Head2Head: Titanfall Screenshot Comparison And Analysis (Xbox One Vs Xbox 360)

Lens of Truth writes "Welcome back for another exciting Head2Head! This week we take a closer look at Titanfall for the Xbox One and Xbox 360. The obvious differences were the graphics, what wasn’t obvious were the performance hitches. Come join us as we compare Microsoft’s killer exclusive Titanfall, to see if the current generation is all what its been cracked up to be."

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RudeSole Devil1648d ago

Fun game but graphics do suck, wish this was on PS4!


So do I bro. Its the game that made me buy a XONE. Now I have my PS4 on Kijiji. The last of us HD is making me reconsider though.

mewhy321647d ago

A mid range PC can run this game easily. But I was really surprised to see that the 360 was able to some so close to the xbone. I have 2 360s and wouldn't mind playing this on there. But now I see why ms held this game back. They didnt want people seeing how close this game was to their 500.00 xbone effort. Personally I don't think that the difference is big enough to warrant spending 500.00 on the bone to play it. I think that that spending 60.00 for the 360 game makes much, much, more sense.

mochachino1647d ago

No graphics of the year awards will be had for this game. It's looks like an HD port but that's not horrible. Ground Zeros is too and looks decent enough.

brich2331647d ago

I played both versions, and the 360 version looks almost as good as the One. Its the exact same game but with a few more glitches on the 360 version.

Tedakin1647d ago

I don't think this game looks bad at all. I mean it's not groundbreaking, but when you're on a map like Lagoon or Boneyard with particle effects and lens flares, etc, and stuff is just flying everywhere I think it's capable of being pretty stunning actually.

DefenderOfDoom21647d ago

another comparison! . Where are the articles about innovative gameplay ideas to make the game more fun! not saying game is not fun as is . It look real fun to play but waiting for a sale, so i can pick it new for under 35 dollars because it has no single player campaign.

leemo191647d ago

Its not a huge difference between them but you can tell Xbone has the better visuals. I just can't believe how much screen tearing happens on the xbone compared to the 360 version.

Muerte24941647d ago

Blueprint did such a good job on the 360 version, Microsoft needed to delay it. As you can see there is very little difference between the two. With the difference being so negligible and most people already owning a Xbox360, the game would have hurt the Xbox One sales. In other words, since it ran so well on Xbox360, people wouldn't have bought it for Xbox One. They definitely wouldn't have bought an Xbox One for it. That why the game got delayed two weeks before it's launch.

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