Awesome Leaked Titanfall Screenshots Show New Maps and More; New Info Surface on Modes and Campaign

Some leaked screenshots of Titanfall show some of the maps that weren't available in the game's beta, and there are also new info on the game.

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Dark112177d ago

wow is that the 360 version?

2177d ago
FITgamer2177d ago (Edited 2177d ago )

Those screen shots are pretty bad, fortunately the game is entertaining.

Edit: This looks about on par with MW2, slightly better textures

Abriael2177d ago

The screenshots are 1920x1080. Most likely the PC version.

Insomnia_842176d ago Show
VforVideogames2176d ago

NO is not the 360 version, is the ps4 version.

BallsEye2176d ago (Edited 2176d ago )

who cares, beta on XO still ran in higher resolution and better framerate than Killzone Multiplayer..didn't see anyone complain about that game. YEa, keep on trolling.

"Killzone Shadow Fall's multiplayer runs at 960x1080 with a high quality temporal upscale. Fill-rate is reduced, but we're still not at 60fps."

Anyway, even if it would be 720 I'd still play the crap out of TF. It's just THAT GOOD.

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urwifeminder2177d ago

Wow will be exploring and dying till I learn the layouts 10 days till joy falls see you there hard core gamers.

DevilishSix2176d ago (Edited 2176d ago )

Not sure this game is what real hard core gamers decide to play in 10 days. Dark Souls 2 comes out the same day.

k3rn3ll2176d ago

So because we play ths before ds2 we are no longer real hardcore gamers? Come on man

urwifeminder2176d ago

Oh the dying simulator yeah sounds epic fun.

whitefang19882176d ago

Well I agree with you devilish... Even if no one else seems to lol
I'd much rather dark souls, tf is not a hardcore game, people don't fool yourself, its a drink-beer-with-friends kind of game. Just because the majority disagree doesn't make them right. I imagine a lot of children will enjoy titan fall though.

Bdub20002176d ago

@whitefang - so the guy that wants to talk about Dark Souls and thinks titanfall is for children is trolling a titanfall article...

Anyways, guess I'm not a "hardcore" gamer, because I can't wait to play. Maps looks awesome.

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Imalwaysright2176d ago (Edited 2176d ago )

Yes it is epic fun. Challenge is fun... Not every game needs to pander to the casuals which saddly has become a norm on the industry.

Back-to-Back2176d ago

Harcore gamers? lol yeah more like casuals. Did you forget this games target demographic is people who play cod?

UnHoly_One2176d ago

Why does everything have to be a fight or a competition??

We've got enough problems with the PS4 people hating the Xbox people and vice versa, bickering back and forth constantly.

Now, let's find another group of gamers to ostracize and attack. Now there has to be "hardcore" and "casual" gamers. All you are doing is coming up with a way to make yourself sound better than somebody else, it's an elitist attitude, and it's sickening.

Why can't we all just be GAMERS?

tee_bag2422176d ago

Back-to-Back is right and I totally agree with UnHoly_One. How about we just all be a little more tolerant and thick skinned.. ?

Game on fella's. Actaully I was looking forward to this game but the constant headlines everyday feels very manufactured and is starting to have a negative effect on me.

3 p I c2177d ago

Pilot Hunter seems to be the game type I'll play most.

TekoIie2177d ago (Edited 2177d ago )

I'm interested as to how CTF will feel since you could rodeo a friendly titan to get the flag to your base quicker. Will the flag prevent you from entering a titan?

I look forward to finding out on release :)

jetlian2176d ago (Edited 2176d ago )

even if you can use a titan best believe every rocket/titan gonna be firing at you lol this looking great.

amazon needs to do the 10 dollar credit like ms and newegg.

urwifeminder2177d ago

Sure pc bf2 had zip lines long before black ops as has ancient platformers popular game mechanic to traverse open ground.

Ninjamonkey822177d ago

Thing is though from what I've played off Titanfall when it gets down to it aside from the Titans and Parkour and the grunts -_-...

It feels just like COD to me. So -->imo<-- The more elements that have a cod feel that are in there the more it just feels like COD to me.

But that's personal opinion.

Sorry im one person that doesn't like the game and has played it and isn't willing to jump dat hype train ;).

4Sh0w2176d ago (Edited 2176d ago )

"Black ops zip wires -_-"

You might as well say "it feels like COD" because it has guns, lol, you can pretty much use that line for any new ip and then with another classic:

"Sorry im one person that doesn't like the game and has played it and isn't willing to jump dat hype train ;)"

And yet somehow you are in another Titanfall thread. I don't think anybody cares or believes everybody likes Titanfall, hell Thief looks boring to me but like normal people I never felt the need to go to Thief threads over and over again since I don't care about it. "So -->imo<--", you just sound like every other hater.

btw, the maps the maps look great, if they play just as good as the beta, its going to be a wild ride for a long time.

urwifeminder2177d ago (Edited 2177d ago )

No probs its not for everyone was just pointing that out, personally I cant stand RPG fetch quests but I still play the odd decent one rarely finish one though as it feels like dead game time to me . I am enjoying co op horde modes in games more than anything lately cheers. <Edit hit agree as it is your opinion that you are entitled to.

TekoIie2176d ago (Edited 2176d ago )

"Thing is though from what I've played off Titanfall when it gets down to it aside from the Titans and Parkour and the grunts"

So it's like COD, when you take out the most important features that define the game and set it apart from other games within the same genre?

I'm not really sure if I should respond to that sort of reasoning seriously :/

UnHoly_One2176d ago (Edited 2176d ago )

Didn't you know, that means it is basically the same game?

Halo is just CoD with shields instead of regenerating health and sci fi weapons, and vehicles in some modes.

Gears is just CoD from the 3rd person perspective with a cover system.

Battlefield is just CoD with a larger player count, bigger maps, and vehicles.

PvZ Garden Warfare is just CoD, only with multiple character classes and special abilities for each character type.

I mean really, when you break it down, every game is just like CoD.


k3rn3ll2176d ago

Black ops has zip lines? I don't remember ever seeing them

greenyboi2176d ago

Kowloon map was dlc had zip lines

k3rn3ll2175d ago

Yea I forgot all about that map. I hated it so much lol is probably why. Thanks for the refresh

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