The PS3's Sexiest Games

Sure, you bought your PS3 for the high definition graphics, the Sony exclusive titles and the Blu-ray movie playback. Right? Right. But as titles like Dead of Alive have told us, there's nothing wrong with a bit of eye-candy too, so here's what TheSixthAxis think are the top 5 sexiest games for the PS3. In a cheap, tacky kind of way.

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Sev4566d ago

That has to be the worst list possible.

The only game they got right was Heavenly Sword.

GT5:P and SingStar are much more stylish and sexy of games.

Meresin4566d ago

I think you have totally missed the point. :P

Sev4566d ago

Aha, maybe your right. I guess I am not the brightest LCD around...

Thanks for pointing that out, before I further made a fool of myself.

Heavenly Sword should be #1 then... Nariko is super hot.

xboxftw4566d ago

THe heading is wrong should b movies.

kindi_boy4566d ago

if this is PS3's SEXIEST games
PS3 sir fails miserably

dlx794566d ago

NG is the only games that deserves to be on that list. That upskirt shot smacks of desperation.

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The story is too old to be commented.