What I'm Playing: Project Spark Beta

I have actually been waiting on this for a long time and I finally have my grubby little fingers on it. In my opinion, Project Spark is Microsoft’s answer to Little Big Planet. I can’t say that they are giving them a run for their money yet but it is a lot of fun. It is definitely worth a try if you have a Xbox One. You will need to get a code first. You can sign up by going to and fill out a form. They will eventually send you a code that you enter on the Project Spark site (not on your Xbox One). You can search and download the game after that. Check out the video below to see more of what I thought.

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TheSuperior 1774d ago

I have been playing it and really love it! People should know about this game and I think it needs more hype :) super fun, relaxing and creative!

KingJulian1774d ago

I need to go through all of the tutorials. You def need them

Bigpappy1773d ago

What surprised me, is that there are very basic modes that any one who has never thought of designing a game can play around with and actually make one. I think that wizard is called crossroads. I created a game with it in about 15 mins, and was happy with the result. It has encouraged me to now what to do something that is done completely from my own noggin.

Great tool to get children interested in game designing. Great tools for those who have good ideas, but lack programming skills.

dcj05241773d ago

I may have to upgrade my PC for this one. It looks VERY interesting.

Deathdeliverer1773d ago

Better upgrade your wallet too cause this Shit Cost. They give the bare basics and you are limited play time in games that have items you have not payed for. I think they are on the right track but executed very poorly. If allowed the option to just buy the game and get everything,it would be a lot more attractive.

Deltaohio1773d ago

I have the beta and working on a FULLY functional tank. Unfortunately I'm not artistic. If any one can model a tanks please hit me up so we can collaborate. I'm mostly don't just a few more features to add.