The best and worst motion games

From Wii to Kinect 2.0, the rise of motion-controlled gaming has delighted casual players but often dismayed hardcore gamers. As Microsoft attempts to win over the enthusiast crowd with this week’s Kinect Sports Rivals, Red Bull look back at the best (and worst) that motion gaming has to offer.

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Grave1654d ago

Sports Champions. End of story.

randomass1711654d ago

Ugh, Free Riders was awful. I really liked Red Steel 2 though.

DoggyBiscuit1654d ago

Wii Sports is better than Sports Champions

Bathyj1654d ago

I knew they wouldnt mention Killzone 3. Give some credit where due.

randomass1711654d ago

I think they were talking about games that used motion controls exclusively. Killzone 3 had the feature but was not exclusively tailored to them.

Bathyj1654d ago

True but Killzone 3 is one of the few motion controlled games that was a real core game, and the motion controls actually made it better.

I think its worth noting. I could count the other games that did that on one hand.

randomass1711654d ago

Well there was Reed Steel 2. That was a core game that was actually really good game for Wii and used motion controls almost exclusively. The Zelda and Mario Wii games generally used them very well also. :)

Billybobjoey1654d ago

Yeah...I try to act like Free Riders doesn't exist and the two before it were the only ones. Free Riders was terrible. Unresponsive "controls", no CGI cutscenes besides the opening, and difficult af.

WeAreLegion1654d ago (Edited 1654d ago )

The author never played Wario Ware: Smooth Moves, No More Heroes 1/2, or Sports Champions 1/2, I take it?

Best use of motion controls in a standard controller-based game, in my opinion, goes to Warhawk's sixaxis flight controls or inFamous: Second Son's graffiti mechanics.

Emme1654d ago

Is that shoulder deformation in Game Party for real ? Shame, shame, shame.

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