Titanfall: Amazon Removing Reviews from Listing Page, Possibly influencing the Game's Rating

At the moment Titanfall has a s four stars and a half custiomer review score on its listing page on Amazon, with only 42 reviews, which seems to be quite a high score compared to the 6.0 user score on Metacritic. The number of reviews itself seems to be very low compared to how massively anticipated the game is.

Apparently the retailer has been removing customer reviews with a low score.

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daggertoes831777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )

There is trolling going on. But there are confirmed purchases being removed as well with low scores so who knows.

parentoftheyear1777d ago

Like I said before you should only be able to vote metastatic in game. And amazon should list on verified reviews.

LOGICWINS1777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )

I don't see the point of listing reviews that aren't verified purchases. If u didn't buy/play the game, your opinion on it shouldn't matter. Period.

@Visiblemarc- Right. The theory makes sense, but wouldn't it be assumed that if a consumer REALLY wants the opinion of a non-Amazon purchaser, that they would simply go to Bestbuy's, Gamestop's etc and read the reviews there?

I mean, why would a person who bought the game at a non-Amazon retailer and take the time to write (or copy and paste) a review on Amazon unless they purposefully want to lower or inflate the average score for the game?

Its should be assumed that something fishy is going on when someone posts a review on Amazon for a product they didn't even buy on Amazon. Thats seems like way too much effort.

Visiblemarc1777d ago


Because the concept is to leave the reviews open to people who bought the game/product elsewhere and want to contribute to the discussion on Amazon.

In theory this is a sound concept. However, item/model confusion, isolated issues(related to the retailer they bought if from) clouding reviews and trolling, make it far more complex than it should be.

The labelling system seems to work though, perhaps the best alternative is to have two aggregate scores verified/unverified.

I wouldn't eliminate it altogether though because, especially, on more niche products unverified reviews can be really helpful.

nicksetzer11777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )

Maybe because there are more trolls who didn't even buy the game commenting than people who actually have it...

P.S. it literally shows if you are a verified buyer or not.

GameNameFame1777d ago

X1 fans stop needs to twist this into this victim crap. that somehoe their review was influenced by people who hate MS.

LOL. Nope. Amazon removed more FAKE POSITIVE reviews than more negative. PROOF

It seems like there are more faking for MS than against it. lol

GameNameFame1776d ago

The picture above i posted is before amazon removed reviews.

Took out 2 score 1. and took down about 10 score 5s.


Th4Freak1776d ago

@LOGICWINS I disagree with you, I import a lot of PSV games from Amazon JP and review them in Amazon US because a lot of people want to know how's the game and what level of Japanese is required to play.

So when some people use that feature for trolling some others like me don't and let me tell you something curious, you can find people trolling in 95% of the gaming products however Amazon don't do anything even if you report the review, for example look at this review of P4G: a lot of people including myself have reported that review over a year ago and its still there, also that user is a known troll I've reported him serveral times a long time ago and he's still there trolling.

That said I wonder how's that Amazon doesn't care about trolling in other gaming products(they didn't give a f$ck about Diablo 3 trolling btw) but they ran to do something with Titanfall. Is Microsoft behind this?

SilentNegotiator1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

Stop and for a second what that would do to the Amazon review system in general, though. Lots of people that DIDN'T buy on Amazon review stuff, too - limiting it to just Amazon purchasers would leave some things completely unreviewed or under-reviewed.

Stop thinking in fanboy terms of how your precious vidya gaems can be saved and start thinking in real world effects. Not everything is about teh console warz and most Amazon listings' reviews aren't seriously impacted by petty internet debates.

"if a consumer REALLY wants the opinion of a non-Amazon purchaser, that they would simply go to Bestbuy's, Gamestop's etc and read the reviews there?"
Why wouldn't you want the convenience of reviews being in one place? Like I said, most products aren't going to be the victim of anything like the "console war" - Amazon isn't going to ruin their review system to make xbone fanboys happy about some troll reviews.

antz11041776d ago

I was reading the one star reviews lat night and they consisted of "I didnt know it was multiplayer only", and "it took ten hours to download", or my personal favorite "my turtle beach headset needs an adapter".

Seriously if you have a legitimate gripe with the product fine. But if its something outside of the game or the fact that you seriously had no idea it was online only, thats no reason to rate it low and amazon should pull those BS reviews. Right now TF has 21 1 star reviews that haven't been removed, so I don't think legitimate reviews are being pulled.

mewhy321776d ago

Wow ms wouldn't try to manipulate the market would they?

parentoftheyear1776d ago

All those saying xb1 fans crying. I'm a Sony fan. Hands down but also don't absolutely hate the Xbox enough do damage a reputation by ignorance and jealousy. All 3 current gen systems offer different things enjoy them. I think that ps4 is better for gaming, Xbox for multimedia Wii for casuals. I would like to own all three because I would enjoy games that are on those systems too I just don't think its a great investment this early on. So no. Its not about crying about bad reviews because they are all mostly troll reviews giving zero stars. Come on. No game should deserve a zero star period. I don't know this gen battle is getting nasty. I can't even log on with out a , this resolution isn't what they showed two years ago, xb1 sucks ps4 sucks Wii sucks blah blah. It's just getting so frusoming here. News for gamers? Ummm no, not anymore.

BLuTheSecond1776d ago

Man Titanfall is really causing some massive butthurt from both sides of the console kiddie pen.

Well played Respawn, Well played.

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kiz26941777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )

Yes there maybe some trolling from PS fans, but that doesn't mean, nobody dislikes the game. Ive been playing it for the past 2 days, and getting already bored by it. I would give it around 7/10 and i'm not a PS fanboy, just my opinion. Stop blaming trolling for all of the bad reviews.

@LOGICWINS I am pretty pissed, because like many other people,I got sucked in by the hype. And its already feeling very repetitive to me. Lucky for me I got it on PC at a low reasonable price of £24, I wouldn't of payed more.

LOGICWINS1777d ago

Damn, if u give a game thats already boring in two days a 7 then u must be a very generous critic lol. If I spent $60 on a game and it got boring in two days, I be pissed.

Boody-Bandit1777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )


I got the game this morning, installed, did the training, played 5 matches of Attrition and stopped playing. Here I am on N4G. I'm getting ready to install some new lighting in my gaming room and than I might have at it again.

I'm very luke warm on this game. That's why I GameFly'd it only to see if it would grow on me. I'm in the I can't stand the bot / grunt / brain dead CPU AI camp. Every match it's like 80% grunt kills 20% everything else. Killing grunts is like beating up a 5 year old when you're a full grown man.

But I dig the mechs / Titans.
If not for them I wouldn't even bother with this game. I have been luke warm on games before and after several days went bonkers and played them for months if not a year plus. So after several hours it might grow on me. I'm the 1st to admit I'm an over cynical @zzh013 and hard to please.

Aleithian1777d ago

I've not played the game, and don't have an X1, but I was never sucked into the hype for this. I mean, I never thought it was just COD or anything, nor am I a PS fanboy just attacking "the best X1 game" or anything. It *just didn't look that great* to me.

I've got no chips down in this debate. I just wasn't impressed with what I saw. So I'm not surprised that you put it down already. Nor am I surprised by the reviews.

I feel bad for the players though - so much money was thrown into hyping this game and so many gamers got their hopes up. The media praised this thing like it was a gaming revolution, and encouraged the hype. I'm sure there's a bunch out there who love the thing. But many seem to feel robbed. I'll leave the mindless rhetoric attacking X1 to others - for my part, it just sucks that so many gamers seem to be a bit deflated with the experience of what was meant to be a great game.

elmaton981777d ago

Damn right. The repetitiveness of the made me feel like not buyIng it( I'm speaking for the beta. I don't own the game at and I'm glad I didn't buy it.) Just like cod, this game get boring real fast but not for those that actually enjoy it.

No1up1777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )

@althian ... don't feel bad for me ;-) I'm having a blast with titanfall, I think I'll play some plants vs zombie and follow up with some dr3, ryse, or forza. The possibilities. :-)

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iamnsuperman1777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )

Amazon's confirmed purchases confuses me. If they are verified why remove the review (unless its racist, offensive.....). That is dodgy (even more so since this isn't exactly a common practice).

Side note but don't compare anything to metacritic user reviews. That is an awful place where people go to waste away

Soldierone1777d ago

Verified purchase just means you bought it from Amazon.

It could be removed due to people saying the review isn't helpful. There is a button on the bottom of reviews that says "Was this helpful" and "yes" or "no" If you get too many no's and not enough yes votes, they remove it.

You can see how this could easily be exploited.

Th4Freak1776d ago

@soldierone and exactly how many downvotes does it need to be removed? This review has 615 downvotes and isn't a verified purchase and its there. In my experience with Amazon, reporting and downvoting doesn't do anything other than affect the user's score so something else is going on here.

aquamala1776d ago

because you can order it, write a review right away, and cancel the order, the review will still say "verified purchase".

PSVita1777d ago

Yup unless you own the game I don't see how you can give a fair review. The people giving extreamly sided reviews because they favor a certain company are idiots. Period. You should only be able to give reviews from inside the game so even if your want to troll you still have to buy the game.

Either way reviews are just opinions and everyone should buy whatever they interested in.

joab7771777d ago

Its simple. This is a HUGE money maker for Amazon and if they can skirt the unofficial rules to help themselves, why not?

Its very murky anyway. Theres ppl on both sides that want to inflate and deflate scores. And no one should be basing their purchase solely on a few user reviews from amazon.

Blaze9291777d ago

lol man, this just says everything about the maturity of some sided-gamers. this is just hilarious what's going on this week with Xbox One and Titanfall.

I support the verified reviews - smart innovation.

Clunkyd1776d ago

I have a filling that Microsoft is behind this. Amazon rarely does something like this.

frostypants1776d ago

"Confirmed purchase" means jack on Amazon. People have been gaming the reviews for a long time, and that's not even getting into paid PR firms that will post hundreds of shill/bash reviews for the right price.

Amazon needs to allow us to filter reviews based on the overall reviewer rank of the person. Why they haven't done this yet is a mystery to me.

Spenok1776d ago

If this is true then this is absolutely deplorable. Confirmed reviews being dropped from their site.

The real question is why would they feel the need to do this? Something is definitely going on. And I am more than sure then some of the removed reviews are trolling or whatnot. But to remove every bad score is something that just shouldn't happen.

Because no game is universally praised. You will ALWAYS find someone who dislikes a mostly loved game. It just happens.

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leemo191777d ago

So why is Titanfall getting this treatment, but ever other game doesn't yep seems completely fair. Sure there's troll reviews happens on every game but to delete review scores from people who actual bought the game makes no sense what so ever.

DevilishSix1777d ago

Because this is Microsfts bread and butter game and corporate influence gets used when something they don't like gets posted.

admiralvic1777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )

I reported it for this reason, though upon reading it, it's actually more legitimate than I initially thought. If you check the chached version of Titanfall on Amazon ( http://webcache.googleuserc... ), you can see on Mar 12, 2014 at 21:56:34 GMT the game only had 7 reviews below 5 stars and 3 - 1 stars only had 1 review.

However, looking at the listing page it seems there are several negative ones again, so it might have been a momentary thing where they put them in pending before approving or something else is going on. Several users claimed their reviews, even in the 4 - 5 range were getting removed.


"daggertoes83 says:
Yea I had an4 star review on this game and it's been removed. I don't know what's going on."

"Matt T. Cordonnier says:
My 5 star review was removed...... normal review, not a verified purchaser as I purchased at MS Store to get the $10 credit.

I am not stressed about it."

So while this is a common practice and I would normally fight against it being newsworthy, there is certainly something weird going on here.

joab7771777d ago

This has nothing to do with MS. And the answer is simple. Titanfall gets this treament b/c there are expectations and earnings speculation that must be considered.

They r not gonna let one of the biggest money makers ofbthe yr get derailed by ppl who either havnt played &/or wanna see the game fail.

Amazon should simply post links to legit 5 major game companies. Ppl would appreciate that...and it could only helo them sell copies. Overall, Titanfall is a good game and worth the money for those who live CoD or fps' s in general.

leemo191777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )

It's down to 9 reviews and even 5 stars are getting deleted now. So obviously something is wrong and suspicious with Amazon rating system. Went from 50 reviews to 9 in one day.

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corvusmd1777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )

Huh!?!?! Where are they finding these low scores? Some trolls just love to hate I guess. Clearly the majority of these "reviews" are from people that never bought the game...I did notice last week that there were negative reviews on it before the game shipped, so maybe they just deleted the ones that were clearly fake.

Wow metacritic is worthless too, all the negative reviews are from people that clearly never played the game...the trolling is strong with this one...

Also, are we sure that the removed reviews didn't cuss a lot or say overly offensive things? There's too many holes here, it all sounds too fishy...esp when sitting next to all the reviews I've seen and all the praise from everyone I know who's actually played the game....this is just off...

I can't help but notice that EVERYTHING negative about Titanfall is a rumor or opinion (from someone that clearly never had any desire for the game to succeed).

Unreal011777d ago

Dude, seriously. You worship this game like it were a god. Why can you not allow people to express negativity towards it, how does that even affect you? Let people have their own opinions, and I'm pretty sure some people who have played the game can point out some negatives from it. Don't be blind now.

jmc88881777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )

Um you do know that the game is nothing special, right? It was worth a purchase so I did. Because not every game is perfect or even close, but can still be fun.

But the game isn't revolutionary. Or anywhere near revolutionary. Or even near being near revolutionary. In fact in some ways it regresses the FPS genre.

The distracting AI gets you killed, or gives you a cheap kill. Gives away your position as well. The AI have no purpose. They drag the game down, and killing them to reduce the time to your Titanfall is a forced gimmick. They could have just made it capturing hardpoints, killing pilots, and stuff like that reduce it and it would have been a much better game. The AI is downright annoying.

The game is a 7/10 at most on PC. Not one point higher. On XB1, 5 or 6 because of the additional technical issues dragging it down that shouldn't exist. Lower res (792p Source engine game is unacceptable in 2014), crappy framerate, screen tearing. Absolutely unacceptable in 2014. Hell even 2010.

The power of the cloud is weak. I see people every game connecting with 150 ping. I see glitches with the AI and other pilots suddenly jumping from one area to the other from time to time. If this is what they are touting, I don't see the difference, and why is it performing worse then many other online games?

Why can you still see the invisible people? I mean clearly. Even if they are far away. I've picked off people there is no way in hell I should see. I can see them when they are cloaked being shot out of Titan. The cloak is a joke.

Parkour isn't wall running, and it is EXTREMELY fidgety. Many times it doesn't even work.

Lots of invisible walls in the game where you try to go into a room and it slides to the left, slides to the right. Takes you five seconds just to get into a doorway. Horrible.

Yet the professional reviewers overlooked it all. Hell some people didn't even mention them. Even if they had a list of cons. Well I don't care what the game is, the technical problems of the game alone should knock down the score, and should be listed.

You say the trolling is strong with this one.... more like the old jedi mind trick Microsoft put on the reviewers. This game is all hype.

jmc88881777d ago

There's also a ton of other flawed design decisions.

The only positive surprise that wasn't in the beta was that indeed there were a couple of maps that actually had a vertical nature to them. The beta maps were flat.

There are some nice things about the game. Good sightlines. Interesting maps. Some fairly unique weapons.

But guess what there are alot of games scored 5-7 on a 10 point scale that are quite fun. But they are indeed only a 5-7 game. This is one of them. Decent fun. Good to put in the rotation, but it has problems.

Oh and every time I close Titanfall on PC it says there is an error and the program has stopped working. Not a big deal, but clearly something's wrong there.

Hopefully Titanfall 2 doesn't repeat these obvious mistakes.

I would really like to know how people aren't seeing the plethora of issues with this game? It as obvious as the sky is blue. As obvious as gas at a bean eating contest.

They aren't rumors, and the opinion thing can be said about many products that have legitimate concerns. Oh you don't like a movie, that's your opinion. Yeah Battlefield Earth sucks, that's my opinion. Opinion's aren't worthless, they mean something.

Also what's up with resetting the beta ranks we gained, but on the opening match after launch some people already had rank 40 or so?

Also what is up with the matchmaking. So many games I've had teams with all noobs against teams with everyone ranked 20-40.

Even after the beta lots of people, me included have been showcasing the flaws in the game. Some people refused then, they are still refusing now. I simply don't get why people stick their head in the sand, and then when they poke it out they claim everyone didn't play or it is an 'opinion'.

The reviews of this game show how clueless and dishonest the paid site reviewers are.

Plus the only reason why I'm writing this now was because the PC version is down for me right now. So, um yeah. There's problems with the game.

IanVanCheese1777d ago

Lol 6 user score on metacritic. Maria and her crew hard at work submitting negative reviews over there?

kiz26941777d ago

Wow I love how all you Xbots, cant accept that some people dislike this game. Yes theres some trolling with the scores, but doesn't mean everybody else LOVEs it.

IanVanCheese1777d ago

No I do accept that people will not like the game, but the disparity between reviews and the majority of peoples opinions of the beta/gameplay vs the user score suggest that it is mostly due to trolling.

If Infamous ends up with a user score of 6, you can be damn sure you'd be accusing the 'Xbots' of spamming fake reviews.

No_Limit1777d ago

I know right, all the low Metricritic user scores are like it is 792p and it is just COD with Mech...yad.yada.yada.

Here is an example of a negative 1 user score:

Mar 12, 2014

"I played the beta and was hoping for better resolution like they said the full game will have but nooooooooooooooooooo. They lied to us and told us the final version will have 1080p and look now. The game runs at 792p with frame-rate drops and laggy servers. IF only this game was on PS4 it would get a 5 from me. Hope they do a better job with Titanfall 2 if it ever happens and it must come to PS4 or it will flop big time and die ever faster"

Souunds familiar?

skoorydook1777d ago

Get what your saying and agree it's petty and sad, but what about guys like this giving the game a 10 and moaning about PS fanboys while giving comedy low scores of PS games

The game is flawless ... problem is with all the bored psponies coming here suffering w/o one decent title and giving 0s representing the number of decent exclusives the PS4 has :D

His rating for KZSF was a 0

My god,Sony fanboys everywhere,get over yourselves!!The game is awsome,most fun I've had in a while with an fps!! 10/10 for me,money well spent!!Now back to playing =)

His rating for KZSF also a 0 with a rating of 3 for God of War.

My god,Sony fanboys everywhere,get over yourselves!!The game is awsome,most fun I've had in a while with an fps!! 10/10 for me,money well spent!!Now back to playing =)

Score of 0 for The Last of US

Pleas ignore all the 0 scores. Not a single one is from someone who has played this game. This game is fantastic. While I understand no single player Can be a flaw the game is stupid fun. The run mechanics and parkour is great. Being in a titan makes you feel strong but not overpowered. This is a game changer and great fresh air vs CoD

Score of 0 for Knack

The words pot, kettle and black come to mind

jessupj1776d ago

"Maybe...just are trying hard to defend the people that are trolling the scores at Metacritic"

In what part of my post am I defending trolls? Maybe you need to read my comment again.

I was merely saying it's possible some of those low scores are from people that are genuinely disappointed with the game. I thought that was pretty obvious.

I was also pointing out the inherent flawed logic in automatically assuming any low review score is from a troll.

I don't know why you're defending these people. Maybe you're one of them and you expect every person that plays this game to think it's awesome. News flash buddy, not everyone that plays this game will like it.

They say this site is run by sony fanboys, but the 3 disagree on my previous comment say otherwise.

jessupj1777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )

Here's an idea. I know it's wildey crazy, perhaps almost to the point of being insane, but hear me out.

Maybe, just maybe........ people aren't all robots and think the same. Maybe...... people have differing opinions... GASP!!!! SHOCK!! HORROR!!!!!!!

I know that amazingly complex concept can be difficult to just comprehend. The very fabric of time and space starts to warp and collide as you try wrap your brain around the insane idea, but maybe, just maybe a game you think is God might genuinely not appeal to someone else.

I know I'll probably be branded a witch or an insane conspirator that needs to be locked away for even whispering such an outlandish notion, but I thought it must be said.

end sarcastic, patronising rant/

No_Limit1776d ago

Maybe...just are trying hard to defend the people that are trolling the scores at Metacritic (not just Titanfall, but every major exclusives). If you were to have a review of Titanfall on N4G, what do you think the outcome will be or vice versa, Killzone:SS?? You already knew the answer to that.

JeffGUNZ1776d ago

@ JEssup,

No one is saying some people don't like it who bought it. But, when you look at the reviews by reputable sources and the general feedback from the beta, the ratings are too drastic. Sure, some don't think it lives up to the hype, but what people here are saying is a majority of those posts are due to fanboys. Not all, but a good share of it is.

Same happened with Gears series and Halo. Fanboys don't stop at n4g. It goes both ways, I bet infamous will get a low user score.

curtis921777d ago

All it is are a bunch of 0s from haters and a bunch of 5s from people that love it. Let's just make it a thumbs up/thumbs down system.