'Watch Dogs' news: Why no aircrafts, varied NPCs, crafting and more

Watch Dogs is largely based on the ground, not allowing players to fly aircrafts for good reason, and it will also have varied NPCs at every turn, along with a simple, yet effective crafting system.

Jonathan Morin, who is the creative director on Watch Dogs, talked about the reasons behind not wanting to add flying in the game and how it relates to Watch Dogs emphasizing different areas that other games don't touch.

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listenkids1680d ago

Something, something, complaint.

mogwaii1680d ago

Looking very average with every new article

NintendoYouth1680d ago

thank you.

Watch Dogs looks so borring with every trailer or info.
everything is "You cant do this, this, or this...because of the hack phone"

give me all of the options plus the hack phone.
let me decide whats fun

Shadonic1680d ago

Honestly the hacking is whats interesting about it, having air craft flying and stuff would honestly not fit into the game, its not GTA It's supposed to be pushing closer towards a sort of real world ish anti hero sort of thing. It has all the basic things honestly in an open world. Now im just seeing people complain over anything.

starchild1679d ago

I guess Infamous Second Son sucks too because you can't fly helicopters in it.

Get real. Every game doesn't have to the same things.

The only question that matters is whether the things a game does focus on result in a fun experience. Watch Dogs looks great to me so far.

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1680d ago

Like I said this game becomes less interesting everyday.

dcj05241679d ago

That's literally the exact opposite of what's happening to me. Each article makes me more excited!

Bonkerz1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

One of my most anticipated upcoming games. My type of gaming, hacking, action, missions, and cars. Who doesnt like this kind of title?

malokevi1680d ago

Right up my ally, too. Splinter-cell style stealth mechanics, GR style shooting, GTA-style freedom, cars, explosives.... I know I'm going to love this game. Definitely a day 1 buy, barring disastrous reviews.

skydragoonity1680d ago

I remember when i was excited for this game as i was for infamous second son... Not anymore.

NintendoYouth1680d ago

Im sorry but no airplanes, and heli's is just lame.

GTA and SR are popular because they give us so many options.
SR2 is bare bones, but still fun as hell.

Watch Dogs is trying to be "different", but I dont think gamers really want that

Shadonic1680d ago

Dude GTA and SR are known for their over the top no real logic behind how said characters can do such things type of gameplay. There trying to move away from that trope of every open world game having to have some wacky nonsensical world that's so heavily popularized today. You got the new GTA and you get SR every year now and you want more but with Hacking!!?!?! WTF!! Your playing as Aiden Pierce your a Hacker whose lost his family because of hacking caused him to see something he was not supposed to see. I dont expect or want a Hacker to be running over buildings with super speed and smacking NPCS with dildos randomly like you want from the latest saints row. I dont want him to randomly know how to fly a Helicopter because he went to flight school for 1 day. Its supposed to be close to realism at the least if you want another GTA or SR then go back and play the newest GTA that just came out last year or wait for the next SR or play the latest one.

NintendoYouth1680d ago


You keep saying "they want it more realistic"

1. Hacking everything in the city in 2 seconds is realistic?
2. airplanes and helicopters do not exist in real cities?
3. Aiden can get into shootouts/steal cars/hack ATM's but cops never catch him?

cmon! I thought you wanted "realism"?
Nothing but excuses for not being able to compete with the king of Open world cities GTA

s45gr321680d ago

I want this game to be different from all open world games. If it was incorporates splinter cell type mechanics, deux ex hacking capabilities, with the freedom of GTA that is cool. But what this game should truly bring is NPC with their own agenda meaning reading the newspaper, holding hands, eating drinking, etc.

Shadonic1680d ago

They kind of have that i guess, thats something that GTA 5 had and its not really new i think. You could clearly see NPC's drinking coffee and doing the other things you mentioned in the 2013 gameplay.

Shadonic1680d ago

Did i say complete realism ?

you obviously haven't been fallowing the information about this game.

1 ) Each and every part of the city is controlled by the CToS system which also gives all of its residents free wifi. The hacker we play as gains access to a device that can obtain access to CToS allowing him complete control over the city. He doesn't exactly hack every 2 seconds as he has to go and gain access from the specified CTos stations for each district giving him access to the different accessible electronic objects in said districts of the city so not exactly hack every 2 seconds.

2) of course they exist but it doesn't mean that we need every single open world game needs to have some sort of operable air travel to be a successful or good game, you for some wild reason believe that every single open world game needs it because its open world. This restriction honestly makes the game even better. It makes the character and the game feel more lifelike. He's not one of the swat cats or a GI joe who can drive anything and everything whose dabbling in hacking. He is a Hacker with a very powerful tool at his disposal that lets him control the city.

3) If you honestly have to put up this question like this then its no wonder why your so bent on flying vehicles. The dude can literally control everything from the power system to the polices own tools used for stopping criminals on chases and you wonder how he gets away ? Even your beloved Helicopters can be taken out by that tiny phone or the other players hes able to be assisted by with the tap of the finger on their I pod touch ( as shown in the E3 2013 gameplay reveal ) you just want it because GTA had it and it wouldn't add anything to improve the gameplay but would definitely add a negative effect by being something that completely takes the player away from the actual playground the streets of the City itself.

I mean Jeez man if you have such a hard on for flying jets and plains then why not go back and play GTA 5 or go buy one of the many 10$ flight simulators or download one of those flight shooter MMO's I dont want Flying Watch Dogs i just want Watch Dogs.

You dont even want a competition you just want newer GTA. Your arguments are as flawed as the ones with people saying that games like Destiny are trash because you cant quick scope or call in a attack Helicopter. Your not even looking at what the game has that makes it interesting and fun but for what its missing compared to the usual run of the mill open world games.

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