Titanfall Is Great, But It’s Probably Not The Console Seller Microsoft Is Hoping It Would Be

Microsoft Corp. has a lot riding on Titanfall, the new game from developer Respawn Entertainment, the creators of the blockbuster Call of Duty series.

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hulk_bash19872661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

I guess we'll find out in the following weeks and months to come.

@below: yup, saw a couple of people walking out with some bundles at my launch. The Collectors editions were freaking huge though. I have to admit I was alittle jealous while they walked out. I was only able to scoop up a regular copy.

DeathOfTheFanBoy2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

For the record I know 2 people who bought it in order to play Titanfall now, not later.

Lolz @ MariaHelFutura fighting the good fight yet again!

Fishermenofwar, what you talking about, what troll?

BTW, this one game doesn't have to justify spending $500, there are PLENTY more exclusives coming in the next few months... heavy hitters too, Halo, Quantum Break, Sunset Overdrive, it all adds to the value, not to mention all the other things xb1 is capable of, even Boogie2988/Francis is sold on it, that's saying something!

Fishermenofwar2661d ago

you poor troll...He meant we will have to see in weeks and months how well it will sell.....Sigh

Alexander1Nevermind2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

Availability on 360 and PC will help keep it from being a system seller. I for one got it on PC.

That being said I just don't believe one game can justify a $500.00 system purchase especially when I just spent $400.00 on one just 3/4 months ago.

Gamer19822661d ago

"Availability on 360 and PC will help keep it from being a system seller. I for one got it on PC.

That being said I just don't believe one game can justify a 500 system purchase especially when I just spent 400 on one just 3/4 months ago."

Exactly the rumours 360 version looks almost the same as xbone version and its why MS delayed it and has released no screens of it just tells a story by itself..

kingdip902661d ago

The questions isn't whether titanfall is a good game or not, review scores are almost 9 across the board I'm sure respawn are happy with the terrific job they did.

The question is how many people are so impatient that they can't wait 2 weeks for the 360 release that they will rope 500 on the xbox one?

MonstaTruk2661d ago

And on top of that, considering we're talking about a game pushed by EA & Microsoft, I'm sure a lot of these reviews are..."profitable". 10/10 for an online-only, lack of variety of modes, multiplayer-only game w/bots & 792p. Ain't that a B...*smGDh*

Kingthrash3602661d ago

tf = microscope removed
great game but as i predicted all flaws ignored.

2661d ago
mcarsehat2661d ago


It won't be a system seller, but i don't know many people that are aware of it being on 360 so that might help sales until the 360 version comes into light.

pheature2661d ago

thats a bit niave to think people who own a 360 dont know about titan fall.
if they don't then they are complete idiots.
i own a ps4, i love it, i would of bought a x1 for titanfall, but because i own a 360 i will stick with it on that console, the only time i will buy an x1 is when halo is out and hoepfully by that time the price will have dropped even more..

kreate2661d ago

Titanfall is on the front page of the 360 dashboard. Pic is so big, u can't miss it.

Theantidote6192661d ago

I offer the game to customers all the time and ask have they checked it would be surprised ha.

gameslayer24112661d ago

I can't wait to pick up my CE of it tomorrow morning!

Pogmathoin2661d ago

I have a severe feeling of Deja Vu with this article...

Automatic792661d ago

@ this point we all know this game is going to be big on Xbox One all other platforms Xbox related are also going to enjoy. Kudos to MS for locking up a great Title to enjoy on my new next gen system.

medman2661d ago

I'm going to have some hearty chuckles when the 360 version of this game is released and it looks the same as the xbone version. Some hearty chuckles indeed.

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DFogz2661d ago

The Spectre's are pretty smart. If you hack them, they'll follow you and provide cover fire/distractions.

josephayal2661d ago

Titanfall is a game changer and a system seller

Gamer19822661d ago

Really? If MS thought so they wouldn't hold back the 360 version.

fonger082661d ago

It would have helped sell systems regardless of what day it came out. Hell the 360 verison will help sell 360s too, its all money back to microsoft. This game, if sold by hype alone, would push systems out the door.

iistuii2661d ago

You do realize it's a clever business move. All the great reviews along with the massive advertising campaign will make a lot of 360 owners actually make the jump to the Xbox One. They already are on Xbox live if they are going to play it on 360 & if they are thinking of upgrading to X1, then this is a game to make them decide to do it, especially if they have to wait to play it on the 360.

Allsystemgamer2661d ago

If it was it wouldn't be on 360 or PC. The PC version is also superior. Higher res/framerate. Uses azure. Can get bought for $30. Doesn't require a powerful PC to play.

It's not a system seller at all. It's not an exclusive.

gameslayer24112661d ago

don't forget that titanfall is on 3 seperate which system will it sell?

ThatOneGuyThere2661d ago

system seller for some people, perhaps. game changer? not even. haha looks like a good enough game shame i got bored super fast. STILL LOOKING FOR A BLOPS2 REPLACEMENT.

Clunkyd2661d ago


Sorry But
Youre wrong!

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