TotalBiscuit “changed my life” says Thomas Was Alone developer

Volume creator Mike Bithell reveals how important video content has been to the success of his first release

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lolCHILLbro1682d ago

To many people kiss his ass, if i want to play a game its because i know what i like not because of some Youtuber, most of the time this guy overly analyzes and over talks a game for more than what it is, its just a piece of software and the guy treats it like religion

StealthPandemic1682d ago

We'll people to know what they are paying for. I'm not going to spend X amount on a game that turns up shitty.

Master-H1682d ago

Ouch, he must have bad mouthed something xbox related..LOL
OT: TBiscuit is pretty cool, he does the best PC first impressions imo, and i like his honesty.

lets_go_gunners1682d ago

He has a following and a mature one at that. He's the only youtuber with opinions that aren't tampered with in any way. If you're gonna spend 60 dollars on something at least spend 20 mins getting an overview of the product.

Clogmaster1682d ago

Some people like to research from various sources, and over time you determine what is reliable.

You don't drop a million dollars on a house because you like it. You have to dig a bit deeper than the cover art.

HaveAsandwich1682d ago

i think he's an over opinionated douche.

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