Why 'Titanfall' Would Have Been Amazing On PS4

The Xbox One version of the game is limited in comparison to its PC counterpart due to the lower specs on Microsoft’s latest console. The PS4 can’t compete with a high-end gaming machine, but no doubt Respawn could have shot for 1080p resolution and possibly higher quality textures on Sony’s system.

Graphics aren’t everything by any means, but between Broadcast+ and a higher quality aesthetic, the PS4 version could have been pretty amazing.

GraveLord3754d ago

""Perhaps the only other reason Titanfall on PS4 would be amazing is the fact that PS4 is selling so well at the moment.

6 million units have sold globally, and that’s 6 million more customers who won’t have access to Respawn’s new shooter.""

Hatsune-Miku3754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

By matter of common sense I'd say Titanfall would look way better on ps4 if developers utilized the Ps4s hardware power properly because the ps4 is factually way more powerful than xbox one

Titanfall is being released on pc also but is basically going to look similar to the xbox one version When it had the potential to look way better because of high pc specs.

mewhy323754d ago

I agree. Logic dictates that this game would have been better on PS4. The Additional power would have done wonders for making this look more like a next gen game rather than a mechanized COD. With that said, I'm sure that it's going to be great on ms platforms but it really could have reached it's full potential on PS4.

AGaryColemanClone3754d ago

That is the hilarious irony of all this money Microsoft wasted on this game. If it was on all platforms no one would care about the game. It would just be some random Call of Duty w/Mechs game running a graphically outdated Source engine. All this game has done is make it painfully obvious just how poorly designed and underpowered the Xbox One graphics hardware is.

JokesOnYou3754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

"By matter of common sense I'd say Titanfall would look way better on ps4 if developers utilized the Ps4s hardware power"

-OK, I'll bite:

By matter of common sense I'd say TLOU, Uncharted2, Heavy Rain, LBP, and every ps4 game now would look way better on PC if developers utilized the PC hardware power prpoperly.....

Yet nobody complained they COULD have been better, AND sold alot combined with pc sales= I guess because gamers enjoyed them regardless of whether or not they would have higher sales and a few more pixels on pc, just like KZ SF'S multi on pc would have easily been able to achieve 1080p 60fps...still doubt the reviews would have been higher though.

-Hey Hatsune-Miku, I hope to see you in the next infamous SS thread asking sony to release the best version for PC, since we all know to truly enjoy a game you need the power only pc can provide....your logic, not mine.

darthv723754d ago

"PS4 is factually more powerful than xbox one."

All fixed for you Miku. The "way" part just didnt fit with the actual facts about both platforms. These units are more alike than they are different.

To use your descriptive context properly would be something like this. 'PS4 is factually way more powerful than the 2600.' Which is totally acceptable and correct.

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt3754d ago

PPl are still talking about titanfall on PS4 man wow just let it go

Tony-A3754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )


I like your spin, mainly because it's just a few paragraphs of you jumping way out of context.

That's like me responding to you by saying that all Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Kirby and Donkey Kong games would be superior on PC due to the power of the hardware.

While that may be true, that's not the context in which the discussion was started.

Simply put, we have two main points here:

1. Titanfall was originally meant for PS4 as well, which is part of why Hatsune brought it up.

2. Titanfall is already on PC. This is where I disagree with Hatsune to an extent; even though it's being released on the more powerful PC alongside the Xbox counterparts, we're still getting a very 7th gen-looking kind of game. But, perhaps if the PS4 version had been developed - and had they known the PS4 would have sold as good as it currently is - they would have made the PS4 or PC version the lead platform for development.

creatchee3754d ago


"If it was on all platforms no one would care about the game."

Nobody would care about the debut game from the studio founded by the creators of Call of Duty?

Pffftt. Please.

4Sh0w3754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

hmmmm, on ps4, on EA servers????

Well its not on ps4, deal with it.

MysticStrummer3754d ago

"Titanfall would look way better on ps4"

It would most likely look better, but even the PC version doesn't look amazing so the difference wouldn't be huge.

Software_Lover3754d ago

Um no. Its an old engine. It would not "look way better". Look at the pc. Infinitely more powerful than the ps4 and it doesn't "look way better".

You people are hilarious.

bobacdigital3754d ago

"Titanfall is being released on pc also but is basically going to look similar to the xbox one version".

You must not know anything about the source engine... The source engine can run on pretty much anything... On the PC version you have the option of selecting "insane" on texture quality options ... To say because it didnt come out on ps4 the x1 version is going to dictate what the PC version looks like is dumb ...

The source engine was made on the PC and has all the same options as cs go, tf, and or portal. It looks substantially better on PC and wouldnt look any better if PS4 got it.

nukeitall3754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

What wonders?

Doesn't matter how pretty Titanfall will look when you lag out, because on PS4 multiplayer games would be running on P2P, just like flagship games like KillZone: Shadowfall.

Remember, Respawn went to both MS and Sony for their cloud needs, and only MS came back with a solution using Azure!

So yeah, Titanfall would look great, but play like cr@p lagging out or meeting a lag switcher/cheater/host advantage....

PONTIAC08G8GT3754d ago

Can we get over this argument already? I don't see many Xbox fans complaining they can't play Infamous of Killzone on Xbox. Exclusives exist for a reason. This is an exclusive to MS, end of story. I dont know why everyday there is an article about PS missing out on Titanfall. You've got PLENTY of games that Xbox owners wish they could have. Is it because Titanfall is overshadowing Infamous? That it's a brand new FPS which is one of the best selling genres? Give it a rest already. I know it would have been awesome on the PS4, but its not coming (maybe someday). It's an exclusive, just like any other.

n4rc3754d ago

"That is the hilarious irony of all this money Microsoft wasted on this game. If it was on all platforms no one would care about the game"

Think its the other way around.. The only reason some of you hate on this game is because you can't play it..

If it was on ps4, then you'd all be as pumped about it as we are..

Jealousy is an ugly emotion.. Lol

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jackanderson19853754d ago

well make it 5,999,999 cuz i've both so i will have access to titanfall on the X1

Elzer3754d ago

Sony wouldn't have had enough money to provide dedicated servers or cloud support for Titanfall. A multiplayer online focus games only makes sense on xbox live. If Titanfall had a offline story mode then maybe you can say it would have been awesome on PS4.

shysun3754d ago

@elzer you do know that uncharted and killzone on PS3 had dedicated servers right?! That tag line is bs and if you believe it you're a fool!

Bigpappy3754d ago

Wow. This guy at Forbes blog really got a big crush on for his play station. First of all, the PC version is not better than the X1 version because it has a bit sharper graphics. Titan Falls does not even have the type of engine to push cutting edge graphics.

PS4 version would have not played near as well as the X1 version if it does not have the server support. It is an ONLINE ONLY game. A little shinier graphics are not going to make this game play any better. Dedicated server that make it play very smooth on X1 does.

malokevi3754d ago

truer words have never been spoken. More people on weaker servers at a higher resolution =/= better gameplay.

3-4-53754d ago

Titanfall 2 will be amazing on PS4.

They will have had time to see what works and what doesn't and make the correct changes hopefully.

Titanfall is lacking kind of.

It doesn't suck, it's a solid game, but it's missing that certain "something", that makes it iconic or a "must have" like goldeneye/Perfect DArk/ COD MW4, Halo2/3 were.

troylazlow3754d ago

if the second one is on PS4 it wont be until 2017 at least so... have fun waiting...I'll be playing next week

No_Limit3754d ago

Like Adam orth once siad "Deal with it", it is not on PS4. Hey, there is always the PC and X360 versions, right?

solar3754d ago

so a lower resolution means the X1 version wont be as fun on PC? ok. this is getting fucking ridiculous. I played Titanfall on PC, it will be a buy when it's on sale through Steam, but i mean really? really? this console war is fucking ridiculous. ffs.

waljaber3754d ago

maybe 12 vs 12 or 16 vs 16 on PS4!!

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GamersRulz3754d ago