'Watch Dogs' dev on PS4 & Xbox One versions: Water not possible on past-gen

It's the question people always want to know when it comes to a game that is hitting the PS4, Xbox One and current-gen consoles, what is the difference? Well aside from the obvious visual contrast we will see, Ubisoft talked about some specifics that will certainly be different with the PS4 and Xbox One versions of Watch Dogs.


Title updated on behalf of author by admin. Clarity in difference between current and past gen references.

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randomass1713215d ago

"It's not concessions, we're trying to do the exact same game. There are some differences though, obviously with more power, you can have a deeper simulation"

Dang last gen, you just got the boot!

JoGam3215d ago

I'm going to be really honest, I could care less about this game now. Since the delay last year and all the other set backs I just lost interest in the game. Maybe closer to release I'll change my mind.

randomass1713215d ago

Hey man, I don't blame ya. I was pretty put off by the recent trailers and I didn't think the game was going to be an amazing masterpiece to begin with. It'll probably be fun but not amazing. I could be wrong, but that's just my opinion right now. Guess we'll see how it goes. :)

LOL_WUT3215d ago

Last gen just got the boot! I wonder why they haven't talked about the WiiU version maybe being delayed is one of the many reasons it's not being shown ;)

TitanUp3215d ago

i also think the game could be fun and not amazing either way im keeping my limited edition pre order.

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curtis923215d ago

@JoGam so it was a matter of timing that you were interested in WD rather than what the game is?

That... doesn't make sense.

AngelicIceDiamond3215d ago

@Jo I'm with you on that.

I've been on the fence about Watchdogs since last summer. This is gonna be the most unpopular thing here, but what I'll do a wait and see approach. Read what people are saying about it look at reviews basically.

But at the same time this will be the last AAA title then its officially the summer drought so why not pick it up?

Like I said I'll do a wait and see approach.

Aleithian3215d ago

Agreed. And the main character looks like a douche now (just my personal opinion).

vishmarx3215d ago

water? GTAV?BLACK FLAG?HELL EVEN GTA 4??and what about just cause 2?LAZY COZ WE GOT MORE POWER

starchild3215d ago


Yes, other games have even looks good in some of them. But Watch Dogs uses tessellation for the water and the last gen consoles can't do tessellation.

Ritsujun3215d ago

Don't give up, MS!!!!!!!!!

snp3215d ago


Actually both are accepted usage. One's sardonic, the other's literal.

UltraNova3215d ago (Edited 3215d ago )


Guess I ll buy it as soon as you or someone else trade in at half price :p .


Since they cant use tessellation on last gen they better have used something else to at least equal or surpass GTA V's water effects.

OT, yes hype god smothered for this game so many f*** ups from Ubi and something tells me it will be like the first Assassins Creed, half assed with great potential for the next round.


May god find you and cast his eternal light on you my child...or something.

TruthInsider 3215d ago

@starchild "last gen can't do tessellation"

GranTurismo 6 says hi.

Bordel_19003214d ago

@JoGam. To be really honest, if you couldn't care less then you'd probably not be commenting on this article.

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showtimefolks3215d ago

i guess what dogs 2 will live up to everything because this one has to make sure the current gen versions also look good

supes_243215d ago

Current gen is the X1 and PS4. The 360 and PS3 are last gen. FYI.

3-4-53215d ago

Wave Race 64 STILL HAS amazing water physics, and it released in 1996.


GW2123215d ago

I think I just pooped nostalgia. Off to YouTube to check out some clips.

ion533215d ago

I think it kack water because last gen is using it's power elsewhere. I.e WD AI

Ken853215d ago (Edited 3215d ago )

Wave racer was a game based around water where this is a game in a huge complicated open world. They hafta divide resources.

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ITPython3215d ago

If they can't do water in the previous gen games, then something must be horribly wrong with their engine in terms of efficiency.

Cause if it takes the power of the PS4, and to a lesser extent the XB1, just to do water, then how graphically advanced could the game possibly be? This basically tells us that the engine is not optimized in the least.

Gamer19823215d ago

Water.. I'm sorry but I would prefer real game upgrades on nex-gen rather than more realistic looking water.. The fact is past gen will be holding us back. However we are at that time where its almost suicide to release nex-gen only unless your the platform holder.

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Christopher3215d ago

When he says "current-gen" he's referencing PS3/360.

The title doesn't do a good job of differentiating between the two and the developer in question refers to those two as "current gen" still.

teedogg803215d ago

I know right. When are people gonna get with the times?


kris95123215d ago

Wrong. He's referencing The PS4/Xb1. Read the fucking article.

"due to past-gen systems, and he mentioned that the water in the game isn't possible on the PS3 and Xbox 360."

AngelicIceDiamond3215d ago

I still refer next gen to PS4 and X1. Current gen as 360 and PS3 because of the install base as well as high attach rate.

Once PS4 and X1 hit a reasonable install base then it's current gen.

So next gen water effects will simulate better than current gen.

BG115793215d ago

You're right. Got mislead by the title.
I really thought they weren't able of emulate water in the PS4 and the Bone.
It would have screamed lazy work.

Yet, after the downgrade in the PS4, I'm really disapointed with the Ubi.

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creatchee3215d ago

Insert "Where's My Water?" joke here.


Or just take the article picture and make a Buzz Lightyear alternative meme: Water, water everywhere.

Meltic3215d ago

To bad they didint just do ps4,x1 and pc. Then Everything would be better. But still it looks great just look at ac4. It was beautiful

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