Is Titanfall Falling Down?

TacticalGaming "Hype, it fills our heads with ideas and our hearts with excitement.. But living up to it takes some serious work."

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Chaostar1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

What goes up, must Titanfall down.

Seriously though, far too early to tell.

Godmars2901680d ago

Can only blame it on all of the over hyping: of course sales numbers can't be reported fast enough.

memots1680d ago

yeah the hype is nuts.

It wasn't even that bad for halo3 , This is beyond anything iv'e ever seen.

UltimateMaster1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

Yet, there are so much more games that deserves the attention.

Tedakin1680d ago

Sales numbers are out?

assdan1680d ago

I can't really blame titanfall if it doesn't do as well as some people wanted. This is possibly the most overhyped game I've ever seen.

bababrooks1679d ago

Hype? It's all in the eye of the beholder,, in my view the game brings a Titan smile so yes great job respawn.....:)

PONTIAC08G8GT1679d ago

The hype delivered, read the reviews, talk to those that own the game, its an absolute blast to play. Graphically its not the prettiest game ever, but that's OK! The gameplay more than makes up for it. Its a lot of fun to play and at the end of the day, that matters the most. Do you enjoy the game. Yes, the hype was crazy for this game and Respawn did an excellent job of trying to live up to it. Congrats to them and gamers.

Boody-Bandit1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

Played the game about 5 hours now and so far it's not growing on me. In Attrition which ever team farms the most bots wins, every time. It's annoying. I've literally been in gun battles and watch pilots see a pod drop out of the sky with grunts and they run like the wind to kill them as soon as the capsule door opens.

It's ridiculous. One time my team had a nearly 2 to 1 pilot kill ratio, more titan kills over the opposition and we still lost. That works my last nerve. Going to try different modes right now.

J-R1679d ago

I have a feeling the numbers won't be as great as they would have hoped. The fact that they have yet to officially publish Day One numbers for the game make believe sales weren't very earth shattering.

H0RSE1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

I haven't really seen any overhype for this game. Sure, it's all over the community and in the press, but it's really just normal hype/marketing that new, anticipated big hits tend to receive. The thing is, time and time again, TF has been able to justify all this hype by letting people play it for themselves, and the devs being really transparent on issues.

Other than a few sites here and there blatantly overhyping the game, like claiming it's better than Jesus or things like that, all I have have seen is a lot of "normal-hype" over and over again, and very little over-hype at all. There hasn't really been claims of the game offering a bunch of things players can't actually do in the game, or boasting about super realistic graphics or physics, and then not being anything like that when you actually play it, both of which are signature "overhype" qualities.

The game was introduced with a trailer, it sparked the interest of many, it was played by the public and press, interest was maintained or grew, and much of the hype generated was a result of actual hands-on experience.

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malokevi1680d ago

Anyone who goes into it with the reasonable expectation that this is just another shooter wont come away disappointed. The game is a ton of fun. Not the beginning of a new era for videogame kind.... but a ton of fun.

AngelicIceDiamond1680d ago

So listing known issues, issues that every game comes with is TF downfall?

Too funny.

p0tat0stix1680d ago

I have to agree with Angelic here.

When Black Ops 2 hit the shelves the spawns were so bad that entire teams would quit out of almost every game once the upper hand was gained. This came after Treyarch announced an extremely refined spawning algorithm.

It took them months to get things tweaked. Here we are on day 3 post launch and I've yet to personally experience a single problem.

The relatively minute amount of issues this game is experiencing should be addressed, of course, but also recognized as being FAR above the average upon launch.

Magicite1680d ago ShowReplies(2)
AngelicIceDiamond1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

There's issues yeah but how do you translate that into a "downfall" I guess BF4 is on its way out because of its game breaking issues.

The internet chatter and gossip and agenda won't stop the obvious success of the Ip.

Just saying don't give into this usual internet spin crap.

ma1asiah1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

@ AngelicIceDiamond

I'm with you 100%

With UK, Australia and New Zealand about to jump in on Titanfall (which as of yesterday Aussies and Kiwis were told the awesome news that Aussie servers based in Sydney go online today. This has resulted in some gamers who previously were not about to get TF due to latency concerns, going into 360 degree mode and are now saying that TF is back on the table). 90% of the reviews being positive and not all MS paid spin as some peeps would rather believe. My Twitter feed going crazy about all things Titanfall. Everyone and their dog around me counting down until work finishes just to jump on Titanfall then I don't see how this all spells a Titanfall disaster for EA, MS or Respawn.

No launch is perfect or without its miss steps, in fact by comparison to some other triple A titles that have launched in the past few years I would think that Titanfalls stumbles were very minor and forgiveable but hey that is just my opinion.

One more thing do these sales figures people like to throw up do they also include digital sales. Just asking because close to 50% of people I know were not or have not brought it at retail but online at XboxLive. Something to think about when people start writing or posting doom and gloom articles about Titanfall.

ma1asiah1680d ago

something else I will just leave here fresh of the press.

Not even out a week and the game is about to get some improvements.

Not something I feel Respawn would bother doing if the game had fail written all over it.

Clunkyd1680d ago

It was all paid hype from the one and only...M$

bmx_bandit1680d ago

of course. MS (not M$) paid the whole world. they paid for hyping the internet, electricity and the pyramids.

cubcake1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

Clunky, get a life.

Clunkyd1677d ago

@BMX You clearly dont know how viral marketing works, do you..

Did I upset you? :(
Get over it.

AceBlazer131680d ago

you know wats sad? here comes an opportunity for the industry to shine on something other than a shooter with two great rpgs out and about(darks souls and south park) yet wat does the industry do? hype the shit out of yet another gun fest. the fps market is oversaturated for a reason i guess.

also those two games mentioned have higher scores on average than titanfall,tells me all i need to know about this industry.

SmielmaN1679d ago

I'm loving South Park right now and a lot of my friends are playing dark souls. FPS's are for a certain type of gamer, almost casual as I do know a few guys that only bought a console to play COD for a couple months and then left it to collect dust. I had great fun with FPS's too but right now I'm very happy with South Park, PSN games, and I'm going crazy waiting for infamous to drop. That game is going to consume my life! I am just in a mood to be entertained by my games. Give me story, give me good controls, give me graphics! If I didn't play another shooter all year it would be great. Oh man, just can't wait to see infamous on my 52" 1080p Samsung and Polk Audio 7.1 surround!

bababrooks1679d ago

Ace my friend, you have to play before you criticise bud... Go on do it......I dare you!!!!! It's funny watching this sony support bandwagon trying to de-rail a game that is actually great fun and pleasurable to play..........damn it inspires me about what might be around the corner on all systems!!!!!!!

H0RSE1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

Why do console gamers always find it necessary to state the size of their TV and/or list the makeup of their entire entertainment setup?

"just can't wait to see infamous on my 52" 1080p Samsung and Polk Audio 7.1 surround!"

- What exactly was your goal in telling us that? Was it to provoke envy/jealousy from others? Do you have low self esteem issues? I see absolutely no reason to post such things, other than to brag.

ifistbrowni1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

The novelty has already worn off, for me. Every match/map feels the same.

Titan battles were exciting at first, but after playing enough to reach a Generation level 30 (you rank up pretty fast)... the game is just same old, same.

I had planned to get all the achievements for this game (what i do with all the games i love), but IDT i will bother even playing this game enough to reach Generation 3 because the game is just too basic. It does not have that competitive feel, at all... Which i like to have in my multiplayer games.

It might be possible that i've gotten worn out after playing the game 14 hours in such a short amount of time (something idt i've ever done before). But, i doubt it. I suspect a lot of people will feel the same way i do after they make it through the ranks once.

The game was great fun at first. But lack of any competitive-ness makes it feel like you're playing by yourself in a single-player game on Normal. I want to sweat on my controller and get a bit frustrated when I die. Not get rewarded a Titan and blow the shit out of everyone.

Though, i do have something positive to say... It's a lot more fun than Killzone.

ma1asiah1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

Maybe you should find 5 of your mates and take on Team Amazyn at CTF.

These guys are cleaning up and are looking for some serious competition.

Maybe if you are that good then I am sure these guys would love the opportunity to jam with you plus it might reinvigorate your wanning interest in Titanfall when you go up against more capable competition.

Here are two of the team members gamertags

Arctyc zyn
Skyllus zyn

When people stop playing the game like COD with Mechs and actually make use of the games mechanics, then the game becomes much more than what we are currently seeing from most people posting on youtube and twitch.

ifistbrowni1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

@ma1asiah, i would love to but only 2 of my friends bought TitanFall and they both aren't any good. I mostly play the game by myself because my friends all claim how the game is "nothing special" then they pop in COD: Ghosts. That's super annoying to me.

BTW, im not claiming that i am uber good at the game. My KDR against pilots is only like 3.2, i dont even know the KD that includes the bots.

I know there are better players than me out there. Even on this board there are way better players (i'd imagine). I've been in plenty of close game, or games where we stage a come-back, but never have I had the satisfying feeling (that, "get raped" feeling).

The only way i can describe it is "basic." There are no other words for me... The game is just, very basic. The game is at its most fun at the end where everyone has to escape and im sitting below the extraction point with my Titan blasting away at the ship, wondering if me and my team will do enough damage to blast it out of the air.

H0RSE1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

Didn't think I would ever hear someone talk about having a "satisfying feeling" and compare it to getting raped...

Also, you keep mentioning that the game is very basic, which it can be, but there is also depth their fro those that are looking for it. Like ma1asiah said

"When people stop playing the game like COD with Mechs and actually make use of the games mechanics, then the game becomes much more than what we are currently seeing from most people posting on youtube and twitch."

- As for your comment on saying the most fun is the the epilogue content at the end of matches, I absolutely hate this mechanic. It's entirely useless and adds nothing to the game, whether you are successful or not - the winners still win and the losers still lose. The time spent playing through it, would be better used as time counting down to the next match.

StraightPath1680d ago

Funny how hard sony fanboys are trying to downplay Titanfall. Universal praise all around and a mega hit with people. PS4 has no games so they are envious of this killer app that owns entire ps4 catalog.

Copen1679d ago

You're too funny. PS4 has no games? The Xbox one has no games coming out THE REST OF THE YEAR! Titanfall is what it is but you xbots act like it's a first party title from Microsoft and it aint. Microsoft paid to keep it off the ps4 plain and simple and I guarantee you EA & Respawn are missing that 80 million plus ps3 users and soon to be 7 million ps4 users that COULD HAVE put it in the same league as COD. But no restricting the game from another platform a platform that by the way is outselling the Xbox one 2-1 in North America and by as much as 4-1 in the UK won't get it close to COD numbers.

3-4-51680d ago

More games need to be released within 2 weeks of announcement.

That way you can't spend too long thinking about or over-hyping a game, you would just be introduced to it, and then it would be there and available to play.

This would make it more so that you just have to play and experience it and it would be kind of like the old days in the early 90's when you just went in blind kind of and hoped it was an amazing game.

PSVita1679d ago

It's only been out for a day...

H0RSE1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

He's talking about the time between initial announcement and release. In the case of Titanfall, he's saying the game should have been released within 2 weeks after the reveal trailer was released.

As for his comment about the 90's and "going in blind," much of that has to do with the internet being in it's infancy, and not some some sort of "advantages" of gaming in the 90's itself.

1679d ago
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DawnOfDon1680d ago

I have heard nothing but great things about the game from my friends. I am picking mine up once I get out of work in a half hour, can not wait

Irishguy951680d ago

The beta was amazing and addicting.

FlyGuyHung1680d ago

Playing it myself, its a blast! Loving it so far and I cant wait to get home and play some more.

alb18991680d ago

SONY fans try to hard with this game.......then must be very good!

All people that talk to me about this game.....does it with a smile in the face. :)
Is pretty good game, accept it!

Saying a lot that is bad won't make it bad!

SpringHeeledJack1680d ago

Why would sony fans care. It's not exclusive to xbox, it's on PC too and titanfall 2 is coming to ps4.

Maybe the game just isn't what others hyped it to be. Doesn't magically make them sony fans for saying it.

famoussasjohn1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

Says Sony fans don't care, claims Titanfall 2 is coming to Ps4.

Stop it. For all we know, MS could bring a dump truck full of money and EA would do the deal all over again and PS4 users won't mind considering from what I see on this site from PS4 users claiming the game isn't any good.

bmx_bandit1680d ago

looking at how many TF articles are approved on this N4PSGamer sony fans definitely care ;)

oh and your of course….since your are in here...

Copen1679d ago

Well at least we all know Titanfall 2 on the ps4 will be running in full native 1080p and a steady 60 FPS. Xbots be very thankful because IF this was on the PS4 it would put the Xbox one version to absolute shame and Microsoft knows it which is why they do what they always do when they see a problem they throw money at it. BUT...When Titanfall 2 DOES come out MULTIPLATFORM you all better hang on because the shit is going to hit the fan.

bababrooks1679d ago

Great to see ms thought that much of the bots to pay so much money for them to have a blast......huh gaming is great!!!!!! What say you alb?

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Fz6soldier1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

By your logic every Ps4 Game is very good.

SegaGamer1680d ago

I'm not a fanboy of anything and i think this game is one of the most over hyped games in a very long time.

PockyKing1680d ago

I've had a lot of fun with it so far. I think there could be more depth in unlocks and customization, and new game modes are going to need to be introduced quick, but there's never a dull moment in the game. I'm constantly recording stuff.