Take my ax — and my broom: How creative weapons improve video games

GamesBeat writes, "Swords and guns. It’s hard to find a game without one or the other. But some developers are thinking a little harder about how we blast away the bad guys.

Dustforce has players sweeping dust and attacking enemies with a broom. Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft can sink an ax into her foes and a cliff wall. And titles like Mike Bithell’s upcoming stealth game Volume and Harmonix’s first-person music-shooter Chroma use sound as offensive and defensive tools.

GamesBeat spoke with the developers of these titles to uncover how thinking smarter about weaponry benefited their games — and what it can do for others."

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NagaSotuva2191d ago

Cerebral Bore in every game forever.

xx4xx2191d ago

Holy sh*t!!!! Nice call- You went old school. Completely forgot about that one. Great, inventive weapon. Turok 2 takes me back. The first 2 were great fun (downhill after that).

I liked the stake gun from Painkiller. The physics were rather satisfying.

Sadie21002191d ago

Makes me want to play Luigi's Mansion again.

SaffronCurse2191d ago

Resistance 3 had some awesome guns

StockpileTom2191d ago

It's all fun until someone pulls out a Peasant Pole-arm (a pitchfork made entirely of sticks tied together) in War of the Roses. That thing is OP

Cutter202191d ago

Cool article! I loved the custom weapons in Dead Rising 3. My favorite was the combination dragon head, parasol, and katana, for a freaky, flying, death machine.