easily incorporate a mode to compete with Battlefield style game modes

Seraphim694d ago

KZ2 was one of maybe a handful of games I actually put time into online. What a blast!! And the campaign was excellent as well. I certainly miss that dark world. Still ashamed I never buttoned up that Platinum.

Storm23694d ago

A remake of Killzone 2 with the same grittiness and feel on PS5 would be f*cking incredible. The SP and MP were just perfect. I played the sh*t out of that game. Would happily pay a lot of money for that.

DarXyde694d ago

Honestly, I don't like FPS games. They're not for me, but I do agree that there was something about KZ2 multiplayer that even someone like me enjoyed.

Sony really needs to get better about tearing down servers. I don't like that they shut them down.

shadowT694d ago

agree, KZ2 was a masterpiece

Muigi694d ago

KZ3 multiplayer was better imo.

Outside_ofthe_Box694d ago (Edited 694d ago )

"since when was kz2 deemed garbage?"

As with anything, things don't get the appreciation it deserves until way after it's release.

KZ2 got a lot of flak for it's weighty controls that many mistook for input lag. People didn't like that it wasn't a twitch shooter like CoD. You also had people saying things like "it feels like you're controlling a midget", "enemies take too long to die" (you can't pray and spray in kz2. You have to shoot in bursts for your shots to be more accurate), people complained about the sniping, etc.

This led to a lot of changes in KZ3 that turned the vets off like reducing the amount of variables for bullet damage, getting rid of spawn grenades, etc.



I don't think there's much Sony or any other company in that position can do much different about it... Keeping servers running simply cost money, these gomes don't generate none anymore, so eventually they need to pull the plug.

Astrokis694d ago

KZ2 was definitely better then KZ3, but the third one still had strong suits. It’s been many years but I remember something about Shadow Fall being made by a team at GG that did NOT do KZ2 and KZ3 multiplayer which is why it felt different. I remember when I found that out it made a lot of sense about Shadow Falls multiplayer feeling so off.