Ken Levine The Bioshock Creator’s New Game Involves “Weird S***”

Though Ken Levine won’t be working on the new Bioshock game in development, his new more experimental project has been teased.
Levine recently spoke at the GameLab 2020 event regarding his new project and shared his thoughts about the new title as well as design and production in the industry.

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neomahi36d ago

Wasn't Irrational going to do a Vita game? I get the feeling this guy is overly ambitious and it doesn't work well in the end.

35d ago
Razmiran35d ago

Its not his fault the vita crashed and burned so fast

35d ago
Games1st34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

A spin-off that plays differently.

XXXL36d ago

I love what he created with Bioshock, that being said he’s been teasing this new game for years and hasn’t shown anything. He could use a deadline...

skyrimer36d ago

Whatever Ken Levine does I'm in, when I thought he couldn't top Bioshock 1, then Bioshock Infinite blew my mind with possibly the best story on any game, together with fantastic gameplay from start to finish.

fsfsxii36d ago

We’ve been hearing about this game since forever ago. Sounds like bs that wont come out ever.

sourOG35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

I have been waiting for a ghost story games announcement for years. Levine poking his head out is a good sign. Hopefully next gen launch title!

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