Top 5 Worst Sex Scenes in Video Games

Sometimes, sexy-times are anything but! A number of factors can keep these special moments from being magical in games. Check out these five times when sex in games left people the opposite of hot and bothered.

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Fullmetalevolust327d ago

whoa, not a prude but that pic is out there lol. Is that even okay for N4G?
Don't find it necessary to have sexy time in my games but if it furthers the plot or the devs' deem it necessary, then no harm no foul.


It's just pixels bro...pixels.

sinspirit327d ago

Everything on your monitor is pixels.

Gaming101327d ago

It is just pixels, and it's also one of the funniest parodies of a real life episode out of Lindsay Lohan's pathetic life, which makes it all the more hilarious.

Fullmetalevolust326d ago

lol, I get it. Just the attention it seeks for a subject I don't mind reading nor talking about.
Sex is in all medium, pixels or not, I can handle it. Sex is a plot device and it does have a place and time.
It's just the clickbait of it all.

roadkillers326d ago

My boss didn't think it was just pixels when I was at break... haha

roadkillers326d ago

Game101, Come on that's mean..

RadicalCannibal326d ago

He’s just thumbed a softie into her ass though

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thorstein327d ago

It's not real and censorship is evil.

simitolix326d ago

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lptmg327d ago

for some reason the teens love this CC site and their clickbait header pics

blackblades327d ago

I was going to say that, everyone says it fine on here but I say it's bull. It doesn't matter if it's pixel still bad for the kids to see it you morons.

Majin-vegeta327d ago

Why would kids be on the interwebz in the first place without their parents watching what they're doing?🤔

blackblades327d ago

@Majin-vegeta, it's called parental control but this is n4g aka news for gamers not news for perverts. It'll ruin the clicks lol.

LiamKreptic326d ago

Omg sex is’s’s literally no big deal. Stop trying to make it into one. Go be American elsewhere...saving kids from a normal part of life is sad smh

rainslacker326d ago

Outside of small children, I think most would not be scarred because of the thumbnail. But it is distasteful and generally not acceptable, to have that kind of content readily displayed on a public forum. While it's soft core representation, the implication is obvious, and as such, just doesn't pass N4G rules. Mods must not be around today.

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Artemidorus327d ago

I just see two people looking like they are about to fall over, what's the problem?

Fist4achin326d ago

Prude! Just messing with you. Im in full agreement in that it is not necessary unless it furthers the plot in some way.

Maybe for developers, in game sex is given to the low man on the totem pole?!

armyoftechno326d ago

Seriously, the posts they nuke from me and they let this trash on the front page.

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Enigma_2099327d ago

"A number of factors can keep these special moments from being magical in games."
... Oh that's a good one. Special moments my a**.

rainslacker326d ago

Jaal's romance "sex" scene in Mass Effect:Andromeda was supposed to be special....but the fact that it's Mass Effect caused it to be less than magical.


People who saw it would understand the joke.

Relientk77327d ago

Of course it's CheatCC

zero surprise here

GoldeneyeOO7326d ago

I was expecting Twinfinite. Either way, I got slapped in the face by yet another click-through... pathetic. I just closed the tab as soon as I saw it was a traffic generating "article."

Speed-Racer326d ago

That's what ublock is for, baby. Blocks all ads, trackers, etc, and I can still peek at their BS.

Cy327d ago

...didn't this exact same list get posted a week or so ago on a different website?

EazyC326d ago

Will be putting this up when Kotaku version goes live. Working title "Why These Non-LGBTQQIPFBI are Everything That's Wrong with Videogames Today"

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The story is too old to be commented.