Ubisoft Are Absolutely Frightened Due To Backlash Against Watch_Dogs - Insider

The game's supposed visual degradation heavily overshadows news of its release.

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ironfist923253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

Gameplay will always be more important than Visuals.

The game doesnt look bad at all.

Alexious3253d ago

The outrage is far exaggerate. It looks pretty good, maybe not as good as the reveal, but I'm pretty sure that a PC running the game at higher than FULLHD resolution and maxed settings will be displaying a great looking game.

NYC_Gamer3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

I disagree,Ubisoft got caught again trying to mislead gamers with a pretty tech demo that doesn't represent the final product..

morganfell3253d ago

I think we will see a new video in the next day or so with better selected visuals.

Summons753253d ago


Its not their fault. Companies state all the time on reveal trailers or demos that "this is not represented of the final game". What they did was sell the concept of the game, which looks and sounds good. Its not their fault most gamers nowadays are entitled brats who care more about visuals that good gameplay. I was hyped for this game with the concept. It seems like many didn't even see the concept and just saw the shiny wrapper.

They still have what seems to be a good game, gamers just need to get off their high horse and realize that ubi probably got a bit too excited themselves for the project and announced it earlier knowing they had limits but I'm guessing didn't think of the challenges ahead.

ZodTheRipper3253d ago

It doesn't even look like an outstanding game, I mean how many of us were bored by GTA5 relatively fast? These games have a hard time innovating in terms of gameplay because of their realistic approach. I'm sure I'll enjoy Watch Dogs once it's out but my hype is very low right now.

thereapersson3253d ago

Nice stealth trolling, Alexious.

OrangePowerz3253d ago

It looks far away from what they previously claimed as gameplay footage from next gen consoles. Looks like Ubi is trying to pull a Alien Colonial Marines at least when it comes to graphics, letsw hope the same doesn't apply for the gameplay.

redwin3253d ago

Ill be getting this game for Xbox , as long as the game is great I'll play it, weather it's pacman or donkey kong. You want 1080 or 4k @ 60fps with great online, then get a pc and stop playing a console. Unless you are playing one of those CG movie looking games with characters looking like plastic dolls it's ok, but not an open world game .

UltraNova3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

"this is not represented of the final game...What they did was sell the concept of the game, which looks and sounds good."

Then why do they aim so high, feeding the crowd with false expectations? And when they inevitably disappoint we are supposed to say its not their fault we got hyped and felt self entitled?

NO friend.

They absolutely should be scared shit-less cause Disney just laid off 700 people from their gaming division! Lets not forget about Santa Monica and Irrational now..

It looks like nowadays when you fuck up you get fired (or just not needed anymore).

Frankly, they brought it on themselves by showing us 'actual' game-play back in E3 and then downgrading the whole thing 2 months before release!

Nobody should play with us, the gamers like that.

Lets hope others learn from this whole debacle!

Ares84HU3253d ago

Have to agree with NYC_Gamer,

Ubisoft lied to everyone. Now they will get punished for it.

GTAV looks better on PS3 than Watch Dogs on PS4.

Eyeco3253d ago

It's not exaggerated, it's strikingly noticeable, then again why are people surprised by this, it's Ubisoft AC1, Red Steel, Far-Cry 3, and now this.

The door swings both way's either Watch Dog's is a Prime example of how Cross-Gen gaming is holding back Next gen consoles (and PC gaming to an extent), or bullshot's and downgrades are fundamentally intwined with the name Ubisoft.

The game arguably looks worse than GTA5, how is that even possible ? is that the real reason the game was delayed month in advance ? I'm am officially worried about The Division.

AliTheSnake13253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

Why are people getting on that bandwagon ?
I don't understand what looks so bad about it. All people show is that low quality gif of the car going over the bridge (where did that gif come from again?). The trailer video looks too damn good. The gameplay from September on PS4 looked good. Am I missing something ? Are there any ACTUAL visuals ppl care to share to support that the game have been downgraded massively (besides the low quality gif)?


webeblazing3253d ago

console fanboys are the worst. the game isnt as graphically impressive as it was at e3. get over it this been happening in gaming for the longest. it looks like a fun game.

gatormatt803253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )


I think that gif came from Gamespot's 1 hour live stream preview. I believe they were given exclusive access. You can clearly see the clip of the car on the bridge below. Speaks for itself. With that said, I still plan on buyng this game when it comes out.

NewMonday3253d ago


the issue is false representation

it is not a case of gamers letting their expectation run wild, time after time Ubisoft previews what it claimed as "real time gameplay" .

Gamer19823253d ago

Its not that the game looks bad that's not whats wrong here its that they tried to pull a fast one and show a misrepresentation of the game. That's the clear issue if the graphics dropped people could handle it somewhat as early videos did come from non completed next gen consoles but what they showed was no way near the finished product.

HumanatPlay3253d ago

Did Ubi demo the game using a mouse and a keyboard or was that a a controller in his hand???? Hmmmmm...I wonder.

nukeitall3253d ago

I agree!

The outrage is exaggerated. Besides, good graphics do not make up for a shoddy game play so I could care less.

Give me a good game and I will buy it. Give me a soulless awesome looking game and I will pass it like turd!

AndrewLB3253d ago

I agree. Look at this trailer in 1080p, 15,163kbps @ 29fps (254mb 2:21 long).

If that is on PS4 like they're claiming on "Watch Dogs Forum", then it looks damn good to me.

Anyone who expected the game to look like this CGI video on a PS4 is dilusional and has absolutely no understanding of the limited power the PS4 and Xbone have. I'd be surprised if those graphics were even possible on PC, where graphics cards are pumping out over 6.2 tflops. (ps4= 1.84 tflops)

BLuTheSecond3253d ago

They should be frightened. These companies need to stop marketing their console games using PC builds designed to run on much more powerful hardware. Honestly what bothers me the most is not that it looks like a port of a last gen game but that it looks so basic and yet only runs at 30fps! At least Infamous has a reason for being only 30fps, it looks ****ing awesome. Then again I shouldn't be surprised considering that this is a Ubisoft game after all.

papashango3253d ago

They touted a next-gen title. I don't blame the people upset at them.

Sevir3252d ago

Downgrade seems to be the new thing gamers on the net throw around, first it was KZ shadow fall downgrade, then Infamous, Driveclub, Forza, ryse... Seriously! Are we gamers or whining children complaining after watching a YOUTUBE COMPRESSED VIDEO?

The game looks Fine! All this belly aching is silly, can we just reserve judgement until we see uncompressed direct feed footage or untill we play the game for yourself. People claimed Ryse received visual downgrades prior to launch and it's now a foregone conclusion that Ryse is one of the best looking next gen games released. The same with Killzone Shadow Fall. I'm really disappointed that gamers are making a mountain out of an ant hill. -_-

morganfell3251d ago

Well Sevir I learned today there are many people that are still completely unaware of the massive degradation and compression of youtube videos.

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Jasko943253d ago

Well now that it doesn't look all great on the PS4 graphics don't matter....yet a lot of PS4 fan boys bash X1 fans for that ( i have a ps4 only btw

rdgneoz33253d ago

And a lot will be bashing xbone for causing devs to program for the lowest common denominator, like this.

OrangePowerz3253d ago

Sure graphics matter and the trailer looks horrible. If that's how the game really looks on next gen I might very well cancel my pre order because that doesn't even look close to what they advertised and promised.

Sammy7773253d ago

dude the game likely has been downgraded for Xb1, i mean for parity's sake. If something doesn't look good on PS4, then it would look horrible and most probably run at a lower resolution on Xb1

Mikethejew3253d ago

yes please turn this into a fanboy console war.

rdgneoz3- you are right but the lowest common denominator is last gen consoles. Until we get just ps4/xbone games that aren't cross gen we will see mediocre releases like this one.

Applejack3253d ago

These childish arguments are never one sided and that fact that you have a ps4 doesn't help with your argument either...

LeCreuset3253d ago

Oh, wow. If reality doesn't fit your narrative, you just toss it aside, huh? Ironfist and Alexious both got down voted into oblivion for defending the game, and the only person I've seen defending it while saying which console they were getting it for said that they were getting it for Xbox. The overwhelming majority of the comments have been ripping into this game because of the graphics.

OsirisBlack3253d ago

Oh Graphics do matter but lies matter most ...... I watched the PS4 walk through they had a few months ago and this does not even look as good as that did. I am very very close to cancelling my pre order..... I do not like lies and will respond with my wallet.

heisenberguk3253d ago

What are you talking about? This WHOLE outcry is ABOUT the graphics ffs!!!

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Sammy7773253d ago

both graphics and gameplay are important. You don't want a 720p/900p game when you are paying 400$/500$ for a console

LeCreuset3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

720p/900p isn't necessarily a problem, but those games better be doing more things than games running at 1080p, to justify the lower resolution.

Edit: And Watchdogs is not.

fermcr3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

"Gameplay will always be more important than Visuals."

Absolutely. Gameplay is always the most important aspect of a game. The ideal would be great gameplay and graphics, but that's not always possible.

The truth is: Gamers are cry babies. Instead of enjoying a game for what it is, they will bash it for what it's not.

starchild3253d ago

Well said. Sadly, a lot of gamers are nothing but whiny entitled crybabies. They think the world owes them something.

I don't think the graphics look much different than the PS4 footage we saw some months ago. Different time of day and different weather conditions is what I think people are seeing. When we see more of the game I think it's likely that people will realize how they judged too quickly.

In any case, if the game is good is it really the end of the world if the graphics are 10% worse than what they showed before? People still have ample time to evaluate the game by their own criteria and decide if they want to buy it. I think it still has some very impressive visuals.

LeCreuset3253d ago


Are you kidding me? Whiny entitled crybabies? No, gamers are consumers. Understand that. Most people that go out and drop hundreds on a new system want games that justify that decision. If Ubisoft wants gamers' money they had better release a product gamers want.

Stop drinking the kool-aid. People like you are the reason developers and publishers feel entitled to consumers' money without putting out a product to earn it. Just look at how they whine about the used games market, and pull crap like this.

iceman063253d ago

I would agree with this in general. BUT, I have to disagree in this particular instance. If Ubisoft had NEVER shown us the prior "gameplay" before the delay, most would probably be okay with it. However, now that we have a basis for comparison, it just feels like a let down. I'm still interested in the title. I'm actually hoping against hope that there is another trailer that better represents what the game will actually look like. I'd still buy it. But, I would morn for what could have (and probably should have) been.

ILive3253d ago

Okay, your arguments are invalid because we are talking about the fact that ubisoft may have went back on their promise. Its not w graphics vs gameplay debate. Also, this gameplay is more important than graphics gotta stop. They are both equally importan, espically since the technology is there. Though, this doesn't not apply to all games. Hopefully, they show a better representation of the visuals because it would be disappointing if they did have a visual downgrade, given the fact that its what many people were already hoping the game would look like.

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cabbitwithscissors3253d ago

Your statement gives a connotation that things are good enough, why bother to change. Take an example of education for instance, is getting a C in your English paper a good enough result as you concentrated your studies in acing your math paper or would you strive to make it an A in both papers ?

Why bother doing something if you're going to not strive to make it the best. Why do anything at all, if you're not going to do it right, and do it as perfectly as possible the first time ? Why the need to have an either or situation ? Why not have both good gameplay and good graphics ?

Your idea to skimp on the visual and concentrate on gameplay is totally out of whack, and goes against the grain of caring about things.

The games industry is going to the dogs, because the developers don't care enough to do things right. They just want fast gratification and solving problems for later when it's convenient. If you want to blame somebody for the state of the game industry, blame yourself as you (the player) seem to think that doing something halfheartedly is best.


Christopher3253d ago

Note: this comment based on the current video.

It looks worse than AC4, which can be problematic.

purpleblau3253d ago

If all gamers are like you, technology will never evolve. we still remain at 2d games. Ubisoft should be frightened, cuz that's what they deserve right now. This is the punishment for giving us false promise.

jmac533253d ago

What people are pissed about is that they delayed the game to polish it, and now it looks worse than when they demoed it a couple months from the original release.

iplay1up23253d ago

I agree that Visuals are not everything, but its one thing to show a game initially and upgrade its look some, it is another thing to show a GREAT looking game, and then when all is said and done show a game that looks last gen.

Spenok3253d ago

I understand visually downgrading a game is never a fun thing to see. Nor is it expected.

But you have to imagine. If it was done, WHY was it done? I'm more than certain it was for a good reason. Maybe they couldn't get the game to run stable in it's previous state. Maybe framerates would drop or resolutions wouldn't be as high as they wanted. Or there was too much pop-in etc.

But to say that the game looks last gen? That's just ridiculous. I can GUARANTEE (Mark my comment on this, and feel free to call me out on this if I turn out wrong). Guarantee that when you see the last gen versions of this game, IE. PS4 VS PS3 or Xbox One VS 360. You will see a massive difference.

frostypants3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

Gameplay is most important, but then why bother with next-gen systems at all if they aren't going to take full advantage? Their primary advantage is the GPU improvement.

mcarsehat3253d ago


to petty children, gameplay will always come second.

Sketchy_Galore3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

Leaving aside the dishonesty which is what people are really angry about, I wouldn't mind less than stellar graphics this was a sequel to Journey or Brothers: a tale of two sons. It's not. We've seen enough to safely assume this is gonna be yet another cheesy shallow swaggering douche simulator in which your 'badass' brooding character swans around talking in a gravelly voice and acting like the lead character in the corniest of corny movie ever made by Michael Bay. Doing typical sandboxy things with another shallow gimmicky twist.

When a game lacks any kind of real artistry or soul (which it does. No I haven't played it but I've seen enough games like it and I know how these generic committee created titles are pumped out) all you have left is the spectacle. All you have left is hopefully the best looking explosions and car chases you can find. If all of that stuff looks like crap and there's nothing deeper to look at once you look past that stuff, what is there to be excited about?

mcarsehat3253d ago

The gameplay, the parkour and the fact that it's the first open world first person shooter on next gen with a story and gameplay premise thats similar to my favourite tv show. I think that's all i need.

Spenok3253d ago

Wow... it's a sad day when you see the agree/disagree votes with numbers like those to a statement like yours.

Visuals are absolutely important. They play a huge role in the game you are playing, and the level of immersion.

HOWEVER! Gameplay is ALWAYS more important. Because if Visuals were, suddenly every game from last generation, and before, including PS2/Xbox, PS1,N64, Snes/Sega ect suddenly all suck because their visuals now suck. By todays standard.

Gameplay is always the most important part of a game. Your first question should be, "Is it fun?" Look at Minecraft as a perfect example. Those graphics are terrible. Even if it was intentionally so, the point still stands. Or the other end of the spectrum. Ryse or Killzone shadowfall both have very good graphics. Both both stand with some pretty low scores on Metacritic.

In the end, all I am saying is gameplays is more important than graphics.

ironfist923253d ago

I guess its expected with the current generation of gamers who suffer from ADD and expect better looking games than better playing ones.

mcarsehat3252d ago

All i want from a next gen open world game is:

- Fun, compelling and innovative gameplay with satisfying shooting and melee combat

- A bustling open world that is realistically lifelike

- Terrain aesthetics: realistic day/night cycle, wind effects, moving clouds etc

- Nice lengthy story that is interesting enough to complete

- The graphics to be better than the last of us on ps3 (That's early next gen to me)

It seems that i am a happy bunny with this game

DeadlyFire3253d ago

Guys come on now. Just because Ubisoft tried to pull a fast one and show us the WiiU version of the game you guys freak out.

Ra30303253d ago

I agree with you. But I don't see what the big deal here is anyway. Why the outrage? First the the Xbox One crowd. They and MicrosOft have spoken very clearly on this issue and they said with a loud voice" resolution does not matter it's all about the gameplay" anyone that spent money to get a X1 shhhhh! Move along now. As for the PS4 the resolution will be beautiful and as advertised and it will meet expectations if not exceed them. Put this non issue to bed.

Shadowstar3253d ago

It looks like a PS3/360 game. Which would be fine if they hadn't promised the moon at E3. This is disappointing.

And yes, graphics are less important than gameplay, but if they were willing to outright lie about the graphics, who's to say they weren't telling outright lies about the gameplay?

showtimefolks3253d ago


that's an old excuse, we are into next generation so why can't we have gameplay and the graphics?

I just hope that other publishers don't punish the ps4 gamers by making both version of next gen game the same. I am sure MS is crying and making and fuss behind the scenes

that's what happens when you make a cable box and less of a gaming console

bigcrb3252d ago

I disagree,
"also didn’t believe that console gamers were setting their expectations too high. 'Have you seen the Order? Ryse? Shadow Fall? Looks next gen to me. Oh and did I forget, Second Son?” “My expectations are in line, the game was built around a foundation that just isn’t what I personally expect from a next gen game.'”
My thoughts exactly!

Locknuts3252d ago

I might be in the minority, but I'm with you.

DigitalAnalog3252d ago

It's absolutely terrifying that people here are missing the point. This isn't a graphics vs gameplay argument, it's about false advertising in the form of bullplay trailers.

How can you sit here and defend actions that are designed to mislead the consumers? How many have pre-ordered or based their hype of the original E3 trailer only to have a compromised version at the end? There are people who do not follow gaming updates and they are going to by buying a game NOT KNOWING changes like this is happening behind the scenes.

It's a disgusting snake-oil practice that has to go. The fact that some of you are defending this upcoming trend is destroying the gaming industry as you know it. You're supposed to call out their bullshit when you it, if not more and more companies are willing to use said practice in their future games.

ironfist923252d ago

Perhaps calm down and wait for the game to release so that you can play it to make a better judgement?

DigitalAnalog3252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )


Are you serious? You expect me to drop down $60 for a game that may or may not live up to my expectations? I don't know about you but I'm not made out of money and even if I did, I don't have the time to play every single game to make sure to test them out. You don't need to play the game to see a "visual" difference. Maybe you should try playing that Garbage Truck Simulator, I hear it's better than 90% of the AAA market games out there, you never know... right?

How about we call bullshit when we see it and not act as PR mouthpieces for these kinds of practices?

RedSky3252d ago

I don't care what it looks like. The main thing is it brings something materially different to the table over GTA V which it's clearly trying to emulate, albeit in a different setting.

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Mr-Dude3253d ago

We will have to wait on the reviews...

ar000433253d ago

Yeah, because reviews nowadays are sooo reliable :/

Christopher3253d ago

Don't trust reviewers. Trust your friends.

Hicken3253d ago

I trust those jerks even less, lol.

papashango3253d ago

Could always go the pc route of trying before you buy via torrent.

MasterCornholio3253d ago

Well if they really did lie about the game hopefully this reaction will prevent them from doing the same in the future. I hate it when developers do this.