Battlefield 4 vs Battlefield 3 - What We Lost And Gained

Levelcap goes back to play some battlefield 3 and does a comparison between bf4 and bf3 to see what we have gained and lost in battlefield 4. Check out some of the differences.

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xReDeMpTiOnx2766d ago

I like the more diverse amount of weapons/camos/attachments and all the customization options but I absolutely hate how infantry combat has went total downhill, the amount of aim assist in the game is stupid easy.

And not to mention the game has been broken since launch

Majin-vegeta2766d ago

I'm right there with you man not to mention they screwed up my G36 ROF seriously 650??No dammit i want 750

thorstein2766d ago

What I want now is a proper BF Bad Company sequel. Awesome campaign and amazing mp. I played those games for ages!

BFBC3. Put the old team back together and just let them have fun creating the final piece in a great series. Fix the new gaming engine and let's go.

I am enjoying BF4 as much as possible. I enjoy it more than the others, although, because Killzone SF is solid with no problems I play that more, but miss out on the customization like in BF4.

TekoIie2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )


"What I want now is a proper BF Bad Company sequel. Awesome campaign and amazing mp. I played those games for ages!"

I hope your implying Bad Company 2 wasnt a proper sequel. Because it destroyed all of the character that the original had made for itself (outside of the hippi whos name i forget).

What I would suggest is making it into a "parody game" of sorts (just here me out on this). I think well all noticed the resemblance the story had to Kelly's heroes right?

Well why not do something similar? Base the story on another movie and DICE can add some humor and make it work with the Bad Company characters.

venom062766d ago

kinda a stupid video from this dude... he's just trying to sound negative since people have been on his a#$ for saying he's a fanboy... and here's why the video is stupid..

In BF3 people raged and cried about the so-called "netcode" and getting shot around corners... BF4 IS NO DIFFERENT FROM BF3 IN THAT REGARD.. you can't say, "omg, BF3 hit detection was so much better"... no it wasn't.. it was the same (anyone remember the BF3 Blackout??? That's what that was about)..

And then reason 2 why the video was dumb was because as one of the leading YTers out there, he said that the devs have been working hard to make it better, but he said he did not participate in any of the test servers aimed at making it better.. really?? WTF?? Overall, BF4 is MUCH better, more immersive and more the complete game. So he will just make a stupid whiny video and not participate in the tests to make it better. Kinda lame in my opinion.

AliTheSnake12766d ago

The change is Huge for console gamers who upgraded to next gen.

alexkoepp2766d ago

Campaign wise for me its a tie of bad company/2 and bioshock 2 as the only campaigns I've played in a game that felt like a chore to complete rather than a fun gaming experience... I just wanted them to be over. So no thanks on any bad company sequels, just bring back the ah64 in multiplayer

AgentSmithPS42765d ago

What we lost, what we never had, etc -
1. dice failed with the simplest thing of all, dog tags, when you kill someone you don't get to show off your cool "2nd tag" because it's mostly covered up by the stupid name tag on top of it when they see it :|. How could that many employees play a game and never notice that, it either shows they have no common sense or the people at the top just don't give a crap.
2. Strange 'lag' that sometimes happens in 64 player conquest, seems to get worse over time and sometimes the action slows to a crawl like it's going to crash. They've had a long time to fix it but they'd rather you buy PREMIUM instead.
3. Helis can explode from the lightest of taps on the ground, calm that shart down a bit. Not as often the fast cars can hit a tiny rock and instantly explode.
4. Still no attempt at a PTFO mode that would auto-kick anyone not attacking/defending, getting enough squad points, etc. This way instead of playing obliteration and seeing ZERO people on your team even heading towards the guy with a bomb that's almost to your base you'd actually feel like some people actually wanted to win and play the mode as intended.
I enjoy the random chaos of 'normal mode' too sometimes but it would be nice to have a real choice.
5. BF3&4 - The feeling that you're completely alone on your team, like you're playing with a bunch of low quality bots ;). dice enables people to never drop ammo, never drop health, never revive, etc, one of the many reasons I'd only get premium at a very reduced price.
6. dice doesn't care, there's no in-game system to help people with mics find other people that want to communicate, you have to join each squad and see all of the mic icons and ask if anyone wants to work together and repeat that over and over and over only rarely finding someone. It's as simple as having a squad menu option of "push 'x' to join a squad with people that are using their mics". At the very least let people mark themselves in the list as 'want to use mic' so you can join their squad faster.
7. No below radar vs air vehicles sucks, it's fine having 20 people trying to stinger me but pathetic for another heli to get an easy lock on kill from far above. ECM still randomly fails too.
8. Smaws should not insta-kill a heli they're too fast and weak and there's some maps with not much to hide behind so you have to fly low, at most they should disable the heli, rpgs should kill though of course since it takes more skill.

I'm wondering who at dice/ea is responsible for these "epic fails" as they'd put it. It's too bad it's so hard to get enough people to work together and demand that these simple things be fixed. Damn them for making us work to make them work to fix their game.

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HeavenlySnipes2766d ago

Immediately noticed it in the beta and decided not to buy BF4 because I like air/infantry combat (with focus on infantry) and that ruined it.

The weapons literally snapped to people as soon as you aimed down sights. Too still hear its in the game as well as the plethora of network problems, i doubt I'll ever pick it up

Drithe2766d ago

I think the BF series is extremely boring. Not to mention BF 4 is hands down the worst fps this generation for the ps4.

nix2766d ago

am new to BF series because FPS is not my cup of tea but i downloaded BF3 because it's free on PS+ and i must say the single player campaign really sucks. i know.. i know.. BF and CoD is mostly multiplayer but man it's really bad.

yes.. you can also ask me, "why am i here?" tell you that BF sucks.

Detoxx2766d ago

Battlefield 4 is better then Killzone and COD multiplayer wise.

Drithe2766d ago

COD and Killzone is greater than the most buggy FPS to ever come out on console, Battlefield.

End of line.

MWong2765d ago

KZ is ok, COD if you played one you've played them all. I still prefer BF over the COD series any day of the week. I hope with DICE testing the NetCode they find a good one.

76erz242766d ago

BF4 is so much better then 3. Battlefield 3 had poor maps, no destruction, bad weapons, and the user servers were awful. Still a solid game but Battlefield 4 fixed most of those problems. When BF4s servers are working it's a great FPS.

spike2766d ago

I think its the best Battlefield so far.

dcj05242766d ago

The main problem in net code. Getting sniped through 2 solid buildings is not fun. People say BATTLEFIELD is just a generic game but it's innovating /improving constantly. Battlefield 1942 popularized and standardized the Conquest/Domination game mode. Battlefield 2 refined and improved the Unlock and level up system on a massive scale. Battlefield 2142 introduced Titan mode. Battlefield bad company introduced GOLD RUSH or now just Rush. And BF4 introduced the awesomeness that is obliteration. That's 4 new game modes. I'm excited to see what they do in the next game.

BattleAxe2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

My favorite Battlefield was Bad Company 2. The maps were well designed, the graphics were descent, the hit detection was spot on, and it was far more balanced than BF4 and BF3. I feel this is mainly because there were no jets. As soon as you get one or two good pilots on a team, it's game over, since the anti-aircraft weapons are a joke, and the jets get unlimited flairs.

Detoxx2766d ago

Great video from LevelCap.

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