Star Citizen progress and details, new hope?

Cloud Imperium Games has released the complete Star Citizen keynote from the annual fan event CitizenCon 2948, where Chris Roberts gives an overview of his ambitious open-world space project.

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nyu1919d ago (Edited 919d ago )

"When is enough enough?"

(referring to the detail and ambition they are going for)
That's definitely the reason it's taking so long, and the reason so many people are put off by it. Too much scope creep. They are trying to have it all... and imo this may end up being the downfall of SC.

That said, let me say something else, because I know everyone calls it a scam.
If you just look at what they're doing, you'll realize it's a labour of love. If you watch the Citcon 2017 keynote demo and their additional panels...the things that they are doing are crazy. You can argue that they are misguided, or mismanaged, , or have wrong priorities in terms of game features and so on. There is one thing you can't argue about though and that is this game is a passion project. You simply wouldn't get results like that if it wasn't.

Selling expensive space ships is the only reason they can even attempt something so impressive in scope. If some rich people are willing to spend $27,000 and support that then let them. It isn't the most tasteful funding model (lol), but it is what it is.

orbital71919d ago

anyone got a spare $300 so i can upgrade to a new ship????