Is EA underplaying massive TitanFall Xbox 360 and Xbox One differences?

With the release of the Xbox 360 version now in full swing, are EA underplaying the massive visual difference between last and next gen gaming with their latest advertising for TitanFall?

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RaidensRising1651d ago

The two versions are close but not that close. Ea just want to hype their game to the max. Nothing new about that. If they wanted sales it should have been a multi format release.

Mr Pumblechook1651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

The 360 is 8 years older than the Xbone so obviously one version will look better (although not mindblowingly better). But having played a little bit of each I would say they play the same.

Kingthrash3601651d ago

though i haven't played the 360 version of tf its to be expected to look better...they did the same with the pc version vs the x1 version. those 2 versions were close too but pc was a great difference.
tf as a whole is an overhyped game and its only logic that ea try to hype the 360 hyped the x1 version so hard and totally ignored the 360 version to sell more x1..and since that failed...ea is trying to make as much as possible with the 360 one. its business.

fr0sty1651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

Almost 9 years difference in hardware, both versions have just as much aliasing, X1 has sharper textures and a slightly higher native rendering resolution. X1 has a few more reflections as well. X1 has light shafts coming out of the lights, though both still use pre-baked lighting for much of the backgrounds (light is drawn into the textures rather than being dynamically rendered). Contrast is cranked and blacks are crushed on X1 as usual.

All in all, not a very impressive looking game, and the 360 version looks remarkably similar for such old hardware.

Army_of_Darkness1651d ago

"EA underplaying the massive visual difference"

LOL! @visual massive difference... I don't think EA is underplaying much to be honest.

Gozer1651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

"though i haven't played the 360 version of tf its to be expected to look better...they did the same with the pc version vs the x1 version. those 2 versions were close too but pc was a great difference."

There is not that much of a graphical difference between any version of Titanfall. You try to make it sound like the PC is some sort of graphical masterpiece.To my knowledge, they are all using the old Source engine for all platforms. Ttanfall isn't about graphics. Its about intense, fluid online gameplay.

""tf as a whole is an overhyped game and its only logic that ea try to hype the 360 hyped the x1 version so hard and totally ignored the 360 version to sell more x1"

You are entitled to your opinion about Titanfall of course but on Metacritic the game has an 86 score, using 66 reviewers to reach that score. While Infamous for the Ps4 scored an 80 with 84 reviewers.And Elder Scrolls Online for the PC scored an 81 with 13 reviewers. Titanfall appears more deserving of hype than the other two latest blockbuster games to be released.

" hyped the x1 version so hard and totally ignored the 360 version to sell more x1..and since that failed...ea is trying to make as much as possible with the 360 one. its business."

You obviously don't know much about business. MS nd EA do not have separate marketing campaigns for the different platforms that Titanfall is available on. It was the gaming media that hyped Titanfall. MS and EA just advertised their product like any company would.

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IcarusOne1651d ago

@fr0sty "Contrast is cranked and blacks are crushed on X1 as usual."

If you're talking from your own experience, then you badly need to calibrate your screen, because TF's contrast is fine and nothing like what this video shows. I have no problem seeing into the shadows on my xb1. Infamous is a much darker, more contrasty game than TF. The "as usual" of your comment tells me you either don't own an xb1 or your screen's settings are still on factory.

randomass1711650d ago

I've only played the One version. Haven't yet played the 360 version, but based on all the videos I've seen it's close enough.

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Blaze9291651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

"massive visual difference"

lol wait, i own Titanfall on both Xbox 360 and Xbox One - I wouldn't call the differences even close to massive. I'd even say the visuals were "massively" similar.

From the article:

"Some gamers will no doubt find it hard to spot any genuine differences within the core gameplay on offer, but as mentioned, in terms of smoothness of play and visual fidelity, the Xbox One version comes out on top."

Well, duh? The picture doesn't even say anything about visuals or graphics. That was never the topic of discussion. It clearly compares the gameplay aspects.

What exactly is this article trying to get at? Sounds liking crying for no real reason


@lfc_4eva Not all my friends upgraded to Xbox One yet.

lfc_4eva1651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

You own both?

Is the 360 version a shifty version as I see no reason to own both?

And anyway, the difference is night and day. Xbone is clearly better as it should be. But saying that I am really pleased to see my good 'ol 360 can still fire up a pretty decent effort.

No_Limit1651d ago

Stop lying Blaze, you don't have the X360 version because I ran your profile check on Live and here are the games you had played for the past year and no X360 version of Titanfall in site.

As a matter of fact, it seems like you don't even have a XB1 as I just check your gamer tag on my XB1 and the last game you had played is Battlefield 3 on X360, 2 days ago.

Biggest1651d ago

One would assume that a massive 360 fanboy (Blaze929) would have played far more than nine games. That must be a different person.

No_Limit1651d ago

After thinking about it, you could be right. he's been here for like forever and it seems like he should have more games as well. Blaze, if this is not you, my apology.

Blaze9291651d ago


o_O?...that's not even my gamertag. Why did you assume my N4G username was my Xbox LIVE Gamertag lmfao? What? What is this? I'm seriously lol'ing right now, how old are you?

cyguration1651d ago


Oh burnnnn!

You do some real journalistic work. IGN should hire you!

Flutterby1651d ago

It's always a good laugh when an xbox fanboy aka no-limit attacks another xbox fanboy aka blaze, you guys really should know who's who by now, seems tho imo anyone that has criticism for an xbox game is a Sony fanboy or a liar in no-limits eyes so it's to be expected he would jump the gun and look like a complete tool as usual, he likes to say he is neutral because he "owned both consoles" but this kind of evidence easily proves otherwise.

I mainly play pc but I often have criticism for pc games that don't live up to what I was hoping for and when other people complain about pc I don't call them console fanboys.

GW2121651d ago

No_limit is some sketchy 13 year old kid. He stalks. It's really pathetic/weird.

hheller20041651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

Your full of shit. Their is a dramatic difference between the two. YouTube videos dont tell the truth. I would go as far to say if you played it on the x1 the 360 version would feel unplayable to you,

BX811651d ago

@ cyguration

Omg you made be laugh so hard. Future detective in the house!

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Bigpappy1651d ago

Publishers have been misrepresenting their games for as long as I have been gaming. They used to show high resolution images on the box cover as in-game, when game were 8 bit side strollers.

gamertk4211651d ago

The lighting and reflection on xb1 are great. Detail levels much clearer, and about what you'd expect. Still, the xb360 version is not that bad.

Angeljuice1651d ago

The 'black crush' in the XB1 version is pretty overwhelming, in that respect at least the X360 version looks better (all details in the shadows are lost in XB1 version).

IcarusOne1650d ago

They're clearly biasing their feeds toward the 360. My xb1 doesn't have that much contrast, and I can see into the shadows with ease. This is a horrible feed and should not be indicative of the game but rather people who don't know how to capture a video signal.

dennett3161651d ago

I think it's more than "not bad" considering the hardware differences. 512mb of RAM + EDRam vs 8gig + ESram, faster CPU than the One but less advanced overall and with less cores, and a much weaker GPU. Bluepoint Games deserve to be commended on the job they did.

asyouburn1651d ago

For real! Bluepoint are freakin wizards. There's no way it should look as close as it does on 360.

randomass1711650d ago

The 360 version runs at a lower framerate from what I heard and with a game like that and its speed I don't think I would want to deal with that. The Xbox One or PC versions are the way to go.

Jubez1871651d ago

dude they're a generation apart. i don't see why this is a big deal

majiebeast1651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

Titanfall hype is pretty much gone. They dont want to completely kill off the last remainder of it, by saying "The Xbox One version looks so much better".

EA dun goofed by not releasing all versions at the same time. Better hope the money Microsoft paid them was enough for the sacrifice of no PS4 and PS3 version. A delayed 360 port, which has no hype going for it and giving away the game for free with every Xbox One since the games launch.

Microsoft and EA still dont want to say how many copies the game sold.

iamnsuperman1651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

I do agree with you about EA messing up slightly not releasing both versions at the same time (the initial hype has subsided slightly). EA were never going to push huge numbers releasing the One version earlier and I think it wouldn't have harmed them (I actually think it would have been beneficial) if the 360 and One version were released at the same time.

I can only assume a deal was made since it doesnt make a hole lot of sense for EA to do that

dennett3161651d ago

Respawn wanted to take on CoD and Destiny....EA cut them off at the knees with that exclusivity deal. You can bet they won't make the same mistake with the sequel unless MS throw ungodly amounts of money at them...but even that may not be as important as market share.

The sequel needs more content and more actual single player campaign in order to build the world more effectively. Perhaps even a separate co-op campaign too, or they risk being left behind by more fully featured games.

antz11041651d ago

But if you don't have an Xone, how can you really tell it looks better besides internet vids that are sub quality?

I have it on 360 and I think it looks great in game. Then again I got it for the game play, which is addictively fun, I could give a damn what it looks like.

ShadesMoolah1651d ago

In some ways, the game doesn't look like it pushes the Xbox One or PC so it might be fair to suggest the last gen version holds up against those if you don't care about graphics. Framerate however is another matter.

mark3214uk1651d ago

"pushes the Xbox One"

clearly it does push the x1 as they maxed it out with the 792p instead of the normal 720p :)

Ausbo1651d ago

Games like battlefield and ryse say it doesn't max out the Xbox one.

however there is a lot of stuff going on in the game.

n4gamingm1651d ago

Old gen engine on new console hardware not omptimazed, like mgs it looks great on nex gen but not so big of a difference in current gen.(watch dogs too)

randomass1711650d ago

I highly doubt a launch window game can push ANY console to the max. By that logic Bayonetta on PS3 pushed the PS3 and that was just a horribly optimized port.

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