Ubisoft Are Absolutely Frightened Due To Backlash Against Watch_Dogs - Insider

The game's supposed visual degradation heavily overshadows news of its release.

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ironfist923648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

Gameplay will always be more important than Visuals.

The game doesnt look bad at all.

Alexious3648d ago

The outrage is far exaggerate. It looks pretty good, maybe not as good as the reveal, but I'm pretty sure that a PC running the game at higher than FULLHD resolution and maxed settings will be displaying a great looking game.

NYC_Gamer3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

I disagree,Ubisoft got caught again trying to mislead gamers with a pretty tech demo that doesn't represent the final product..

morganfell3648d ago

I think we will see a new video in the next day or so with better selected visuals.

Summons753648d ago


Its not their fault. Companies state all the time on reveal trailers or demos that "this is not represented of the final game". What they did was sell the concept of the game, which looks and sounds good. Its not their fault most gamers nowadays are entitled brats who care more about visuals that good gameplay. I was hyped for this game with the concept. It seems like many didn't even see the concept and just saw the shiny wrapper.

They still have what seems to be a good game, gamers just need to get off their high horse and realize that ubi probably got a bit too excited themselves for the project and announced it earlier knowing they had limits but I'm guessing didn't think of the challenges ahead.

ZodTheRipper3648d ago

It doesn't even look like an outstanding game, I mean how many of us were bored by GTA5 relatively fast? These games have a hard time innovating in terms of gameplay because of their realistic approach. I'm sure I'll enjoy Watch Dogs once it's out but my hype is very low right now.

thereapersson3648d ago

Nice stealth trolling, Alexious.

OrangePowerz3648d ago

It looks far away from what they previously claimed as gameplay footage from next gen consoles. Looks like Ubi is trying to pull a Alien Colonial Marines at least when it comes to graphics, letsw hope the same doesn't apply for the gameplay.

redwin3648d ago

Ill be getting this game for Xbox , as long as the game is great I'll play it, weather it's pacman or donkey kong. You want 1080 or 4k @ 60fps with great online, then get a pc and stop playing a console. Unless you are playing one of those CG movie looking games with characters looking like plastic dolls it's ok, but not an open world game .

UltraNova3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

"this is not represented of the final game...What they did was sell the concept of the game, which looks and sounds good."

Then why do they aim so high, feeding the crowd with false expectations? And when they inevitably disappoint we are supposed to say its not their fault we got hyped and felt self entitled?

NO friend.

They absolutely should be scared shit-less cause Disney just laid off 700 people from their gaming division! Lets not forget about Santa Monica and Irrational now..

It looks like nowadays when you fuck up you get fired (or just not needed anymore).

Frankly, they brought it on themselves by showing us 'actual' game-play back in E3 and then downgrading the whole thing 2 months before release!

Nobody should play with us, the gamers like that.

Lets hope others learn from this whole debacle!

Ares84HU3648d ago

Have to agree with NYC_Gamer,

Ubisoft lied to everyone. Now they will get punished for it.

GTAV looks better on PS3 than Watch Dogs on PS4.

Eyeco3648d ago

It's not exaggerated, it's strikingly noticeable, then again why are people surprised by this, it's Ubisoft AC1, Red Steel, Far-Cry 3, and now this.

The door swings both way's either Watch Dog's is a Prime example of how Cross-Gen gaming is holding back Next gen consoles (and PC gaming to an extent), or bullshot's and downgrades are fundamentally intwined with the name Ubisoft.

The game arguably looks worse than GTA5, how is that even possible ? is that the real reason the game was delayed month in advance ? I'm am officially worried about The Division.

AliTheSnake13647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

Why are people getting on that bandwagon ?
I don't understand what looks so bad about it. All people show is that low quality gif of the car going over the bridge (where did that gif come from again?). The trailer video looks too damn good. The gameplay from September on PS4 looked good. Am I missing something ? Are there any ACTUAL visuals ppl care to share to support that the game have been downgraded massively (besides the low quality gif)?


webeblazing3647d ago

console fanboys are the worst. the game isnt as graphically impressive as it was at e3. get over it this been happening in gaming for the longest. it looks like a fun game.

gatormatt803647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )


I think that gif came from Gamespot's 1 hour live stream preview. I believe they were given exclusive access. You can clearly see the clip of the car on the bridge below. Speaks for itself. With that said, I still plan on buyng this game when it comes out.


NewMonday3647d ago


the issue is false representation

it is not a case of gamers letting their expectation run wild, time after time Ubisoft previews what it claimed as "real time gameplay" .

Gamer19823647d ago

Its not that the game looks bad that's not whats wrong here its that they tried to pull a fast one and show a misrepresentation of the game. That's the clear issue if the graphics dropped people could handle it somewhat as early videos did come from non completed next gen consoles but what they showed was no way near the finished product.

HumanatPlay3647d ago

Did Ubi demo the game using a mouse and a keyboard or was that a a controller in his hand???? Hmmmmm...I wonder.

nukeitall3647d ago

I agree!

The outrage is exaggerated. Besides, good graphics do not make up for a shoddy game play so I could care less.

Give me a good game and I will buy it. Give me a soulless awesome looking game and I will pass it like turd!

AndrewLB3647d ago

I agree. Look at this trailer in 1080p, 15,163kbps @ 29fps (254mb 2:21 long).


If that is on PS4 like they're claiming on "Watch Dogs Forum", then it looks damn good to me.

Anyone who expected the game to look like this http://vimeo.com/76695399 CGI video on a PS4 is dilusional and has absolutely no understanding of the limited power the PS4 and Xbone have. I'd be surprised if those graphics were even possible on PC, where graphics cards are pumping out over 6.2 tflops. (ps4= 1.84 tflops)

BLuTheSecond3647d ago

They should be frightened. These companies need to stop marketing their console games using PC builds designed to run on much more powerful hardware. Honestly what bothers me the most is not that it looks like a port of a last gen game but that it looks so basic and yet only runs at 30fps! At least Infamous has a reason for being only 30fps, it looks ****ing awesome. Then again I shouldn't be surprised considering that this is a Ubisoft game after all.

papashango3647d ago

They touted a next-gen title. I don't blame the people upset at them.

Sevir3647d ago

Downgrade seems to be the new thing gamers on the net throw around, first it was KZ shadow fall downgrade, then Infamous, Driveclub, Forza, ryse... Seriously! Are we gamers or whining children complaining after watching a YOUTUBE COMPRESSED VIDEO?

The game looks Fine! All this belly aching is silly, can we just reserve judgement until we see uncompressed direct feed footage or untill we play the game for yourself. People claimed Ryse received visual downgrades prior to launch and it's now a foregone conclusion that Ryse is one of the best looking next gen games released. The same with Killzone Shadow Fall. I'm really disappointed that gamers are making a mountain out of an ant hill. -_-

morganfell3646d ago

Well Sevir I learned today there are many people that are still completely unaware of the massive degradation and compression of youtube videos.

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Jasko943648d ago

Well now that it doesn't look all great on the PS4 graphics don't matter....yet a lot of PS4 fan boys bash X1 fans for that ( i have a ps4 only btw

rdgneoz33648d ago

And a lot will be bashing xbone for causing devs to program for the lowest common denominator, like this.

OrangePowerz3648d ago

Sure graphics matter and the trailer looks horrible. If that's how the game really looks on next gen I might very well cancel my pre order because that doesn't even look close to what they advertised and promised.

Sammy7773648d ago

dude the game likely has been downgraded for Xb1, i mean for parity's sake. If something doesn't look good on PS4, then it would look horrible and most probably run at a lower resolution on Xb1

Mikethejew3648d ago

yes please turn this into a fanboy console war.

rdgneoz3- you are right but the lowest common denominator is last gen consoles. Until we get just ps4/xbone games that aren't cross gen we will see mediocre releases like this one.

Applejack3648d ago

These childish arguments are never one sided and that fact that you have a ps4 doesn't help with your argument either...

LeCreuset3648d ago

Oh, wow. If reality doesn't fit your narrative, you just toss it aside, huh? Ironfist and Alexious both got down voted into oblivion for defending the game, and the only person I've seen defending it while saying which console they were getting it for said that they were getting it for Xbox. The overwhelming majority of the comments have been ripping into this game because of the graphics.