Will Titanfall Boost Xbox One? (Game Review) | Wall Street Journal

WSJ "Titanfall is a fun and challenging game. I’m just not sure it’s going to make Xbox One consoles fly off the shelves the way Microsoft hopes it will."

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redwin2657d ago

The shooters are very good in Xbox One, but MS is gonna need a good role player game to move hardwear. But TITANFALL is definitely the start.

kewlkat0072657d ago

Titanfall, the next Halo and Gears of war will welcomed by many and will sell boxes just those 3 shooters alone.

You don't needs many shooters as there will be multiplatform ones around the corner.

2657d ago
SteamPowered2657d ago

I dont know why Titanfall is pegged as a system-seller when it was released on 360 as well as PC. If MS truly wanted a mover, they need some X1 exclusives. And good ones at that.

ThePope2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

Because the thought process is that most if not all current gen owners will move to the new hardware. And as such just need a game that will help them make that transition. And while it will be on 360 and PC since most console gamers play games on console (and most PC gamers play games on PC) if 360 owners want to play with friends who have upgraded to the X1 (which is the most logical possibility) they will upgrade too. Make sense?

Also since when do so many people own gaming PC's? Ive been playing games a long time and never until now heard so many people say "well they can just play it on PC". Since when? Outside of exclusives console gamers and PC gamers are FOR THE MOST PART two separate groups.

SteamPowered2657d ago

I'm a pc gamer, and I can tell you, there are lots of us. Don't let n4g fool you, pc gaming is huge. Check out Steam if you get a chance. There is minimum 5 million gamers online at any given time.
I also game on consoles, but my preference is pc everytime.

ThePope2657d ago


I agree there are a ton of PC gamers. But I don't believe there are a ton of hardcore PC/console gamers. While yes lots of PC gamers own a console, they will play games on PC everytime its possible (as you stated). And while yes some console gamers own PCs most aren't capable of running games at the levels PC gamers expect.

Now yes SOME people are both hardcore PC and Console gamers. But that's the exception that proves the rule.


The fact still remains that if you walk into a store today with the idea of buying a console what the X1 brings to the table currently is a great list of AAA games topped off with Titanfall. And while many people have made the Resogate the center of their lives, the vast majority of gamers don't care.

I think Infamous is more important to PS4 than ever, since Titanfall is getting great reviews from the media and gamers alike.

Hicken2657d ago

There's a gap between the XB1 and PS4 that only seems to be growing; Titanfall is looked at by some as the title that can and will bridge that gap.

It's not exactly the most well thought-out argument, but it's there.

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iSpeakTruth__2657d ago

I doubt it since it's available on two other platforms and since it doesn't exactly look "nextgen" like what people expect from nextgen consoles. But I could be wrong

WeAreLegion2657d ago

It will definitely help a little bit, but we won't see a big system seller on the XBO until Halo 5.

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