Chris Roberts; 4K on PC more beneficial, can't appreciate resolution at certain distance

DSOGaming writes: "Lately we’ve been hearing a lot about resolutions and how console gamers are unable to distinguish the difference between 720p and 1080p. And while most of you will raise your hand and say that you can easily notice the difference between these two resolution standards, Star Citizen’s Chris Roberts claimed that really high resolutions can’t be really appreciated when players are gaming on their HDTVs."

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Neonridr1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

which is why the most common 4K TV sets are massive in size. Because on a 42-50" TV you would have to be like 3 feet away from the set to actually be able to see the extra pixels you would get from 4K.

At least on a PC monitor with 4K support you would naturally be sitting quite close to the screen.

john21740d ago

Even if you don't own a 4K monitor, it is a bliss downsampling from a 4K resolution (especially when there are no AA options available).

ATi_Elite1740d ago

I currently game on a 4K 60" SOny TV and I can tell the difference between 4K and 1600p.

1600p NOW SUCKS, kinda! When it was oh so good a few months ago. My 1600p monitors still kick arse but pale in comparison to my mammoth 4K TV.

Chris is right because the size of your TV and the distance you sit from it is important to notice the difference. There are viewing guides to maximize viewing quality of 720/1080p TV depending on size and distance. Use them they work great.

for 4K you need as big as a screen as your wallet can afford so you can sit further away and still appreciate the eye burning experience in all it's glory. Many insiders have stated that 4K on anything less than 50" is not worth it (excluding Monitors)

PC Gamers sit close to their monitors but we have test programs that let us now the best distances for our gaming resolution.

now sitting too close to anything is bad, always has been always will be.

medman1740d ago

It really depends on how big your tv or projector image is and how near/far you sit. I have several projectors and tv's, and it's very easy for me to discern the image quality differences between various resolutions. My smallest screen is 50 inch, largest is a projector at well over 100. But I can see the difference on all on them, to varying degrees.