Get MGS4 signed by Hideo Kojima

If you live in New York, your in for a treat. Heido Kojima (creator of MG series) well be at the Virgin Megastore in Time Square 11th June midnight, signing the game.

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pwnsause5876d ago

NOOOO! and im doing summer school in Buffalo!!!! DAMN IT!

Tmac5876d ago

Down right jealous. I'm not gonna be coy about it.

Mu5afir5876d ago (Edited 5876d ago )

I live in New York, I will stop by and try to get it singed. Hopefully the line won't be a mile long.

pwnsause5876d ago

damn you, if it wasnt for summer classes, i would be spending my summer in NYC and get my copy MGS4 signed.

solidjun55876d ago

my brother still lives there. Damnit, i need MY copy signed though.

Mu5afir5876d ago

Get your brother to get go.. xD

Mu5afir5876d ago

There well be standard edition, limited edition.. and ULTRA LIMITED EDITION (signed by Kojima).. :P People who are getting the limited edition are going to be crying once they read this. I will line up around 8PM on the 11th see you all there.. or not. :D