How to play TItanfall with your PS4 controller on your PC

The release of Titanfall is just around the corner, and like most people Ill be buying the PC version because its not going to be released on the PS4, but I want to play with my PS4 game-pad, here is how to get around the driver issues on the PC..

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batbatz2760d ago

Closest thing to playing the PS4 version hehe

G20WLY2760d ago

This is cool, though. I love the DS4 and will be playing Titanfall on my mate's PC (it's better than mine), so at least now I'll be able to pick up and play without worrying about the controls.

Signed: PC noob that's rubbish with KB/M! :)

DarthZoolu2760d ago

Why would you play with a DS4 when you can play with an Xbox 360 controller thats better. Or an Xbox One controller thats still better than a DS

G20WLY2759d ago

^Because I like the DS4 more, of course - what an odd question! lol

gamer78042760d ago (Edited 2760d ago )

After a DS4 you just need a good web camera, 40$, then a game capture card 150$~ and your set to stream on twitch!

ninjahunter2760d ago

Actually, thanks to nvidia shadowplay you dont need a capture card. Your graphics card will record, compress and stream to twitch on the fly with next to no performance impact, free of charge!

gamer78042759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )


oh great, i'll just buy a new video card for 150 then! thanks! (or does it work on a gtx 660?)

ninjahunter2758d ago

Officially is supported by the 650 and up, although I believe it can be forced on on any 6xx series card and up.

gamer78042758d ago

i got it to work, but only 2 of my games actually work with it :( I did find this thing called open broadcaster that seems to work although requires a decent amount of fiddling and setup after an hour i had it working, it works with any game.

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Mr Pumblechook2760d ago

LOL! For a PS4 gamer who wants to play this overhyped game then this is clutching at straws!

-But at least the Dualshock 4 is really comfortable controller and it came out the gate with optimised non-broken controls! ;)

SardoNumspa2760d ago

Can't wait for future articles from this author:

"How to play ET on your 2600 with your Xbox One controller"
"How to play Duke Nukem Forever with your feet"
"How to play Daikatana with mind control"

SirBradders2760d ago

"how to play with yourself while playing with yourself"

annus2760d ago

If you took the time to look at the article for even 5 seconds you would notice that it isn't simply 'plug in and play' he uses software to emulate a 360 controller, which isn't common knowledge to everyone who wishes to try it.

SirBradders2760d ago

That's probably why he made the article to let people know how to.

pwobrien2760d ago

i plan on doing this with my boot camped macbook pro. Didn't have the time to try it when the beta was out so hopefully it works well

batbatz2760d ago

should work fine, much better than the Xbox one, not saying much mind you

fermcr2760d ago (Edited 2760d ago )

"How to play TItanfall with your PS4 controller on your PC"

Who the hell would prefer playing Titanfall on the PC with a controller instead of a KB/Mouse?

... unless you have your PC rigged to a TV, then it probably makes more sense ;)

kiz26942760d ago

You say that but i played the beta on PC with a DS4 and was on top of the leader boards nearly every single time.

zerogotit2760d ago

You should get titanfall for the ps4 broo

life282760d ago

because you had auto-aim? Who the fuck would play PC version of multiplayer with controller instead mouse.

xPhearR3dx2760d ago

Me. I spent a lot of time and money on my gaming rig (close to $2000) but I'm not a big fan of keyboard/mouse. I'll use it if I have to, but if there's a controller option, I take advantage of it. I love PC gaming, but I've spent most of my gaming life with a controller so it's my comfort zone. I do better with it and can play just fine against people using M/K.

I played the beta with my PS4 controller. Plus, I do have my PC connected to my TV :)

kiz26942760d ago

Completely agree, I have just made the transition from Console to PC and i am finding it difficult to 100% adjust to K/M, if theres a controller option then i will use a controller.

GenericNameHere2760d ago

Why don't you just call it "Dualshock 4" instead of "Playstation 4 game-pad"? Faster to write.

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