'I basically get killed by 16-year-old Romanian boys' - Jonathan Ross on online gaming

Titanfall is one of the biggest releases of 2014 - BT Games asked Jonathan Ross what he's excited about, and how bad he actually is at online shooters.

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Hellsvacancy1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

Must be a reeeeeeal slow news day if Jonathan Ross articles are bring posted

I can't stand the guy, he's useless all round, no surprise he sucks at gaming

Picnic1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

He actually had some interesting thing to say if you bother to listen. That the likes of Titanfall are still being released on the Xbox360, that it is the number of players that is interesting to him. That the new consoles will sell regardless (of whether the game is exclusive to their console).

Were you even born (or living in Britain) when Jonathan Ross and others originally changed the face of TV here? In the 70s games shows were aimed at broadly middle of the road tastes. As if the 60s had never happened.

Ross, young, thin, enthusiastic, brought in shows that were modern. And all while the Conservatives were in power entirely in opposition to these cultural things. Ross was/is a culture warrior really. He deserves great respect. I saw his friend Russell Brand at a comedy gig in York last night.

SniperControl1731d ago

What? This guy and his bum pal brand, insulted one of the greats of British comedy on his radio show, as a result he lost a lot of his appeal among the British public. Respect..... Lol

psman0121731d ago

If I had to learn one thing from British Top Gear, it's that Jonathan Ross is an ass. Hahaha

Mr Pumblechook1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

Remember; jonathan Ross is now an employee of Microsoft so this is actually an MS advertorial piece.

It didn't stop him from going to the PlayStation 4 UK launch preview event!

Microsoft UK were totally vex with him but he's not a normal employee so he can do what he wants, if he wants to be photographed cheerily holding his free PS4 then he will!

Activemessiah1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

Jonathan Woss

Activemessiah1731d ago

'I basically get killed by 16-yea-old Womanian boys'

jgrigs091731d ago

Don't even bring the age group into this. A 16-17 year old won a cash prize halo tournament which was like over a hundred thousand dollars

B1uBurneR1731d ago

welcome to last generation next generation and the generation of the future. The younger class will learn how to defeat the older class it's just the nature of things well except in Congress

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