Irrational Conclusions: A Response to Irrational's Closure

Will Borger for Endless Backlog writes - "When I beat Bioshock Infinite, all I wanted to do was talk about the ending. I spent days thinking about and discussing the way Irrational shaped the game’s narrative, pouring over all of the clues the game wove into its world, dialogue, and characters that were so obvious in hindsight, and so easy to miss on the first playthrough. After a time, however, I stopped thinking about endings, and started thinking about beginnings. And after Bioshock Infinite, the question was obvious: What would Irrational do next?

I would have never predicted that the answer would be 'nothing'."

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mmofanatic2659d ago

A thoughtful, well-written piece!

Yui_Suzumiya2659d ago

Yeah it is. But I'm still sad :(

shark61902658d ago

I thought irrational was going to stay open and continue on with the Bioshock series, while Ken worked on his new project(s) with his own development team?