BioShock Creator Ken Levine's Next Game Is Reportedly in 'Development Hell'

Eight years ago, BioShock creator Ken Levine started Ghost Story Games to create a new, unforgettable experience. Since then, the game has allegedly entered "development hell" and has seen multiple reboots and changes in direction.

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Magog398d ago

Add this guy to the list of game directors who should have learned to be a team player and kept their ego in check along with Warren Spector, Peter Molyneux, Cliffy B, David Jaffe, and Tomonobu Itagaki.

porkChop397d ago

He's far from egotistical.

calactyte397d ago

Read "Press Reset" by Jason Schreier. Levine definitely isn't a team player. I don't know how much of that is ego. You cannot deny he's a genius creator so people put up with it. Steve Jobs was kind of jerk but people put up with it because he was a visionary, I believe it's really the same thing here. The question is can a great game be made without having a personality like Levine leading it? I'd assume Ted Price over at Insomniac games or Even Wells at Naughty Dog prove leadership doesn't need to be so abrasive to create great games.

Ethereal397d ago

Reading through this currently and the story Warren Spector is equally as interesting and he doesn't come off as egotistical but rather a visionary. Ultimately, it is more often than not that the artistic folks don't jive with the money folks.

Hope they right the ship because I loved the Bioshock series and early accounts of this being a sci-fi shooter in the same vein sounds tantalizing.

thecodingart397d ago

@calactyte, Ted and Even are awesome examples of great leadership. It’s an utter shame that Druckman is up there now mucking up Even’s waters and legacy.

porkChop396d ago

Look, I'm not saying Ken is perfect. But he doesn't have an ego. He's actually been very humble whenever I've interacted with him over the years, especially compared to other devs I've spoken with. Not being a team player doesn't mean someone has an ego.

As far as Jason Schreier goes, I don't put much weight into anything he says anymore. I used to really respect him, but over the years he's increasingly become more of a dickhead. He hijacks other people's stories, he takes leaks he finds on places like Reddit and claims he "broke" the story first, and he increasingly blows stories way out of proportion like it's the end of the world. There was a time when he was a great journalist but that was years ago.

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JEECE397d ago

Cliffy B went from one of the most celebrated names in the industry to being unable to give away his games in like 10 years.

Magog397d ago

Same with Jaffe, lol. Now he just makes click bait YouTube videos.

Terry_B398d ago

Moar liek a Ghost Town Studio, amirite?

Sciurus_vulgaris398d ago

The team that made bioshock infinite should have never been stripped down to began with. Apparently AAA was too demanding at the time, yet Bioshock Infinite didn’t take 8 years to make! Studios get shutdown for not generating revenue.

RaidenBlack397d ago

Irrational Games shouldn't have been closed. Instead Levine could've downsized Irrational itself & kept it running with a smaller team & moved the extra devs & artists to the new Cloud Chamber Studio.

ED-E397d ago

But that's what he did, Irrational Games was downsized and rebranded into Ghost Story Games, Take 2 Interactive is still their parent company. However, Cloud Chamber is a completely different studio (also part of Take2) opened many years later on the west coast of the US (Irrational/Ghost Story Games is east coast).

Basically, no studio has the money to keep 600+ people on a payroll for long when there is no project funded by a parent company or a distributor. Otherwise, if you made a hit game you're prone to produce endless sequels, which he obviously didn't want to do.

monkey602398d ago

A few developers have come out in defence of Ken Levine. They believe Jason Schreiers write up is baseless, unfounded and the result of some feud between Levine and Schreier just to take a swipe at him.
I respect that Schreier has uncovered some shite in the past but he's a try hard too. Doing his best to throw some dirt and see what sticks.

It's tough to tell what's going on here really. Maybe Ken isn't the easiest person to work for but then again maybe he just expects the best output from his developers. That doesn't immediately mean abuse in the workplace. You can see it in many different professions now. Any form of correction has the sensitive puppies up in arms. Maybe he's an Ass, that won't surprise me these days either.

There's two sides to this and we honestly don't know either of them. Schreier should keep his mouth shut until he has something a little more substantial than the trash he threw up on Bloomberg here, with no example or evidence to base it on.

Magog397d ago

He based it on talking to former employees and with 8 years and nothing to show obviously this guy failed at his job.

Tacoboto397d ago

There isn't mention of abuse, harassment, or anything legally questionable in the article. Did you even try to skim through it? The worst is a lash-out in front of the team. This article existing is one side of the story, how can you write all that and say we don't know either one?

And Schreier tried to get both sides: "Take-Two didn’t respond to requests for comment. Through a representative, Levine declined requests for an interview." That's not his fault Levine & Take-Two won't defend themselves - it's theirs for letting these dev stories stand unchallenged.

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