Titanfall Has Multi-GPU Issues, Respawn Will Fix Them In An Upcoming Patch, Temp Workaround Found

Titanfall has just been released and it seems there are major issues with the PC version and multi-GPU systems. According to the company, the game does not support multiple GPUs and this issue will be fixed in an upcoming patch. Still, those with more than one GPU can go ahead and take a look at a temp workaround below.

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Axios21735d ago


Looks like all the ppl that said they had a fancy gaming rig should have got TF on X1

ddkshah1735d ago

no thx not a fan of fps dropping substantially or 792p.

Alexander1Nevermind1735d ago


My mid range pc-660ti and FX8350 runs the game at 1080p max settings w/ 55-60 FPS on all maps save one (where I have got as low as 40 on some parts). PC Version is even solid without dual GPUs. All this is saying is that they need to patch the game for multiple GPUs

lifeisgamesok1735d ago

Lol I was going to type that exact same message

All those people that said they'll get Titanfall on PC instead are experiencing problems the Xbox One version doesn't have

TH3BR3W1735d ago

hmmmmmm running perfectly fine on mine as I have two gtx 770's I just disabled my SLI and running one card at the moment (1080p 82 fps average 57 minimum). How's that 792p at 30 fps with frame dips and screen tearing treating ya?

Sorry but I had to knock ya off that pedestal just a little.

GarrusVakarian1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

Are you honestly saying that PC gamers, playing the game at above 1080p and above 60fps, are going to want to play the X1 version running at 792p with dips into the 30's...sometimes even lower, with screen tearing?

Im getting the X1 version and even i think that's stupid.

Boody-Bandit1735d ago


No kidding. Dual 770's is complete overkill for TitanFall. I bet it took you a really long time to go into your settings and disable that one card. You must be exhausted. /s

TH3BR3W1735d ago

@ Brutallyhonest

lol Yeah it was so hard I think it took more time than writing the coding for the button I had to push .. /s

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ProjectVulcan1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

Multi GPU issues?

It's only an issue for those with much older, very slow multi card setups.

Which will be a tiny tiny majority of PC gamers.

Everyone else with multi cards will just disable one card and still blow away the game compared to the Xbox One version. FFS a $130 single card annihilates the Xbox One version in terms of rez and filtering.

It's so undemanding Multi GPU is hardly required

2pacalypsenow1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

I don't think my 670's are older cards , if they are then hell I guess the whole PC gaming is cheaper idea is total BS cuz I spend 800 on them almost 2 years ago and when I'm playing the game is choppy as hell even with AA off (with an i7 4770k, 8gb of ram)

ProjectVulcan1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

GTX670 aren't older cards no.

Which was my point, a single GTX670 will run Titanfall maxed 1920 x 1080 and easily 80FPS+ average. Higher resolutions no problems. The game just isn't demanding.

palaeomerus1735d ago

Not only do you get higher resolution and better textures and a better framerate on the PC, you also get to adjust your FOV up to 90 degrees.

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stuna11735d ago

So what will happen when Microsoft activates their hidden GPU in the Xbox1!? I kid, but if this is an issue I think it would suffer the same issues wouldn't it? Thereby proving there is no hidden GPU, because it wouldn't make sense for EA or Respawn not to have some working knowledge of it, just in case of issues like this.

Bigpappy1735d ago

Actually X1 is the safest bet for a great experience.

Allsystemgamer1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

Not at $500 for sub hd it isn't. I paid $40 for my copy of Titanfall and haven't dipped below 60fps at 1080p with 8xmsaa.

I'm also playing on a laptop. With a controller. So I can play it anywhere.

HeWhoWalks1735d ago

I want you to explain why in grand detail. I don't get how the better performing/looking version is BEHIND the version without all the bells and whistles.

Bigpappy1735d ago

Load it. Play if. Smooth as butter. Lots of fun. This is why we buy consoles.

End grand detail.

HeWhoWalks1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

That would make sense, if I didn't get that from the vast majority of PC games I play as well, in addition to higher poly counts/res/detail and so on. This is why many buy THAT device.

Thus, you did nothing to sell the game to non-X1 owners, and in essence, gave ZERO detail.

Raider691735d ago

You really need to grow up,your comments make you seem an individual without any kind of knowledge on the matter.Or maybe you are just one big troll;really get your self more educated before talking on subjects you dont seem to know nothing.

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the worst1735d ago

Sounds like M$ will try anything to get people to buy an Xbone

No_Limit1735d ago

Isn't that the point of all business? Trying to entice customer s to buy a product? :\

thehitman1735d ago

This is normal cross fire and SLI setups usually dont get patched until after a game releases. I would never recommend using SLI or Crossfire just get a single better GPU...

TH3BR3W1735d ago

Actually it depends though. As I have two gtx 770's at the price tag of $319 each and saved myself nearly $400 bucks over a titan and achieve near if not better performance. I wish I would have waited for the 780ti though as I could have gotten the 4 gb for the same price and only got a cut in about 10 fps.

Boody-Bandit1735d ago

"I would never recommend using SLI or Crossfire just get a single better GPU..."

Yeah but what if you want to run triple panels? I tried one card and I wasn't getting good frame rates even with minimal settings on my triple panels. That's why I went with a 2nd card.

sinspirit1735d ago

For multiple panels video RAM is most important. 1GB will be good for one monitor but on multiple monitors it will likely perform worse than a weaker card with more RAM in that situation.

The benefits of RAM aren't just multiple monitors, so I really want to see how it will do with PS4's several gigs of DDR5.

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