Why Bikers Need To Be The Focus Of More Video Games

More games really should let you take a trip down the highway to Hell.

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PhoenixUp281d ago

We already have plenty of games that prominently feature bikers

- Full Throttle
- Brutal Legend
- Devil May Cry series
- Left 4 Dead
- Shadow the Hedgehog
- Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost & Damned
- Freedom Planet series
- Bayonetta series
- Jak & Daxter series

If a developer can make a game that features bikes or bikers then cool, but it shouldn’t be a new trend just because one upcoming game is focusing on it.

Wolffenblitz281d ago

I think you're confused about what "bikers" are mate.

A few of those titles in your list are questionable. I laughed at a few of them.
Just one for example: Brutal Legend wasn't about a biker, it was about a roadie and metal music.
Devil May Cry... I think I saw a bike once? I don't remember I played it when it came out back in 2001.

Plus there's a difference between "bikers" and gang members.

Smokehouse281d ago

The ideology or characteristics of a 1%er has no value in the post apocalypse. Oh so you live by your own laws, you are outlaws. That’s nice but what good is that in a lawless world? Other than not being directly effected by the collapse of society and the economy. That’s what makes the biker a good dynamic in days gone. It’s not some ode to bikers or a representation checklist, it’s just preparation from a past life and it makes sense.

If you mean bikers as some old Tim Allen stereotype in assless chaps then no thanks.