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Titanfall, a FPS sci-fi game developed by Respawn Entertainment, published by EA and released around the 14th March, is a game that can best be described as Halo fused with Call of Duty and topped off with some giant ass mechs.

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JonnyBigBoss2312d ago

I love this game.

I'm gonna go play it right now, actually.

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Hardtarget2312d ago

geekedoutnation ? Another name in our black book of corrupted

Edward752312d ago

I guess soon you won't have many sites not in that black book hardtarget. No way possible MS reached out to all of the reviewers giving scores in the 80-100 range. Let's say for your happy argument that MS paid many, or they got "corrupted " like you say by some other means, enough off shoot, smaller sites are still giving it good scores. Your statement is sadly made out to be tin foil tier.

This game isn't perfect, and it's combined scores show it. Just like this sites review though... It sure if worthy of the scores it is getting.

Maybe for funzies you could list the sites in your black book of corrupted.

I guess you won't have as much surfing on the web to get reviews from in the future! :)

Hardtarget2312d ago

Already forgotten it was proven that MS PAID for good X1 console reviews on youtube ? Titanfail is no system seller nor an exception the way main stream has been pimping this game has been more like a brainwash, its COD meets Mirrors edge and a horrible one at that. Gamers! Do not waste your money on this so called game, the best advice is save them for Destiny which at least looks like a decent game. I have nothing more to add.

christocolus2312d ago


That was pathetic bro....really really pathetic.

Edward752311d ago

Id still like that list of sites in your black book of corruption!

Hardtarget2311d ago

Easy, everyone that likes Titanfail.