The 10 Worst Reviewed Games of the 21st Century

Arcade Sushi: Today we’re sludging through the muck to find the worst of the worst- the worst rated games of this century- and, with the combined help of Metacritic and GameRankings‘ aggregated scores, we’ve found them. Put on your waders, folks, because we’re about to push through some of the biggest, stinkiest, worst-reviewed piles of crap this century’s ever seen. These are the Worst Reviewed Games of the 21st Century.

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snarls2002432d ago (Edited 2432d ago )

never played any of them.

WeAreLegion2432d ago

These are all pretty darn bad, but Big Rigs is entertaining. I highly recommend downloading it, if you get the chance.

diehardmetallicafan2432d ago

AVGN did a video on it last week. its pretty hilarious

Godmars2902432d ago

b the title one might think that game involved were reviewed badly by the review community. Not that they were bad games.